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The channels, vehicles and activities. Chapter . Sebastjan Brezovec Y uqing Wang Jussi Valtanen Phuong Phan. Menu of options when choosing communication vehicles . Many ways to communicate with your workforce if budget supports it!. Introduction.

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The channels, vehicles and activities


Sebastjan Brezovec

Yuqing Wang


Phuong Phan


Menu of options when choosing communication vehicles.

Many ways to communicate with your workforce if budget supports it!


Main groups of activities with the emphasis on when to use them.

How …. chapters 13–24

what is the message

Selection of media

Whatneeds to be communicated.

What is the message?

Few key messages


Internal audience segmentation

what is the message1


Media appropriate to the message, its timing and the needs and preferences of the audience

What is the message?

Strengths and weaknesses of each medium

Lateral as well as top-down and bottom-up communication

face to face one to one

The most valued form of communication by employees across all sectors.

Face to face – One to one

A guide to effective communication

Most effective when:

messages are relatively simple

Provides opportunity for listener to give feedback instantly.

When briefing individual team members

Check on progress on work in progress

face to face en masse

Message delivered to many people at once.



Face to face – En masse

Adapting material for different target audiences




Middle management / Supervisors




Crucial messages

Same way - at the same time to a large group.

Information is worthwhile


Avehicle of communication & an organ of record

Not too environmentally friendly

May seem dated


Companies that switched print to intranet and email often switched back

Reintroduced paper to the mix

Excellent support for face-to-face


Not good for information that needs to be spread out quickly


If someone misses a face-to-face meeting, one can read it from a hand-out later on

broadcast and audio visual

Can be quite expensive

Broadcast and audio-visual
  • Supplement face to face activity

Content can include much of what would make a face to face meeting engaging

broadcast and audio visual1

Phone-ins (or radio broadcast): still available

  • Video-conferencing: rarely mentioned
Broadcast and audio-visual
  • Video, DVD: part of an overall communication mix
  • Audio cassettes: superseded by DVDs
internet driven

Not as easy to read as print publications

Internet driven
  • Quick way to keep people in touch
  • Provide news, housekeeping material, newsletter from top management

Best for grand announcements and good news


deadmau5 lights up London

Events can be expensive so are better for big crowds and large gatherings

corporate social responsibility


Corporate social responsibility programs have obviously been with us in some guise for years but are moving from nice-to-have to must-have status

Corporate social responsibility
  • At a local level
  • Working within the community
  • Charities (animal, children care, mental health care)
corporate social responsibility1

Photogenic activities can provide material communication vehicles reaching a wider audience

The involving employees can provide extra value

Corporate social responsibility



Senior members offering their specialist skill in an advisory as well as hands-on approach

case the media t rust

Build employee skills by actually seconding them to run a charity or community organization or project.

Give staff renewed enthusiasm and importantly, a reason to stay

Case: The Media Trust


Commercial organization often express envy at the seemly effortless way their not-for-profit cousins attract such high level of engagement from their teams, corporate social responsibility schemes, can well help in this respect.

key points


Before selecting the media hone the message.

Segmentyour audiences and check their media preferences.

Check timing is right.

Pick and choose from a media mix rather than concentrating on just one.

Employees rate face-to-face highest but keep messages simple and consistent.

Face-to-face group meetings require supporting material.

Build in two-way feedback mechanisms.

Key points
key points1

Printis easily portable and is a medium of record.

Keep a balance of news and features in print.

The moving image is engaging – use it to do just that.

DVDs offer audience participation.

Audio cassettes are still good for mobile audiences.

E-mail and intranet can be hard on the eyes.

Text messages are good for news flashes and alerts.

Quirky gimmicks like board games can engage.

Key points