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  2. Getting Started • Complete/Update a Student Activity Form* • Complete/Update your Brag Sheets* • Follow up with teachers for recommendation • Sign up to meet with College Representatives in Guidance. You must have permission from your teacher prior to the appointment. *These forms are available on the High School website under “College Planning Guide” in the Guidance tab.

  3. APPLICATIONS • Common Applications • Accepted at over 500 colleges. • Complete one application for all common app schools. • Most schools have their own additional supplement questions. For example, Why do you want to attend X College? • Must match Naviance to your common application. • Additional Common Application forms are completed through Naviance- School Report Form and Teacher Evaluation Forms. • Individual Applications • Some colleges only have their own application. • Complete a different application for each school, but the information is similar. • Some individual colleges have self-reporting of your grades (Rutgers, SUNY). • Some colleges have additional school report, counselor, or teacher recommendation forms. Print these forms and bring to your teachers/counselor. Some schools accept both the common and their individual app. In these cases, you select which application you want to use.

  4. Matching Common Application to Naviance 1. Create an account on Common Application or Login. 2. Once you register, under “College Search” Tab, enter the schools to which you are applying. 3. Under the “Common App” Tab, complete the “Education” section.

  5. Matching Common Application to Naviance 4. Under “My Colleges”, click on the “Assign Recommenders” Tab, and complete the “FERPA Release Authorization”.

  6. Matching Common Application to Naviance • Log onto your Naviance Account. Under the “Colleges” Tab, click on the “Colleges I’m Applying to” link on the left. You will be prompted with the Common App Account Matching. • Complete the “Yes” or “No” question as to whether you will be applying through the common app or individual app.

  7. COLLEGE ESSAY • This is your opportunity for colleges to get to know you. • It is the place on the application where colleges will receive a “non-numerical” view of you. • It must be ERROR FREE, WELL WRITTEN and ACCENT THE POSITIVE. • Your English teachers will help to edit your essays but these essays should be written only by you.

  8. Activities List for Applications • List activities in order of priority of importance to you. • Give details in the description, for example, number of students involved, amount of money raised, awards won, team record, etc. • Be concise, but use strong/powerful action words to describe the activity. • Avoid being repetitive. • Example: • Help the Hungry- member • Prepare and serve food for 100+ people at a local homeless shelter. Responsible for coordinating bake sales to raise over $1000 to purchase supplies.

  9. It’s Submitting Time!!!! • Submit your application online. • Send SAT/ACT scores directly from your account. • Fill out the TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM and return to Mrs. Brody. This can only be submitted once you have applied. • YouMUSTrecord in Naviance whichcolleges you are applying to and if you used the common application or individual application. • Hand in a $10 mailing fee which will cover the mailing of 10 applications.($3 per additional application).

  10. Terms • Early Decision & Early Action • Rolling Admissions • SAT & ACT • SAT Subject Tests • 6 Semester Transcript and GPA • Mid-year Transcript • ***If you apply ED/EA to a college, familiarize yourself with the individual college rules pertaining to these applications. • When accepted ED, you must withdraw your other applications.

  11. Guidance Help Center • Every Wednesday in September and October the Guidance Staff will be in C4 during high school lunch to assist in completing your Common Application.

  12. Important Dates Standardized Test Dates • Sept. 13thACT • Oct. 11th SAT Late Registration…9/30 • Nov. 8th SAT Regular Registration…10/9 • Oct. 25th ACT Regular Registration… 09/19 • Dec.13th ACT Regular Registration… 11/07 Application Deadlines • Nov. 1st ED/EA mailings… all information must be in the Guidance Office by Oct. 20th • Nov. 15th EA/ED mailings… all information must be in the Guidance Office by Oct. 30th • Please keep in mind that we will need 10 school days to turn over college application mailings.