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Public Health Warwickshire PowerPoint Presentation
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Public Health Warwickshire

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Public Health Warwickshire - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public Health Warwickshire

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  1. Public Health Warwickshire The National Child Measurement Programme in Warwickshire and How Families with Overweight or Obese Children are Supported in Warwickshire

  2. The Story from 2005..... Warwickshire’s School Health Team Weighed and Measured Reception and Year 6 Children Results were sent to Child Health Team School Health Team and Child Health Team Capacity Already Stretched to Capacity

  3. The 2008/09 Story Public Health created the Weight Management Lead Post with support – Now The Obesity Projects Co-ordinator Participation targets for NCMP were not met Families were receiving feedback letters but limited capacity to support families Child Health and School Health were having capacity issues

  4. The 2008/09 Story Continued.... During upload of 2008/09 NCMP data, information from the database was lost – still a mystery!! A review of the service began: To meet targets To have robust data collection systems To build capacity To support families with overweight/obese children using a whole family approach NHS Warwickshire looked at Walsall PCT’s model of best Practice – they were exceeding their participation targets A partnership steering group was set up: Walsall PCT, Child Health, School Health, Public Health, Walsall PCT

  5. Walsall PCT and Warwickshire’s Challenge Warwickshire Public Health team invested time in learning about Walsall’s model. Walsall gave their time in return – thank you Sharon and Carolyn! Walsall PCT presented at the first steering group meeting – needed buy in and engagement from school health and child health leads CHALLENGE: Walsall PCT works within a unitary authority – Warwickshire has 5 boroughs and districts: 7 school health team bases, 2 child health bases

  6. Service Review and Redesign Everything done in partnership..... Warwickshire’s Obesity Project Co-ordinator and Weight Management Lead dedicated time to understanding how the 7 school health team bases worked. After 3 years of bidding, funding was allocated to a reducing obesity programme under the QIPP programme A plan to build capacity was developed The steering group redesigned the way data was collected using Walsall’s template Coventry University was commissioned to conduct a systematic Review of weight management interventions Childhood and Adult Obesity Training through UCL was commissioned for health visitors, school nurses, midwives, children centres, other partners

  7. Achievements Since 2010 School Health team with Public Health developed job Descriptions for Family Change 4 Life Advisors Advisors were recruited and trained – 1 attached to each school health team Advisors and School Health team trained to use NCMP data base Coventry University was commissioned to evaluate IT and ongoing support given by Obesity Projects Co-ordinator Steering Group sustained Regular monitoring and review of service continues to date

  8. SUCCESS! Participation rate targets exceeded Confidence that data is comprehensive and robust 770 families accessed the bespoke support service in first year 9 week family weight management programmes have been com 2 year evaluation of the above 2 services commissioned An ethos of sustained behaviour change, promoting positive mental well-being and taking a whole family approach has been taken on by providers and wider partners Warwickshire Public Health now commissions Warwickshire Observatory to provide data collection support and analysis of data Health Professionals and wider stakeholders use data analysis to inform Business, Strategic and Implementation Plans Health Professionals and wider stakeholders aware of the importance of whole family interventions and the need for sustained behaviour change

  9. Lessons Learnt Fully engage partners – health professional and other Sensible to have a primary school age children focus in the first instance – this is where we do have the data! Look at evidence and examples of best practice Feel assured data collection and analysis is accurate Staff support is intensive! Constantly and consistently monitor and review Ensure robust evaluation Huge challenge - lots of hard work invested Engaging parents /carers with overweight/obese children has been difficult Cultural shifts in partners and families - a challenge!

  10. THANK YOU ANY QUESTIONS? Fran Poole – Health Improvement Performance and Commisisoining Lead Carolyn Forman – Obesity Projects Co-ordinator EllinorOlander – Lead, Physical Activity and Intervention Team Obesity Projects Co-ordinator