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Many experts agree: "The deregulation of energy will be the greatest transfer of wealth in U.S. history." How

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Many experts agree: "The deregulation of energy will be the greatest transfer of wealth in U.S. history." How - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Many experts agree: "The deregulation of energy will be the greatest transfer of wealth in U.S. history." How you can easily get your share!!!. The Challenge to Making Money in MLM. Up-Front Cost: They charge you just to join Negative earnings from day one

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Many experts agree: "The deregulation of energy will be the greatest transfer of wealth in U.S. history." How' - arwen

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Presentation Transcript

Many experts agree:

"The deregulation of energy will be the greatest transfer of wealth in U.S. history."

How you can easily get your share!!!


The Challenge to Making Money in MLM

  • Up-Front Cost:
  • They charge you just to join
  • Negative earnings from day one
  • Benefits the MLM owners - not you
  • Monthly Fees:
  • Monthly website fee
  • These websites cost almost nothing
  • You need at least 20 to 50 customers just to break even
  • Benefits the MLM owners - not you
  • Qualifications:
  • Difficult to achieve qualifications
  • Limits your ability to earn money in the levels
  • Called breakage
  • Designed to benefit the company - not you
  • You Don’t Make Money:
  • 95% of all people never make a profit, in fact they lose money
  • Check the company income disclosure statements
  • Only 1 in 10 join your team

Don’t buy into the hype - there is a better way!


The Solution

NO Up-Front Cost - EVER

  • We do not rely on up-front fees to make money

NO Monthly Fees - EVER

  • We do not charge you a monthly fee
  • Your websites are free

Qualified to 5 Levels Is Easy

  • Just join and you are qualified to 5 levels
  • 5 personal customers and 5 personal brokers (can be the same) qualifies you for special bonusesIncluding an infinity bonus


  • You make a profit from day 1
  • 9 out of 10 join – why not its free
  • You MAKE Money From Day 1:

Switch your own service and you are making a profit from day 1 - you can’t lose! With just one broker referral you could potentially earn thousands of dollars per month.

Never again will you be reluctant or embarrassed to ask people to join your team!

how deregulation works
How Deregulation Works

Regulated Monopoly Structure







  • No incentive to innovate
  • No incentive to offer options
  • No incentive to offer unique products
  • No incentive to save you money
how deregulation works1
How Deregulation Works

Deregulated (competitive) Structure





Open to Competition



Remains theSame

We connect the Deregulated Retail Supplier To the Customer

  • Incentive to innovate
  • Incentive to offer options (green energy)
  • Incentive to offer unique products
  • Incentive to save you money
residential small business electricity and natural gas
Residential & Small Business Electricity and Natural Gas

Select the 100% GREEN option

  • 6 States Plus DC - Electricity
  • Natural Gas – Currently NY ConEd
  • Fixed and Variable Rate Programs
  • GREEN Energy Option
    • Reduce Dependence on Foreign Countries that don’t like us
    • Help support Americas Energy Independence
    • Reduce greenhouse gases – help save the environment
custom priced large commercial electricity natural gas
Custom Priced Large Commercial Electricity & Natural Gas

Buildings, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Factories, Attractions, Retail

* Most Providers

  • Over 5,000 kWh Monthly
  • 19 States over 50 Utilities
  • Higher Direct Commissions 50%
  • 50% Advance on Term Comm*
  • Long Term Fixed Rate Contracts
  • Training Provided
  • Separate Agreement

How Big Is The Opportunity



















































Commercial and Residential Electricity and or Natural Gas


Commercial Electricity and/or Natural Gas

Please review the Operational Footprint Document for details on each market

Some residential markets listed above will be active in the coming weeks

AK & HI not to scale

Commercial Natural Gas > $10,000 bill per month

electricity the perfect product
Electricity The Perfect Product

Millions of Customers

Millions of Electric Meters

  • Habitually used by everyone
  • Unconsciously purchased
  • No customer training, no buying habits to change
  • Physical service remains the same
  • Someone is going to profit from enrolling the people you know, it might as well be you
  • No Selling! All we do is Inform / Educate
  • Most people don’t know the opportunity to save exists

Talented and Experienced Leadership

Scott Turner


Eco Power Partner

  • 25 years in the energy business
  • Direct marketing expertise
  • Recognized expert in energy deregulation
  • Former owner of a large manufacturing company providing products and services in the energy industry
  • Rapid growth experience
  • Master Black Belt Six Sigma Quality

Talented and Experienced Leadership

  • CEO & Founder, Gries Investment Funds (manages in excess of $100 million)
  • Founder of the Tampa Bay Storm and current co-owner of the Orlando Predators (Arena Football League)
  • Past family ownership of the Cleveland Browns
  • Was Elected CEO of the year in 1993
  • Board of Trustees for the University of Tampa (Funds Manager)

Bob Gries, Jr.

