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State & Local Government PowerPoint Presentation
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State & Local Government

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State & Local Government - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State & Local Government. Unit 5 Review. What document explains the laws, government offices, and citizens’ rights, and responsibilities in the state of Georgia?. Georgia State Constitution. How many articles are in the Georgia State Constitution?. 11.

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State & Local Government

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. State & Local Government Unit 5 Review

    2. What document explains the laws, government offices, and citizens’ rights, and responsibilities in the state of Georgia?

    3. Georgia State Constitution

    4. How many articles are in the Georgia State Constitution?

    5. 11

    6. What are the principles of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Georgia Flag?

    7. Wisdom Moderation Justice

    8. How did Georgia leaders separate powers of state government?

    9. 3 Branches of Government

    10. Rights for Georgia citizens are modeled after…

    11. The Bill of Rights

    12. What are some of the responsibilities Georgians have to their state?

    13. √ Vote in state elections √ Serve on jury when called √ Serve in the military when required √ Obey the laws of the land

    14. What are the voting requirements for a Georgia citizen?

    15. √ Must be at least 18 years of age √Must be a citizen of the United States √Must be a legal resident of Georgia and the county in which he or she registers √ Must have registered to vote five Mondays before the Election Day √ Must not be serving a prison sentence for a felony offense

    16. What methods are used for voting on Election Day?

    17. In person at your assigned voting place or at the county court house.

    18. Who are organized groups of people who share common ideals and seek to elect their members to government offices?

    19. Political Parties

    20. How long is a term of office for state senators and representatives?

    21. 2 Years

    22. What is the limit on the number of terms a state senator or representative can serve?

    23. There is no limit.

    24. Describe the duties of the House of Representatives and Senate.

    25. √ Only the House of Representatives can write appropriations (spending) bills. √ Only the Senate can confirm appointments the governor makes to executive offices. √ Either house can propose and pass bills. √ All bills must be approved by both houses before being sent to the governor.

    26. What is the primary purpose of the Legislative Branch?

    27. To make laws

    28. Georgia’s legislature is officially known as what?

    29. General Assembly

    30. How many members are in the Georgia House of Representatives?

    31. 180

    32. How many members are in the Georgia State Senate?

    33. 56

    34. Who presides over the state senate?

    35. Lieutenant Governor

    36. What day does the state legislative session begin each year?

    37. The Second Monday in January

    38. How many work days does the yearly legislative session last?

    39. 40 Days

    40. What must happen to a bill before it can be brought up for a vote in the house and senate?

    41. All bills must be reviewed by a house or senate committee.

    42. Which branch of the state government is the largest?

    43. Executive Branch

    44. How old must a person be to run for the office of governor?

    45. At Least 30 Years Old

    46. What is the citizenship requirement for governor?

    47. A citizen of the United States for at least 15 years

    48. If the governor and the lieutenant governor both die or resign in office, who serves as chief executive until another can be elected?

    49. The Speaker of the House of Representatives

    50. What are the powers of the governor?