1900 first commercial process
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Concrete building blocks are precast concrete materials widely used for the construction of buildings. They are usually been molded and hardened before usage. \n

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1900 first commercial process for manufacturing of concrete blocks
1900: First Commercial Process for Manufacturing of Concrete Blocks

  • The introduction of the first concrete block, or concrete masonry unit, in 1882 led to a different technique that could be used for building.

  • The concrete blocks that Harmon’s machine produced were composed of Portland cement, aggregates, and water and were 30’x8”x10”.

  • However, with the scarcity of other resources and the cost of materials at the time, concrete blocks became the main source of building materials and the industry grew rapidly.

Manufacturing process
Manufacturing Process Concrete Blocks

How manufacturing process takes place
How Manufacturing Process takes place Concrete Blocks

  • Concrete blocks are in sizes, therefore the molds determine what particular size one intend to produce.

  • But to make the manual molds of a standard concrete building blocks, use plywood planks and nails to construct one sided open boxes that have an inner cavity of 300mm. in thickness.

Mixing molding and curing
Mixing, Molding and Curing Concrete Blocks

The manufacturing process are discoursed under the steps
The manufacturing process Concrete Blocksare discoursed under the steps

  • Mixing : Get a large container for the mixture of the cement, gravel, sand and the water. Put the cement, sand and gravel in the ratio 1:2:3. Mix rigorously with the shovel, then make a wide hole in the centre and pour enough water in the hole and start mixing until it becomes soft enough to be poured into the molds.

  • Molding : Pour the mixture in the molds and shake so that the concrete can fill the entire space in the molds, then remove the excess mixture at the surface of the molds with the use of a plywood plank. Run the plywood plank across the surface to make the surface area smooth.

  • Curing : In order to produce a complete, strong and smooth concrete building blocks, they need to be kept in the molds for at least a day for drying. After drying, remove from the mold and wet with moderate water for curing. Your concrete building blocks are ready to be used afterward.

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