CEO Public Power


Is About YOU and YOUR Family & Friends

We are About Helping


Faith Organizations

Not For Profits

YOU & YOUR Family

Leverage Your Energy Bill For Common Good

our marketing model
Our Marketing Model

Enroll loyal customers;

people you know, love

and trust

Grow your team by pointing them to yourFREE websites

Earn based on the referral sales of you and your team

the goal for everyone
The Goal For Everyone

Leveraging the POWER and MONEY of the Utility Meter for the Benefit of the F&F Members

  • Residual income by earning an override on electric meters
  • On your own it would be difficult to build a business with enough meters
  • The Free Friends and Family Plan
    • Makes it possible for you to earn substantial residual income on thousands of electric meters in Your Network

Customer Acquisition Bonus - CAB

You earn the CAB on the first customerof every new Broker that Joins your team

Your first active customer is assigned to your sponsor

Why only TWO Zones?

* No CAB or residual on 249 kWh and below

residual compensation
Residual Compensation

When You Join You Are Qualified To Five Levels

Lets not talk about how much you save on your bill, that quite frankly not much. Lets do talk about getting that bill paid for

residual compensation1
Residual Compensation

5 Active Personal Customers and 5 Personal Brokers

They can be the same people Promotes You To Silver ManagerSilver Qualifies You For Two New Bonuses


If you can find 1 can you think just a little bit bigger


This total is just through 10 levels, it can go much deeper

10 Active Personal Customers and 10 Personal Brokers

They can be the same people Promotes You ToGold Manager

And There Is ONE More Rank


CAR Program

5,000 Active Customers in Your 7 Levels -$250 Monthly Car Allowance

10,000 Active Customers in Your 7 Levels - $500 Monthly Car Allowance

15,000 Active Customers in Your 7 Levels - $750 Monthly Car Allowance

20,000 Active Customers in Your 7 Levels - $1,000 Monthly Car Allowance

customer retention program
Customer Retention Program

Getting customers is great, keeping customers long-term is the key to building long-term wealth

Do you want to keep YOUR customers LONG-TERM?

We have the answer!

A ½ cent better rate will save the average customer $3.00 per month

Compare that to $1,000 or more a year in savings

If the customer understands the value they will never switch

  • From day 1, customers are eligible for the Public Power Perks Programwhere they can save thousands of dollars per year.
  • Free Web-Based Platform for every customer and consultant
public power perks customer retention
Public Power Perks Customer Retention

Save $1,000 or More Annually

  • Apparel
  • Books & Movies
  • Child Care
  • Auto
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Events& Theme Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Health and fitness
  • Travel, Home and Garden
  • And more
  • Saving money on your electricity and gas is only the beginning
  • Use our Perks Program and you could see thousands of dollars worth of savings
  • You will recognize the names of products you can save on, but you won't believe the savings
  • Save on cars, insurance, computers, restaurants, Costco, DirecTV, and so much more
public power perks
Public Power Perks

Save $1,000 or More Annually

  • WOW!!!! I was paying almost $7000.00 a year for insurance and Perks got me insurance for under $2,700.00." Chad Crawford
  • "Going through Perks saved me over 50% on my auto insurance. Thank you” Jessica King
  • "The program saved my wife and I close to $1,000.00 a year, and when you are on a fixed income this is not small change." Joseph Currin
  • "I was ecstatic when I found out I could save over 20% on auto and over 50% on motorcycle insurance!“Guido Persiani
  • "I love this service! I purchased my mortgage through Perks. Now I purchased my homeowners insurance through them and they helped me to save $911.00 per year! Perks takes care of me like family.“Jill-Ann Cherosky
did you bring your power bill
Did You Bring Your Power Bill?

25.00 For Bringing Your Power Bill

50.00 If YouDecide To Join


No cash redemption value, limited time offer

become a customer
Become A Customer
  • Enjoy a Free 3 Day 2 Night Hotel Stay
  • Orlando
  • Ft Lauderdale
  • Williamsburg
  • Daytona Beach
  • Massanutten
  • Atlantic City
  • Cape Cod
  • Hilton Head
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Sedona
  • Branson
  • Las Vegas
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Hawaii

No cash redemption value, limited time offer

if that wasn t enough
If That Wasn’t Enough

And if that isn’t enough, at the customer’s 6th month anniversary with Public Power, send your utility bill to PPU and they will rebate up to $50.00

tax benefits of a home based business
Tax Benefits of a Home Based Business

If You don’t have a home-based business, start one! Sandy Botkin – Tax Expert

  • Its not how much you make it’s how much you keep
  • Everyone should have a home based business
  • Cell phone, laptop, internet, meals, travel, auto

Seek advise from your tax professional

we do two simple things
We Do Two Simple Things
  • We ask a few people we know, love and trust to support join our free network and they become their first customer
  • Our growing team does the same

This business is easy, you only need a few customers and business partners

You don’t need to be an expert, all of the training you need is included

e commerce website
e-commerce Website

This is your opportunity and customer enrollment website. It tells about the opportunity and enrolls the customers for you. All you do is point your prospects to your website.

