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North Ridge Middle School

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North Ridge Middle School. Welcome to Wildcat Athletics. Your Wildcat Coaches. Boys Coaches and Assignments James Hollis : Head 8 th Grade Basketball Brian Rockwell : Head 7 th Grade Basketball Monte Sparkman : Head Track & Cross Country 817/547-5250 : leave message.

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north ridge middle school
North Ridge Middle School

Welcome to

Wildcat Athletics

your wildcat coaches
Your Wildcat Coaches

Boys Coaches and Assignments

James Hollis: Head 8th Grade Basketball

Brian Rockwell: Head 7th Grade Basketball

Monte Sparkman: Head Track & Cross Country

817/547-5250 : leave message

your wildcat coaches1
Your Wildcat Coaches

Girls Coaches and Assignments

Stephanie Catoe: Head 8th Grade Basketball

Hillary Fountain: Head Track

Frances Hutson: Head 8th Grade Volleyball

817/547-5251: leave message

your wildcat coaches2
Your Wildcat Coaches

Athletic Coordinator

Larry Compton: Head Football

817/547-5252: leave message

Conference Period: 2:09 -2:57

NRMS Administrative Liaison for Athletics

Marty Blowers: Assistant Principal


nrms athletic program
NRMS Athletic Program

Mission and Goals

nrms athletic program mission
NRMS Athletic Program Mission

To provide student athletes with opportunities to learn, grow and experience success in a positive environment that is supported by staff, parents and the community.

goal north ridge middle school athletes will be positive role models for all students
Goal:North Ridge Middle School athletes will be positive role models for all students.
  • Objective: Student athletes will understand the importance of and display good citizenship characteristics.
  • Objective: Student athletes will understand the importance of and develop a strong work ethic.
  • Objective: Student athletes will take responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences when they make poor decisions.
  • Objective:Student athletes will understand the importance of community service by volunteering in projects that benefit others and the community in which they live.
Goal:Student athletes will be strong competitors in every sport offered at North Ridge Middle School.
  • Objective:Student athletes will understand and execute the fundamentals of the game.
  • Objective: Student athletes will display good sportsmanship characteristics in practice and on the playing field.
  • Objective: Student athletes will be respectful of the officials and the opponents.
  • Objective: Student athletes will understand the importance of and participate in weight training and conditioning as it relates to their chosen sport.
goal student athletes will excel academically
Goal:Student athletes will excel academically.
  • Objective:Eighty percent (80%) of all North Ridge Middle School athletes will be on the A/B Honor Roll.
  • Objective: All student athletes will pass all classes every six weeks.
  • Note: When possible 7th grade athletes should schedule tutorials after school and 8th grade athletes should schedule tutorials before school.
  • Coaches can be reached either by phone or email.
  • Usually, incoming callers will need to leave a message.
  • The coach will return the call during his or her conference period.
  • Conference periods vary throughout the day.
  • Whenever possible, all calls and emails will be responded to within 24 hours.
  • Appointments can be made during the coach’s conference period.
  • Coaches are only able to discuss your son or daughter with you. Coaches are not be able to discuss other athletes/students with you.
  • All athletes are expected to attend and participate in our scheduled games. If there is a conflict with an outside organization such as select sports, we expect the athlete to attend NRMS games.

Procedure for resolving issues/concerns:

Example: Athlete has a question or conflict with a coach about playing time.

  • Athlete and/or parent needs to talk with that coach first.
  • If conflict is not resolved, athlete and parent should schedule a time to meet with Coach Compton/boys or Coach Catoe/girls.
  • If conflict is still not resolved, athlete and parent should schedule a meeting with Ms. Marty Blowers, Assistant Principal.
  • Next step – Make a appointment with Steve Ellis, Principal.
  • Next step – Willa Gipson, Birdville ISD Athletic Director.
  • All North Ridge Athletes must pass all classes each six weeks in order to maintain eligibility. This is a University Interscholastic League rule.
  • If an athlete fails one or more classes during a six week grading period, he/she is ineligible to play for 3 weeks.
  • If the athlete is passing all classes at the 3 week progress reporting time of the next six weeks, he/she will regain eligibility.
  • Although an ineligible athlete is not permitted to play in games during the ineligibility period, the athlete is still required to participate in all practices.
  • Athletic uniforms can be purchased in Athletics for $25.00 a set.
  • In October we will be taking sweat shirt/pants order for the winter. Sweats will cost $45 as set.
  • Next year (2012-2013) all athletic and PE apparel will be available online. A link will be provided on the NRSM website sometime in the spring, along with other pertinent information.
  • Every athlete will be dressed in the proper athletic uniform everyday including days when the athlete may not be able to actively participate. No exceptions.
  • Failure to dress out will result in the loss of points toward the athlete’s six weeks Physical Education grade:
    • 1st No Dress = minus 15 points
    • 2nd No Dress = minus 10 points
    • 3rd No Dress = minus 10 points (Athlete fails the six weeks)
  • Every athlete must have a completed current physical form, signed by a physician and parent, on file prior to being able to compete in any sport activity.
  • Physical forms can be accessed online at

Click on Forms.

  • All Schedules may be accessed on the BISD Athletic webpage or by using the web address below:
  • Individual NRMS sport schedules may be accessed on the NRMS website under Athletics
football practice times
Football Practice Times
  • 7th grade practice /August 29 – September 9
    • On the field at 7:00AM
    • Off the field at 9:00AM
  • 8th grade Practice /August 29 – September 2
    • On the field at 3:15PM
    • Off the field at 5:30PM
football practice times1
Football Practice Times
  • 7th Grade Football practice beginning week of September 12
    • Group A - Tuesday/Thursday @ 7:00AM for agility training
    • Group B – Wednesday/Friday @ 7:00AM for agility training
  • Both groups – Monday through Friday @ 7:30AM on the field
  • 9:00AM– off the field (2nd period begins @ 9:28AM) *A coach will escort athletes who wish to eat breakfast to the cafeteria at 9:15AM.
football practice times2
Football Practice Times
  • 8th Grade Football practice beginning week of September 5
  • Monday – 3:00PM – 3:50PM *
    • *Labor Day, Monday, September 5, practice will be from 4:00PM to 5:30PM. First game is Tuesday, September 6.
  • Tuesday – Game Day
  • Wednesday – Weights /Conditioning & Practice. Practice ends at 5:30PM
  • Thursday – Practice ends at 5:30PM
  • Friday – Practice ends at 5:00PM
game day
Game Day
  • Athletes must be in attendance at school for at least 4 consecutive class periods (UIL)
  • During football and basketball season male athletes are expected to wear dress slacks/dockers and a collared shirt and tie. No jeans on game day. Shirt tails shall be tucked in.
  • During volleyball and basketball season female athletes are expected to wear either skirts, dresses or slacks with appropriate blouses/tops. No jeans on game day.
game day1
Game Day

Bus trips

All athletes will ride the team bus to and from each away game.

In the case of an emergency, a parent may take his/her athlete home from an away game provided that the athlete is signed out with a coach. A roster for parent signatures will be at each game.

game day2
Game Day


  • Please avoid before or after game discussions with coaches. Please schedule an appointment to discuss privately.
  • Food or drinks are not allowed to be brought in at the FAAC, Birdville Stadium, or the W.G. Thomas Coliseum.
  • Please remember to show respect for all game officials.