fhs lab new employee department specific orientation n.
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FHS Lab New Employee Department Specific Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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FHS Lab New Employee Department Specific Orientation

FHS Lab New Employee Department Specific Orientation

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FHS Lab New Employee Department Specific Orientation

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  1. FHS Lab New Employee Department Specific Orientation

  2. NEW EMPLOYEE LAB ORIENTATION Purpose: • To provide a standard introduction to the lab for all staff • To assure that mandatory lab safety education is performed, documented, and placed in lab file • To review intranet resources • To give lab regulatory information

  3. Expectations for the Day • Lab Intranet demonstration and review • Tour of lab with attention to safety elements • Safety Products Review • Assignment of computer-based safety training modules • Lab Orientation Post Test • Documentation for lab file

  4. Forms to be Completed • Department Specific Orientation with attachments • Safety Product Usage Agreement • Hazardous Communication Form • Post-Quiz

  5. YOUR OBJECTIVE IS: • To be able to use the intranet resources shown to you today, as you train • To review Safety and Quality manuals on line, • Understand National Patient Safety goals • This presentation is on the Lab Intranet Portal under New Employees

  6. Housekeeping • Wear your badge –log your time on edit log as education • Take breaks and meals as you need to during this day • Covered drinks are okay in the conference room, at the Lab PC • SJ employees: See Judy Martin for lab coat sizing. • All employees: she needs your date of birth.

  7. To get started a Tour of SJMC Lab Purpose: • Orient you to the facility • Orient you to infection control signage and trash management • Orient you to engineering controls in place for infectious and chemical hazards

  8. Who are We? • FHS Laboratory • Leadership Structure • Chain of Command • PacLab

  9. FHS STRATEGIC PILLARS • Best Place to Heal • Best Place to Work • Best Performance • Best Community Health Resource

  10. FHS Service and Behavior StandardsWhat are we looking for? • Team Players • Excellent Experiences (for patients and employees) • Make Good First Impressions

  11. CUSTOMER SERVICEFHS INITIATIVE • Acknowledge • Introduce • Duration • Explanation • Thank you for using FHS

  12. AIDET TRAINING- Coming to a hospital near you!

  13. 4 A’s-Service Recovery

  14. FHS LABORATORY SERVICES Vision Statement Our VisionFranciscan Health System Laboratories will create the standard for patient-focused laboratory care. Each of us has the responsibility to serve the community as the patients’ champion, and to exhaust all means to achieve the highest level of care.

  15. FHS and PACLAB • What is Paclab? - Outpatient business of FHS and other hospitals • What other hospitals make up Paclab? • Providence in Everett, Centralia • Overlake and Evergreen (Bellevue and Kirkland) • Stevens in Edmonds • Pathology Associates in Spokane • Memorial Clinic – Olympia • New Member 8/09 Valley Medical Center Renton

  16. Why Paclab is important • Allows hospitals to compete with the commercial labs • Brings patients to FHS for other services • Profitable; allows us to support our inpatient mission

  17. FHS CONNECT HOME PAGE-click on Internet Explorer to get here Work orders, Cafe Menus, Frequently Accessed

  18. DEMO Activity-Explore Tools and Quick Links from FHS Connect Home page • Quick Links • MSDS look up, Cafeteria Menu, Work orders for facilities and Environmental services

  19. CHI HR/Payroll Connecticon on FHS Connect home page • Your Hiring Mgr will give you a CHI Network Login when it is available • (several days after start date) • Login to CHI Connect to enroll in benefits, change emergency contact information, banking information, etc.

  20. KRONOS- icon on FHS Connect home page • Kronos- Time and Attendance - Copy of your paycheck • First check may be mailed • A manual log is used until badge works at time clock • Look up timecard punches once badge is active by using your network log in • All missed punches must be entered on department edit log • If you ever work through lunch, write that on the edit log to pay for time • 30 minute lunch is automatically deducted!

