unesco sharjah award 2015 for the islamic library n.
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Luisa Mora Villarejo, Head librarian of Islamic Libray “Félix Mª Pareja” AECID Library, Spain PowerPoint Presentation
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Luisa Mora Villarejo, Head librarian of Islamic Libray “Félix Mª Pareja” AECID Library, Spain

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Luisa Mora Villarejo, Head librarian of Islamic Libray “Félix Mª Pareja” AECID Library, Spain

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Luisa Mora Villarejo, Head librarian of Islamic Libray “Félix Mª Pareja” AECID Library, Spain

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  1. “UNESCO-Sharjah award 2015 for the Islamic Library and Early Arabic prints at the AECID Digital Library : a time to celebrate”. Luisa Mora Villarejo, Head librarian of IslamicLibray “Félix Mª Pareja” AECID Library, Spain

  2. The Islamic Library, member of the Library Consortium of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), has obtained the UNESCO-Sharjah award for 2015: Paris, 14th April with Irina Bokova, Unesco General Director.

  3. UNESCO-Sharjah award 2015 Thisawardmeans a supportand recognitionforthegreateffortsmadeto increase, protect and spread theArabic and Islamic culture thatthelibrary has done overmanyyears: A relevant and well-managedspecializedcollection, exhibition and researchactivities, goodpracticepolicy in thedevelopment of theprojects, teamwork (withenthusiasm, commitment and perseverance) and interactionswithusers. We would like to share this award with all the librarians and researchers, since our work is very specific and only working together can we achieve our aims.

  4. Ourtresasures. Exhibition7th, April. 2016

  5. More Media attentionas anspecialized and uniquelibrary • Thisawardmeansinternationalvisibilitythanksto  widespread media coverage. • In 2016 therehavebeeninterviews and reportsontheprintingpress: El Economista, el Correo del Golfo, Buletín de Medina ... Also in online publicationsas: • eldia.es, laestrella.com, periodistas-es.com, cordobainternacional.com, mincultura.gov.co, palestina.disenso.net, palestina.int.ar, lainformacion.com. • Therehavebeenradio interviews in Spanish, French and Arabic: Radio France Internationale, Radio 5 (RNE), Radio Exterior, Onda Verde Radio, thesesound files are available in theAECID’s Digital Library.

  6. AECID Library: organizationalcontext and positioning Hispanic Library Itconsists of twohistoricallibraries Anotheroneadapted to AECID tasks. http://www.aecid.es/ES/biblioteca/catálogo Islamic Library SpanishCooperation Library • Alianceswithotherinternationalinstitutions • Collective catalogue AECID-UCM CISNE (Millennium) since 2012. Worldcat. • BibliographiqueHeritageCollective Catalogue (MECD) • Member of REBIUN(Spanish Network of UniversityLibraries) and of IFLA. • Cervantes I. Library network: bibliographicinterchanges and on line support. • Cooperationwith Virtual Library MIGUEL DE CERVANTES

  7. Islamic Library: mision and vision A  renowndocumentaryinstitutionin theArabarea (1954). Itsreputationisincreasingdaybydayforitscollection and services. Itisrecommendable to takeadvantage of its 100,000 documentarycollection, itsnetwork of researchers and donors, new tools (Digital Library and Blog with 30,000 visitors and developcollaborativeapproachesto gainvisibilityand national and internationalprojection). Disseminatethroughpublications, communications in professionalevents, diffusiononinstitutionalwebsites, blog, thenewsletterAsda, and with media support, etc.

  8. 1. La Biblioteca Islámica “Félix María Par” IslamicLibrary: types and amount of documentarycollections Early Arabic prints

  9. Early Arabic prints Focused in accesible heritage: stepbystepitisdigitized, exposed and disseminated in differentways.

  10. Arabic Book Features: different fonts and parallel texts

  11. Arabic Book Features: bindings and colophones

  12. Working with Early Arabic prints: in a wide context 1336 ítems 16 manuscripts

  13. Highlights: printedcatalogues (2013-2015) in Spanish and in Arabic Arabicversion. Translatedby B. Abdullatif. Editedby D. Gil. Nowavailable at AECID Digital Library • Bibliographicheritage of AECID’scollection of ancientbooks • Establishment of a chronologicalaccount (up to 1901/1920s) • Multilingual set of works • Collectionidentification and valuation : glossary, bibliography and indexes of titles / authors • Colophons, xylographicfringes, chapterletters, engravings, cartoons and exlibris

  14. Dissemination: congresses, presentations Morocco, 2014 and 2016. Qatar National Library Riad (Arabia Saudí, 2014).

  15. http://bibliotecadigital.aecid.es AECID Digital Library The Digital Library AECID (BIDA, 2015) aims to preserve and disseminate our rich heritage. Thisgoalisour new and mostambitiousproject. Thedigitizationprojectstarted in 2007, firstwiththeold archives and nowwehavebeenable to digitalize more thanonemillionimages. Itcontainsmore than1,860 ancientbookswithhighheritagevalue in theLatin American and Islamicfields. Itis a recent development in orientalist libraries. Itwillgrowaccording to anopen Digitization Plan related to national and internationalprojects. Itincludesrecent AECID publications, undertheCreativeCommonslicense, orthosepublications, whoserightsbelong to the AECID.

  16. Web and blog widespread

  17. Characteristics • Unicode Support • StandardizedMetadata in bibliographic records, of copies, authorities and digital objects: • Marc21, Marcxml, Dublin Core, Mets, Alto, Premis, ESE (EuropeanaSemanticElements), EDM (Europeana Data Model), LOD (Linked Open Data) • Repository OAI-MPH (HarvestedbyEuropeana) DifferentExportformats /Records display

  18. Languagesand material percentages (VIDA) Arabiclanguage (12 %)

  19. It can be recovered by special types of material, such as photographs, manuscripts, maps, audio material, videos...

  20. Manuscripts at theIslamic Library Someactivitiesforstudyingthem: practical training, visits and eExhibitions

  21. DigitizedManuscripts at Digital Library

  22. Themostancientprintedbook (1519)

  23. Old books at the Digital Library publishedby Leiden printers: 72 items

  24. Enriching authorities in the AECID Digital Library

  25. Linked Open Data

  26. Linkedinformation

  27. Otherproject: "SpanishProtectorateGraphicArchive" (2012-2015) Definition of thestrategicguidelines to maintain, organize and disseminate a specializedcollection in theArabworld (Protectorate in Morocco) and giveitinternalcoherence. A commemorativecatalogiseditedwiththepurpose of  inventorying and puttingintovaluethehistoricalphotographs of that era, thathavebeendigitized. Thanks to thereflections of specialists, gaps in thehistoriographyhavebeenfound, thatSpanish and Moroccanresearcherswillsuresolve in order to preserve thememory(graphic as well). Discover, identify and protecttherightholders, promotestudy and researchthroughcollectionsthatwere invisible. Thedigitization and detailedcataloging of almost 1000 photosexpandsinternational uses.

  28. Picture and description of the graphic material http://bibliotecadigital.aecid.es/

  29. Muchas gracias Thankyou! Šukran