Gras saf software deliverables
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GRAS SAF Software Deliverables. Sean Healy Dave Offiler Christian Marquardt. Radio Occultation Processing Package - ROPP. Objective:

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Gras saf software deliverables

GRAS SAF Software Deliverables

Sean Healy

Dave Offiler

Christian Marquardt

Radio occultation processing package ropp
Radio Occultation Processing Package - ROPP


To provide Users with a comprehensive software package, containing all necessary functionality to pre-process RO data from CGS Level 1b files or GRAS SAF Level 2 files, plus RO-specific components to assist with the assimilation of these data in NWP systems.

Ropp strategy 1
ROPP Strategy (1)

  • ROPP functionality will mirror aspects of the GRAS SAF operational data production chain, but will not be the same code.

  • Level 1b->Level 2 algorithms will be similar but not necessarily identical to those in the GRAS SAF operational processor.

  • Bit-compatibility between GRAS SAF Level 2 data and ROPP-processed equivalents is not to be expected.

Ropp strategy 2
ROPP Strategy (2)

  • ROPP will not be a“black box”

  • It will be a suite of library functions and example applications (Fortran90 source code) for users to “pick’n’mix”

  • Users may modify or replace components in ROPP to suit existing local operational infrastructure

  • ROPP will be delivered in phases with a beta-testing programme involving interested users.

Ropp main functions 1
ROPP Main Functions (1)

  • Ingest (Level 1b UT and Level 2 SAF & BUFR)

  • Pre-filtering / smoothing / interpolation

  • Co-ordinate transformations

  • Meteorological conversions

  • Date/time conversions

  • Forward operators (incl. Adjoints, T/Linear, Gradients)

Ropp main functions 2
ROPP Main Functions (2)

  • 1-DVAR example implementation

  • Observation covariance matrix

  • Standalone test harnesses (incl. test input and example output files)

  • Full User Documentation

Ropp development
ROPP Development

  • First release planned for Q1 2004, but with limited functionality (e.g. forward operators for Refractivity only)

  • Updated package with added and/or improved functionality to be released incrementally (schedule to be defined depending on user priorities)

  • Beta-testing programme foreseen - volunteers?