get started immediately
Get Started Immediately
  • Right Now:
    • Join the Eco Power Friends and Family Network as a broker
    • Enroll your meter
    • Instantly obtain your two personal websites
    • Refer a few friends and family as brokers
  • Today:
    • Enroll some friends and family as a broke customer – It’s FREE so who is going to say no?
    • Invite a few friends and family to this meeting next week or send them to your website
    • Take the compliance and fast start training in your back office

It is Time toFinally Make Money in the Energy Business!

friends and family
Friends and Family
  • We are all about helping families earn extra money, that’s why we made it free
  • We want you to join as a broker customer
  • Help your friends and family do the same thing
  • If you don’t want to join as a broker customer help the family that invited you to view this by enrolling as their customer

Enroll Yourself For Service Immediately

To Enroll for service go to:

  • Enroll your own electric meter immediately
  • Each Utility has different requirements
  • Become familiar with the requirements

13 digits - no dashes or letters


keep your welcome letter and your first bill
Keep Your Welcome Letter and Your First Bill

Your First Utility Bill

Utility Welcome Letter

understand public power perks
Understand Public Power Perks
  • FREE Pharmacy Discount
  • $50.00 Restaurant Gift Card
  • Public Power Perks Rewards
  • Happy 3-Month Anniversary!
  • Happy 6-Month Anniversary!
  • Happy 9-Month Anniversary!
  • Happy One Year Anniversary!

If you don’t understand the program you wont be able toexplain it to your prospect

build your prospect list
Build Your Prospect List
  • Build your list of prospects
  • Don’t skip this step
  • People that you know, love, trust or have done business with
  • Don’t pre-judge anyone
  • Don’t forget businesses
build your prospect list1
Build Your Prospect List

You Already Have A List

invite your list
Invite Your List
  • Work with your sponsor or upline on your first calls
  • Ways to invite:
    • Send them to your website
    • Send them to the sizzle call line 877-774-9291
    • Invite them to a meeting
    • Invite them to the Tuesday and Thursday evening 10 minute overview call
when you sponsor
When You Sponsor
  • Work with your new team member
    • Make sure they enroll for service on their website
    • Invite them to a meeting and conference call
    • Help them make their first few contacts
    • Make sure they complete the training
grow your referral network
Grow Your Referral Network
  • Since Eco Power Friends and Family is FREE, customers should be given the opportunity to become a referring customer or broker
  • By referring a few customers, they can potentially earn thousands of dollars per month and since it is FREE why not?
  • Your sponsor will get credit for your first active customer: In the Eco Power compensation rules your first active customer goes to your sponsor. This means:
    • Your first active customer will be credited to your sponsor. Example: You sign up 10 customers and the fourth customer goes active first, that customer will be transferred to your upline.
    • Your first customer will appear in in your Public Power back office but the first customer that becomes ACTIVE will transfer to your upline as soon as they become active, then they will appear in your sponsors back office and not your back office.
    • Your sponsor will be paid the CAB bonus on your first active customer
    • Your first active customer will count towards your sponsors 5 customers qualification rule
    • Call your sponsor and tell them that you enrolled your first customer.
    • The first active customer of your new brokers will be credited to you, this is how you will earn multiple CAB bonuses.
customer drops winback
Customer Drops - Winback
  • Customers drop the service for several reasons:
    • They requested it
    • They went to another supplier
    • They moved – 30% of population move every year
    • Their power was cut off for non payment by the utility
    • They were slammed
    • Provider dropped the customer – late payments
  • Many customers don’t know they dropped the service
  • You are going to want to call
  • You will need to get them to resign or use TPV – see TPV training
preventing drops
Preventing Drops
  • Earning customers the right way:
    • Public Power Perks
    • It is not about the rate
      • A gallon of gasoline – habitually used, unconsciously purchased
      • You as a broker will be much more aware of rates
      • The shysters try to focus customers on the rate and make them think they are going to save a lot of money. Tell how they will save even more with Public Power Perks.
    • Make sure they know all the benefits of joining PPU
      • In fact, most people won’t save much at all
      • Educate them on what to say to competitors
        • Don’t ever give out the account number
        • Do not call list
re enrolling customer drops
Re-Enrolling Customer Drops
  • Check your back office daily for dropped customers
  • Call the customer and win them back
  • Act quickly on drops
    • Most success for winbacks occurs in the first few days after a drop
    • Remind them about the Public Power Perks Program
  • Customers that drop for a better rate
    • If a customer gets a ½ cent better rate, it only saves them about $3.00 a month
utility rejected enrollments
Utility Rejected Enrollments
  • Correctable Reasons
    • Wrong account, POD ID, or ESI number
    • Wrong Name Key
    • Name entered doesn’t match the name on the bill
    • Using the person’s name instead of business name
  • Other Reasons
    • Not eligible for service
    • Owe the utility money
    • Late payments
  • We are in a regulated industry
  • Zero tolerance policy
  • You want to protect your business from enforcement actions
  • Three ways to enroll a customer
    • An agreement signed by the customer and faxed to our office
    • A TPV number that you enter on the website form
    • A unique IP Address – order entered at customers home
  • Make sure that you complete the required compliance and training module on your website