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Fellowship of Faiths and Cultures Club PowerPoint Presentation
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Fellowship of Faiths and Cultures Club

Fellowship of Faiths and Cultures Club

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Fellowship of Faiths and Cultures Club

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  1. Fellowship of Faiths and Cultures Club Founded in January 2004 Advisor: Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola Department of Electrical Engineering

  2. An ASU recognized student organization formed by a group of international graduate students with the goal of promoting dialogue and understanding among students of diverse faiths and cultures. Who is FFC?

  3. Why is FFC found? • We are aware of the fact that the cause of several conflicts in the world is the lack of communication between different faiths. • Dialogue will help everyone to understand each other and live in peace. • The world is created for Love.

  4. FFC plans… • With our goal in mind, we plan to organize different social activities including picnics, seminars, special cultural performances and reading groups that bring people with different cultures together. • Rather than concentrating on differences, we try to emphasize the commonalities that will bring us together.

  5. FFC tries to provide… • … opportunities to meet new people with various belief and culture backgrounds to engage in dialogue and form new friendships.

  6. FFC hopes… • … by doing so, we truly hope that the activities organized by the FFC will contribute to the world peace and fellowship.

  7. is simply summarized by FFC Philosophy

  8. FFC’s Recent Organizations: • Festival of Sacrifice on February 1, 2004. Many years ago, Prophet Abraham was going to sacrifice his son Ishmael (Isaac, in the New Testament) for the sake of God due to his oath he had given before. Then for his loyalty, God sent him a lamb instead of his son. This program was the annual celebration of this event. • Lunch for Christian Refugee-Students in accordance with the AZ Lost Boys Center on February 21, 2004. We set up a free lunch for Christian students of AZ Lost Boys. We also provided food support to Muslim refugees and homeless people in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

  9. Scenes from Festival…

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