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worth the wait north ridge middle school parent information night n.
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Worth the Wait North Ridge Middle School Parent Information Night PowerPoint Presentation
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Worth the Wait North Ridge Middle School Parent Information Night

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Worth the Wait North Ridge Middle School Parent Information Night
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Worth the Wait North Ridge Middle School Parent Information Night

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  1. Worth the WaitNorth Ridge Middle SchoolParent Information Night Presented by: Heather Penry & Tashalla Thomas

  2. Worth the Wait • A Scott & White wellness and sexual health program • Curriculum is designed for age appropriate information • Will be presented during selected classes for 6th, 7th and 8th graders • Abstinence based wellness program • Presented by Nurse and Counselor • Complies with the Teks for curriculum in classes • Evidence based research

  3. Worth the Wait • What this program is not meant to • Violate your rights as parents • Take the place of discussions at home • Be biased, nor promote sexual activity among teens

  4. Worth the Wait • Topics include: • Essential Human Needs • Parental Responsibilities • Puberty, Anatomy and Pregnancy • Sexually Transmitted Diseases • Sex and the Law • Developing Communications Styles and Refusal Skills • Healthy Relationships • Health Risk Behaviors • Contraception (8th grade only) • Career Goals

  5. Worth the Wait • Essential Human Needs • Security- safety from harm; trust in those around you • Connection- Love; feeling respected; enjoying time with others; sense of belonging; friendship • Purpose- Feeling that you have value, talents, and significance • Support – Having guidance and opportunities for personal growth • Contribution- Doing good things for those around you; serving your community

  6. Worth the Wait • Parental Responsibilities • Legal Responsibility • Care, Support, Protection, Supervision • Financial Responsibility • Food, Clothing, Shelter, Medical Care • Child Support/the Laws • Emotional Responsibility • Helping the child feel safe and secure • Teen Parents vs. Adult Parents • Pros and Cons

  7. Worth the Wait • Puberty, Anatomy and Pregnancy • Review the male and female anatomy • Describe the physical and emotional changes during puberty • Describe benefits of remaining abstinent from risky behaviors • Explain how pregnancy occurs and describe fetal development • Link between emotional changes, depression and suicide • Identify genetic influences on puberty

  8. Worth the Wait • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) • Recognize risks of contracting an STD if sexually active • Define Sexual Contact • Express personal opinions on the topic of STDs • Identify the major symptoms of the most common STDs • Describe why abstinence is the healthiest choice and 100% effective against STDs.

  9. Worth the Wait • Sex & the Law • Reviews the legal implications regarding teen sexual activity • Acknowledge that sexual abuse is never the victim’s fault • Discuss the importance of reporting sexual abuse • Construct an action plan to deal with sexual pressure • State the age of consent for sexual activity in our State • Determine the difference between misdemeanor and felony sexual offenses

  10. Worth the Wait • Developing Communication Styles and Refusal Skills • Learn effective communication methods • Demonstrate effective communication methods with role play • Learn effective refusal skills • Demonstrate effective use of refusal skills with role play.

  11. Worth the Wait • Healthy Relationships • Identify characteristics of healthy relationships • Encouragement, trust, honesty, safety, etc • Identify characteristics of unhealthy relationships • Fear, embarrassment, discouragement, risky behaviors • Identify characteristics of dangerous relationships • Violence, gangs, drug use, alcohol use, illegal acts • Discuss benefits and dangers of healthy, unhealthy and dangerous relationships • Identify ways to get out of unhealthy or dangerous relationships

  12. Worth the Wait • Health Risk Behaviors • Identify health risk behaviors as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) • Recognize the association between risky behaviors and teen sexual activity • Acknowledge the link between health risk behaviors in teens such as sexual activity and emotional problems such as depression and suicide • Review the importance of avoiding health risk behaviors and have an opportunity to sign a pledge card

  13. Worth the Wait • Contraception (8th grade only) • Discuss the most common contraception methods • Birth Control Pills • Birth Control Injections • Birth Control Implants • Emergency Contraception • Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) • Spermicides • Natural Family Planning • Withdrawal • Male Condoms • Abstinence

  14. Worth the Wait • Career Goals • Identify long-term career goals • Develop a plan to reach the long-term career goals • Identify roadblocks and determine how to overcome them • Incorporate five essential human needs in goal setting

  15. Worth the Wait