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By: Sierra Jenkins. Country Information. Population: 2.4 million Religion: The religion in Malaysia is Islam, whose followers make up 61 percent of the population. Language: Malay, Canton, Mandarin Chinese, English. . The Malaysian ringgit is the currency of Malaysia.

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country information
Country Information
  • Population: 2.4 million
  • Religion:The religion in Malaysia is Islam, whose followers make up 61 percent of the population.
  • Language: Malay, Canton, Mandarin Chinese, English.
things to know before traveling
Things to know before traveling.


Visitors are required to hold valid passports. No visas are required for Canadians, or US citizens staying less than 90 days.


Proof of vaccination is not required unless you come from an infected area.

dress attire
Dress Attire
  • Men business attrite is dark pants or slacks, long sleeve shirts and tie. Suits are worn during presentations or meetings.
  • For women skirts, slacks or traditional costume. Raveling attire is discourage.
business cards
Business Cards
  • If you will be meeting Chinese, have one side of your card translated into Chinese, with the Chinese characters printed in gold.
  • If you will be meeting government officials, have one side of your card translated into Bahasa Malaysia
Communications: Malaysians rely on non verbal communications. Silence is an important element of Malaysian communications.
  • Gestures: Gestures may be made with the hands, arms or body.

Avoid touching someone of the opposite sex. Affection is not shown in public.

Body Language: A smile or laugh could mean surprise, anger, shock, embarrassment or happiness.

  • Some gifts that are forbidden to give to people are: foodstuff containing pork or made with animal fat, alcohol drinks, perfume and anything made with pork skin.
  • Bad Luck: Clocks, Handkerchiefs, sharp objects like knifes.
  • Banana Leaf
  • NasiDagang
  • Bakuteh (BKT)
  • HokkienMee
  • Sang Har noodles
major do s and don ts
Major Do’s and Don'ts
  • Do not touch the head of an adult. Touching people on the head is considered rude.
  • Do not kiss in public. Most Malaysians refrain from displaying affection such as embracing or kissing in public.
Do remove your shoes before entering a Malaysian home or temples and mosques. It is customary to remove and leave footwear outside the house.

Do use right hand to receive or give something. The right hand should also be used for eating.

malaysia and the usa
Malaysia and the USA!
  • The GDP per capita in Malaysia is $14,800 while in The United States it is $46,400
  • Malaysia consumes 0.8782 gallons of oil per day per capita while The United States consumes 2.6400
  • The annual number of births per 1,000 people in Malaysia is 22.06 while in The United States it is 13.83.