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Marketing for Business Presented by: Helen Duncan PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing for Business Presented by: Helen Duncan

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Marketing for Business Presented by: Helen Duncan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing for Business Presented by: Helen Duncan. Agenda. What is marketing? Understanding your market Getting the right message Using the right medium Top 10 tips for boosting your business. What is marketing?.

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Marketing for Business Presented by: Helen Duncan

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Presentation Transcript
Marketing for Business

Presented by: Helen Duncan

  • What is marketing?
  • Understanding your market
  • Getting the right message
  • Using the right medium
  • Top 10 tips for boosting your business
what is marketing
What is marketing?

“Marketing is the management process that identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably” The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

“The right product, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price”


key to business success
Key to business success?

“I don’t do any marketing – I get all my business from word of mouth.”

Not a sustainable strategy…

“Marketing is just an expense – I don’t need it.”

It is an investment…

“I’m too busy, I don’t have the time to do any marketing, I’ll wait until it’s quiet.”

Danger of experiencing peaks and troughs…

what is marketing1
What is marketing?

“Central to your business success.”

Helen Duncan

3 Ms of marketing…

Marketing segment, message, medium

3 ms of marketing
3 Ms of Marketing

Market segmentwho are your customers and where are they?

  • Messagebe clear about your proposition and what you are saying to your customers
  • Mediumhow are you going to send your message to your target market
understanding your market
Understanding your market

Get close to your customers

  • Be targeted
  • Where are your customers, local, national?
  • Do they have issues you can resolve?
  • Different products/services may attract different markets
your message
Your message

We’re all bombarded every day…

your message1
Your message
  • 3 seconds is all it takes to win or lose
  • The ‘so what’ test
  • Know what your proposition is – why would I buy from you?
  • Keep it simple, keep it brief
  • Think benefits not features
  • Be consistent
  • Grab the Attention of your audience
  • Create Interest by showing how you can help them
  • Create Desire by describing what you are offering and how it benefits them
  • Include a call to Action
your medium
Your medium

How you communicate with your clients…

Stationery AdvertisingBlogs Business cardsSignage Promotional mailersLogo/branding PackagingBrochures Public RelationsCustomer service Email newslettersLeaflets VouchersNewsletters NetworkingReferrals EventsSocial networking Online shop

your medium1
Your medium
  • Getting the marketing mix right is key
  • Often businesses use the wrong marketing tools or at the wrong time
  • You need to target the right customers with the right messages using the right tools
my top 10 tips for boosting business
My top 10 tips for boosting business

1. First impressions do count…

  • Get your image right
  • Take a hard look at your business cards, your website, leaflets etc. Do they portray a professional company?
2 provide the best customer service
2. Provide the best customer service
  • It’s the classic 80:20 rule, selling to existing customers is much easier than selling to new ones so you want to keep them
  • When marketing brings in new customers you have to wow them
  • You want them to come back next time and to tell everyone what a good company this is!
3 get your website to work for you
3. Get your website to work for you
  • If you haven’t got one, get one!
  • Increase conversions with relevant content
  • Keep your site updated, link to a blog, news
  • If you are retail, sell online!
  • Invest in search engine optimisation
  • Link to an email marketing campaign
4 customers are king keep in touch
4. Customers are king…keep in touch
  • Use an email marketing campaign to keep in touch with your customers
  • It reminds them you are there
  • It reminds them of the other things you do
  • You can get instant feedback
  • It links to your website
  • If you are retail it can sell for you!
5 get your message right
5. Get your message right
  • Have a clear proposition
  • Remember the 3 second and so what rule
  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes
  • Think benefits, benefits, benefits
  • Keep it simple, keep it brief
  • Remember AIDA!
6 public relations
6. Public Relations

Never waste a PR opportunity

Local papers/trade magazines/networking groups/chamber sites

New products, new services, an interesting case study – how you helped someone, charity events, local interest, national interest, associated with current news

Email and follow up, photographs

Send to free online press releases:;;

7 direct mail
7. Direct mail
  • Can sometimes be very memorable
  • Keep messages short and use imagery
  • Drive your customers to a website
  • Great for new products and brand awareness
  • Remember AIDA!
  • Be targeted
8 networking
8. Networking
  • Commit to 2/3 networking groups that suit your business
  • Remember you are building relationships not selling
  • Build the costs into your plan and give them time
  • Build up your social networking with LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter etc
9 events
9. Events
  • Look for opportunities to exhibit your products and services
  • Large exhibitions are expensive but very effective if within your target market
  • Or look for smaller, regional and local events – Chamber/Business Link/networking groups
  • If you have a retail/premise bring an event to you – host local artists, book signings, travel agent’s country days
10 measure
10. Measure

Never get complacent even if your marketing is bringing in new business, things change rapidly

Monitor what you do. Ask new customers how they found you. Find out what works best for your business.

Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. What would make you pick up the phone

in summary
In summary…
  • Know your customers and understand their needs
  • Know what your differentiator is
  • Target the right customers
  • Use the right tools
  • Do what you promise every time
  • Measure the results
  • Recession can be an opportunity for some businesses to grab market share!
  • Buying habits change, so your marketing might have to change too
  • Get really close to your clients and understand what they want
  • Stay positive and stay active

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”