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Family Planning & Birth Control PowerPoint Presentation
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Family Planning & Birth Control

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Family Planning & Birth Control
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Family Planning & Birth Control

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  1. Family Planning & Birth Control Unit 05: Called to Family Life

  2. Catholic Church & Birth Control • Is the Catholic Church against birth control? • NO! • The Catholic Church believes that everyone should be in control of their sexual activities and planning their family. • This control must be respectful of each other, the sacredness of the sexual act, and the child it may produce. • This control also recognizes that God is the ultimate source of life, as such, our control should always take second place to God’s control. • The Catholic Church is against people using unnatural means of birth control or even natural means for selfish reasons. • The Catholic Church is for working with God rather than against God.

  3. Work With God Working Against God’s Established Order Artificial Couple No Pregnancy Natural Working With God’s Established Order It is always better to work with the natural order established by God than against that order.

  4. Women’s Reproductive System

  5. Sideview

  6. Male Reproductive System

  7. Types of Birth Control • Artificial Means • Uses chemicals, devices, and surgery to block the natural processes of the human body. • Abortive Means • Any means that ends a pregnancy anytime after the moment of conception. • Natural Means • Uses the natural processes of the human body to determine time of ovulation.

  8. Artificial Contraceptives • Chemical • The Pill • Hormonal manipulation • Spermicides • Injection • Patch • Mechanical • Condom • Diaphragm • Cervical/Vaginal Ring • Vaginal Sponge • Surgical • Tubal Ligation • Vasectomy

  9. Injection: Every 3 months Patch: Change every 3 weeks Injections and Patches

  10. The Female Condom

  11. The Diaphragm

  12. The Vaginal Ring

  13. The Vaginal Sponge

  14. Tubal Ligation

  15. The Vasectomy

  16. Abortive Means • Chemical • “Morning After Pill” • The birth control pill • Mechanical • Intra-uterine Device (I.U.D.) • Surgical • Abortion

  17. "Does the birth control pill cause abortions? Using research results from medical literature, Randy Alcorn has convincingly shown that the answer is `yes.' He has, with care and compassion, given us the truth. The question for us as Christians is how we will respond now that we know." • ~ Linda Martin, M.D., Pediatrician

  18. “Morning after Pill” or “Plan B” • The morning-after pill is a type of emergency birth control that contains the hormone levonorgestrel, a progestin, (Plan B One-Step, Next Choice) or ulipristal acetate, a progesterone agonist-antagonist, (Ella). • The morning-after pill can be used after you've had unprotected sex. Depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle, the morning-after pill can prevent or delay ovulation, block fertilization, or keep a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus. Don't take the morning-after pill if you're already pregnant. • Plan B One-Step, Next Choice and Ella are the only morning-after pills that have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in the U.S. (Plan B, which consists of two pills, is being phased out by its manufacturer.)

  19. The I. U. D.

  20. A B O R T I O N

  21. The Norplant: FDA Approved? • Side Effects by Body System - for Healthcare Professionals • Cardiovascular • Cardiovascular side effects have included hypertension. • Dermatologic • Dermatologic side effects have included acne and other skin disorders. • Gastrointestinal • Gastrointestinal side effects have included abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. • Genitourinary • Genitourinary side effects have included leukorrhea, vaginitis, dysmenorrhea, breast pain, abnormal pap smear and decreased libido. Very common adverse reactions include uterine/vaginal bleeding (including spotting, irregular bleeding, heavy bleeding, oligomenorrhea and amenorrhea) and ovarian cysts.

  22. Norplant Side Effects, cont’d • Nervous system • Nervous system side effects have included headache, dizziness and nervousness. • Respiratory • Respiratory side effects have included upper respiratory infection and sinusitis. • General • General side effects have included weight gain and fatigue. • Psychiatric • Psychiatric side effects have included depression. • Musculoskeletal • Musculoskeletal side effects have included back pain. • Other • Other side effects have included postmarketingreports of device breakage and angioedema.

  23. Norplant Lawsuit • After 17 years of litigation, Pfizer has reached a preliminary agreement to settle a Norplant contraceptive class action lawsuit for $29.5 million, according to Mealey’s Drugs & Devices Report. The lawsuit, which was scheduled to go to trial in Louisiana, was brought by 3,500 to 4,000 women. • The move comes a decade after Wyeth, which is now owned by Pfizer, halted sales of the controversial implant, which was hailed as a breakthrough in 1991. • A few years later, however, tens of thousands of women had filed lawsuits claiming Wyeth failed to adequately warn about irregular menstrual bleeding, nausea, headaches and depression. By 1999, Wyeth paid $54 million to settle with 36 women. The Louisiana lawsuits alleged Norplant released too much active ingredient during the first 18 months after insertion, which made the device defective.

  24. Natural Means • “Billings Ovulation Method” • Observes the cervical mucus changes • Basal Body Temperature • Observes the change in a woman’s body temperature. • Symptothermal Method • Combination of the two • These can be used both to: • Avoid conception • Aid in conception

  25. Why use NFP? • Users of NFP have better, stronger, more stable marriages. They have more sex. They lead happier more satisfying lives. They provide their kids with the mother and father they deserve. And there are absolutely no harmful side-effects. Couples who use NFP have a dramatically low (0.2%) divorce rate. • Discussion: What do you think the connection is between users of NFP and the low divorce rate?

  26. Success Rate • Abstinence: 100% • Surgery: 99.9999999999% • Chemical: 95-99% • Natural: 91-99% • Mechanical 85-95% • No method 15% Rates from U.S. Government study