  21. LEARNgo to Inside CHI • CHI/FHS-assigned compliance modules for new and existing employees • Annual Update Module for existing employees appears 2-3 mos before DOB. • Must complete assignments in LEARN on time • Take Away: All Learn assignments must be completed

  22. FHS CONNECT HOME PAGEMain Source of Employee Information

  23. On PC Desktops---Lab Information System (LIS) icon • You have a Tech ID number in Cerner (our LIS) • E-mail within Cerner is the primary mode of communication within the lab • Check your email each day of work • There are e-bulletin boards that save safety information for review- access by typing BBM • SEE TRAINING TOOL---See Cerner Tip Sheet for frequently used commands.

  24. To Log On To Cerner: • Click on CERNER icon on PC desktop • Enter Tech ID • Immediately ---change your password . Must be at least 6 letters/numbers long- all CAPITAL LETTERS

  25. MOV- Message overview in Cerner • To view email type MOV at Select prompt • Use the commands at bottom of the email screen (Read, all, shred, …) • Capital letter is the active key, or use arrow key to highlight desired command then “enter”

  26. Cerner Email storage times • Unread emails- auto-delete after 21 days • Opened email- deletes after 7 days • Trash email- available in “ALL” for 7 days • Shredded email- deleted immediately

  27. E-Bulletin Boards- Type BBM

  28. Choose CESAFE or others by line#

  29. Samples of posted emails, so you don’t need to print-access in BBM

  30. Powerpoint on CERNER (LIS) Lab Intranet-Shared DocumentsMore information when you are ready

  31. Click here to come back home!

  32. Policies and Procedures- Items on this employee home page are for all employees and departments • For Lab intranet policies, Must Go to Department, then to Lab Portal

  33. HOSPITAL Policy Manuals and Intranet Resources • FHS Administrative Standards • Green Manual if in hard copy; on the intranet; • High level administrative standards for all 3 hospitals • System (FHS) policies on infection control, safety management, disaster planning

  34. Displayed Choices after clicking on (Hospital) Policies and Procedures on home page

  35. Click on GreenManual –Safety, Disaster, Administrative for the Hospital

  36. SEARCH for policies-use keywords

  37. FHS #530 Hazardous Spill-Read the guidelines today!

  38. Displayed Choices after clicking on (Hospital) Policies and Procedures on home page

  39. FHS Pink Clinical Standards (Patient Procedures) • Pink Manuals if in print • Patient procedures performed by more than 1 department • Examples- Venipuncture, • Blood culture collection, • type and cross- performed by lab and nursing.

  40. Displayed Choices after clicking on (Hospital) Policies and Procedures on home page

  41. ALL Lab Employees should reference the SJ HR policy manuals no matter what site you work at: • FHS Policies for your review in your new hire packet from HR at sign ups Dress Code #165 Attendance and Tardiness #355 Meals and Rest Breaks #250 Corrective Action Cell Phone Kronos

  42. Dress Code • Specifics on dress are listed; badge is required, visible tattoos should be covered • Lab is discouraging scent of all types- lotions, hair products, body wash, colognes • Scent complaints, are handled on a case by case basis • If someone is bothered by your perfume or cologne we will bring it to your attention and I ask for your cooperation.

  43. Dress Code, continued • Badge • don’t add pins or stickers • Upper half of body • FHS Lab Scent Policy- strong preference for non-scented personal products of all kinds • Smell of smoke not allowed per FHS Dress Code • Non smoking campus • Phlebotomists- No artificial nails

  44. Cell Phone Policy • Employees cannot use their cell phones in the hospital • Everyone else may use a cell phone except in posted areas

  45. Corrective Action Method • When policies are not followed FHS has a disciplinary process called corrective action • Discipline is progressive • If FHS codes of conduct are breached, termination is an option (confidentiality, fraud, etc)

  46. FHS Connect Home Page-Make sure you can perform these tasks: HOSPITAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES • Find and Review Hazardous Spill Guidelines in Green (Admin) Manual • Find Venipuncture in the Pink Patient Policy Manual- (Clinical Standards) • Find the SJMC HR policy for Attendance • Find Quicklinks from the FHS Connect Home page for frequently looked up items

  47. FHS LaboratoryDEPARTMENTSteps to get to site: • Open Internet Explorer • At FHS Connect Home Page (intranet) • Choose Departments • Choose “L” at the top of screen, then Laboratory Services web portal • or choose Laboratory Services on right side of screen • Arrive at Lab Home Page • Click on Manuals for policies, processes, and work instructions • SEARCH with a few key words of filter