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North Ridge Middle School

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North Ridge Middle School . Welcome to Wildcat Athletics. Your Wildcat Coaches. Boys Coaches and Assignments James Hollis : Head 8 th Grade Basketball Brian Rockwell : Head 7 th Grade Basketball Monte Sparkman : Head Track & Cross Country 817/547-5250 : leave message.

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north ridge middle school
North Ridge Middle School

Welcome to

Wildcat Athletics

your wildcat coaches
Your Wildcat Coaches

Boys Coaches and Assignments

James Hollis: Head 8th Grade Basketball

Brian Rockwell: Head 7th Grade Basketball

Monte Sparkman: Head Track & Cross Country

817/547-5250 : leave message

your wildcat coaches1
Your Wildcat Coaches

Girls Coaches and Assignments

Stephanie Catoe: Head 8th Grade Basketball

Hillary Fountain: Head Track

Frances Hutson: Head 8th Grade Volleyball

817/547-5251: leave message

your wildcat coaches2
Your Wildcat Coaches

Athletic Coordinator

Larry Compton: Head Football

817/547-5252: leave message

Conference Period: 2:09 -2:57

NRMS Administrative Liaison for Athletics

Steve Ellis: Principal


nrms athletic program
NRMS Athletic Program

Mission and Goals

effort and attitude
Effort and Attitude
  • Effort and Attitude are the two things every athlete must bring everyday.
  • They must “believe” we will be successful
  • Yes We Can, Yes We Will!
nrms athletic program mission
NRMS Athletic Program Mission

To provide student athletes with opportunities to learn, grow and experience success in a positive environment that is supported by staff, parents and the community.

goal north ridge middle school athletes will be positive role models for all students
Goal:North Ridge Middle School athletes will be positive role models for all students.
  • Objective: Student athletes will understand the importance of and display good citizenship characteristics.
  • Objective: Student athletes will understand the importance of and develop a strong work ethic.
  • Objective: Student athletes will take responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences when they make poor decisions.
  • Objective:Student athletes will understand the importance of community service by volunteering in projects that benefit others and the community in which they live.
Goal:Student athletes will be strong competitors in every sport offered at North Ridge Middle School.
  • Objective:Student athletes will understand and execute the fundamentals of the game.
  • Objective: Student athletes will display good sportsmanship characteristics in practice and on the playing field.
  • Objective: Student athletes will be respectful of the officials and the opponents.
  • Objective: Student athletes will understand the importance of and participate in weight training and conditioning as it relates to their chosen sport.
goal student athletes will excel academically
Goal:Student athletes will excel academically.
  • Objective:Eighty percent (80%) of all North Ridge Middle School athletes will be on the A/B Honor Roll.
  • Objective: All student athletes will pass all classes every six weeks.
  • Note: When possible 7th grade athletes should schedule tutorials after school and 8th grade athletes should schedule tutorials before school.
  • Coaches can be reached either by phone or email.
  • Usually, incoming callers will need to leave a message.
  • The coach will return the call during his or her conference period.
  • Conference periods vary throughout the day.
  • Whenever possible, all calls and emails will be responded to within 24 hours.
  • Appointments can be made during the coach’s conference period.
  • Coaches are only able to discuss your son or daughter with you. Coaches are not be able to discuss other athletes/students with you.
  • All athletes are expected to attend and participate in our scheduled games. If there is a conflict with an outside organization such as select sports, we expect the athlete to attend NRMS games.

Procedure for resolving issues/concerns:

  • Athlete and/or parent needs to talk with that coach first.
  • If conflict is not resolved, athlete and parent should schedule a time to meet with Coach Compton/boys or Coach Catoe/girls.
  • Next step – Make a appointment with Steve Ellis, Principal.
  • Next step – Willa Gipson, Birdville ISD Athletic Director.
  • All North Ridge Athletes must pass all classes each six weeks in order to maintain eligibility. This is a University Interscholastic League rule.
  • If an athlete fails one or more classes during a six week grading period, he/she is ineligible to play for 3 weeks.
  • If the athlete is passing all classes at the 3 week progress reporting time of the next six weeks, he/she will regain eligibility.
  • Although an ineligible athlete is not permitted to play in games during the ineligibility period, the athlete is still required to participate in all practices.
  • Athletic uniforms can be purchased in Athletics for $25.00 a set.
  • Order form is available on the North Ridge website.
  • Every athlete will be dressed in the proper athletic uniform everyday including days when the athlete may not be able to actively participate. No exceptions.
  • Failure to dress out will result in the loss of points toward the athlete’s six weeks grade:
    • 1st No Dress = minus 15 points
    • 2nd No Dress = minus 10 points
    • 3rd No Dress = minus 10 points (Athlete fails the six weeks)
appearance grooming
Appearance & Grooming
  • NRMS athletes are expected be neat and clean in appearance
  • Hair styles are to be kept modest in appearance and not be a distraction
    • Bangs should be above the eyebrow
    • Collar length in the back
    • Over the ears on the sides
  • Male athletes will remove earrings during practice and games
  • Every athlete must have a completed current physical form, signed by a physician and parent, on file prior to being able to compete in any sport activity.
  • Physical forms can be accessed online at

Click on Forms.

  • All Schedules may be accessed on the BISD Athletic webpage or by using the web address below:
  • Individual NRMS sport schedules may be accessed on the NRMS website under Athletics
football practice times
Football Practice Times
  • 7th grade practice /August 29 – September 7
    • On the field at 7:15AM
    • Off the field at 9:00AM
  • 8th grade Practice /August 28 – September 7
    • On the field at 3:15PM
    • Off the field at 5:30PM
football practice times1
Football Practice Times
  • 7th Grade Football practice beginning week of September 10
    • Group A - Tuesday/Thursday @ 7:00AM for agility training
    • Group B – Wednesday/Friday @ 7:00AM for agility training
  • Both groups – Monday through Friday @ 7:30AM on the field
  • 9:00AM– off the field (2nd period begins @ 9:28AM) *A coach will escort athletes who wish to eat breakfast to the cafeteria at 9:15AM.
football practice times2
Football Practice Times
  • 8th Grade Football practice beginning week of September 10
  • Monday - 3:00PM – 3:50PM
  • Tuesday – Game Day
  • Wednesday – Weights /Conditioning & Practice. Practice ends at 5:30PM
  • Thursday – Practice ends at 5:30PM
  • Friday – Practice ends at 5:00PM
game day
Game Day
  • Athletes must be in attendance at school for at least 4 consecutive class periods (UIL)
  • During football and basketball season male athletes are expected to wear dress slacks/dockers and a collared shirt and tie. No jeans on game day. Shirt tails shall be tucked in.
  • During volleyball and basketball season female athletes are expected to wear either skirts, dresses or slacks with appropriate blouses/tops. No jeans on game day.
game day1
Game Day

Bus trips

All athletes will ride the team bus to and from each away game.

In the case of an emergency, a parent may take his/her athlete home from an away game provided that the athlete is signed out with a coach. A roster for parent signatures will be at each game.

game day2
Game Day


  • Please avoid before or after game discussions with coaches. Please schedule an appointment to discuss privately.
  • Food or drinks are not allowed to be brought in at the FAAC, Birdville Stadium, or the W.G. Thomas Coliseum.
  • Please remember to show respect for all game officials.