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DPO7000C Series Oscilloscopes. Feature-rich tools for debugging mixed signal designs. DPO7000C Series Oscilloscopes. Comprehensive Tools Speed Every Stage of Debug. Discover. Capture. Search. Analyze. FastAcq™ provides >250,000 wfm/s waveform capture rate

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Dpo7000c series oscilloscopes

DPO7000C Series Oscilloscopes

Feature-rich tools for debugging mixed signal designs

Comprehensive Tools Speed Every Stage of Debug





  • FastAcq™ provides >250,000 wfm/s waveform capture rate

  • Intensity-graded, color-graded digital phosphor display

  • Pinpoint® triggers, including serial packet content, with optional Visual Trigger

  • 12.5 Mpoint standard record lengths

  • Up to 500 Mpoint optional record lengths

  • FastFrame™ segmented memory acquisitions

  • Advanced Search and Mark to automatically find up to 8 specific events at a time

  • MultiView Zoom™ for quick navigation

  • 53 automated measurements

  • Advanced math

  • Application-specific support, including:

    • Serial bus debug

    • Serial bus compliance

    • Power analysis

    • Jitter analysis

    • Limit/Mask testing

    • RF analysis

A tour of the dpo7000c series
A Tour of the DPO7000C Series

Accessory pouch

12.1 inch XGA Display

Removable HDD and GPIB port on back

4 USB Host, Ethernet portson side

Front Panel,Touch Screen, and Windows User Interface

Windows 7Ultimate 64-bit, Intel Core 2 Duo processor

USB portin front

TekVPI interface

HW clock/datarecovery ports(DPO7254C/7354C only)

Tekvpi tektronix versatile probe interface
TekVPI® – Tektronix Versatile Probe Interface

  • Smart communication between oscilloscope and probe

    • Automatic units displayed

    • Enables simpler deskewing of probes

    • Probe menu on oscilloscope interacts directly with probe

  • Provides more power to probes

    • Enables greater flexibility in probe combinations

    • Enables direct connection to current probes (including ac/dc), differential probes, and single-ended active probes without external amplifiers

Standard passive voltage probing
Standard Passive Voltage Probing

  • P6139B

    • Replaces industry-standard P6139A

    • Same electrical specifications:

      • 500 MHz bandwidth

      • 10X attenuation

      • 10 MΩ, 8pF impedance at the probe tip

    • Common set of accessories (hook tips, spring ground, ground leads, colored marker bands)

  • 4 probes standard with every DPO7000C

Fast easy connectivity
Fast, Easy Connectivity

  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Operating System

    • Remote Desktop support built-in

    • Supports user mode

  • PC connectivity software is included standard

    • Tektronix OpenChoice® Software

      • Fast embedded bus transfers data quickly

      • Excel and Word toolbars automate data transfer from the oscilloscope

    • NI LabVIEW SignalExpress™ Tektronix Edition

  • LXI Class C Compliance

The dpo7000c series oscilloscopes
The DPO7000C Series Oscilloscopes

The DPO7000C Series speeds every stage of debugging your design

Comprehensive Tools Speed Every Stage of Debug





Discover fastacq waveform capture rate and intensity display
DiscoverFastAcq Waveform Capture Rate and Intensity Display

  • Maximum waveform capture rate of >250,000 waveforms per second

    • Finds elusive glitches and other transient events in seconds

  • Intensity grading

    • Temperature, spectral, or monochrome color grading

    • Shows frequency of occurrence for better characterizing failures

    • Intensity grading is preserved when the instrument is stopped for further analysis

Discover glitches and infrequent events in seconds

Capture comprehensive set of triggers
CaptureComprehensive Set of Triggers

  • Pinpoint® Trigger System

    • Provides over 1400 trigger combinations including:

      • Runt

      • Glitch

      • Width

      • Timeout

      • Transition

      • Logic

      • Setup/hold

      • Video

      • Serial and Parallel Bus

    • Trigger accuracy with < 100 fsrmsjitter

  • Optional Serial Triggering

    • Supports I2C, SPI, RS-232/UART, USB 2.0,CAN, LIN, FlexRay, and MIL-STD-1553B

    • NRZ serial pattern and comm triggers

  • Triggers cause acquisition of all channels simultaneously

    • All signals are time-correlated

Event qualified glitch capture

NRZ serial pattern triggering

Capture signal or system anomalies the first time

Capture pinpoint a b sequence triggering
CapturePinpoint A-B Sequence Triggering

  • Pinpoint triggering allows you to specify that a sequence of events occur before triggering

    • “If A-Event,Then delay,Then B-Trigger,Else Reset”

  • Unlike most oscilloscopes, Pinpoint triggering provides full-featured list of B triggers

Capture visual trigger
CaptureVisual Trigger

  • Optional Visual Trigger enables graphical trigger definitions:

    • Qualifies any hardware trigger mode

    • Works with all analog channels

    • Up to 8 areas

    • Draw, move, and scale areas with mouse or touchscreen

    • Multiple shapes:

      • Rectangles

      • Triangles

      • Trapezoids

      • Hexagons

    • Visual Trigger editor customizes trigger logic

  • Application usage

    • Capture sequence of events

    • Burst width triggering

    • Complex eye diagram triggering

    • Custom serial triggering

Visual Trigger isolating a specific burst width of an I2C clock signal

Graphically define triggering to capture complex events

Capture usable long records
CaptureUsable Long Records

  • 12.5 M Record Length Standard on All Channels

    • High-resolution capture

      • Long time spans

      • Extensive signal detail

  • Wave Inspector® controls simplify search and navigation

  • Record Length Options

Long time spans and high resolution

Capture fastframe acquisition
CaptureFastFrame Acquisition

  • Capture multiple infrequent or intermittent events

    • Maintain high resolution over a longer time

  • Segmented memory

    • Each segment contains a triggered event of interest

    • Maximum frame capture rate of >310,000 frames per second

  • Frame Finder

    • Find frames of interest fast

Overlay multiple frames

Extend the time span of capture

Locate and isolate frames quickly

Capture navigating long acquisitions
CaptureNavigating Long Acquisitions

Advanced Search and Mark simplifies search for events

Automatically search for all occurrences within the acquired waveform, up to 8 different events simultaneously

Use arrow buttons to jump from event to event

Results table correlated to waveforms

MultiView Zoom simplifies viewing details in long acquisitions

Provides up to four zoom windows, including zoomon zoom

Horizontal and vertical zoom

Advanced Search and Mark

Search the entire record instantly

MultiView Zoom views up to 4 regions


Analyze standard built in waveform analysis tools
AnalyzeStandardBuilt-in Waveform Analysis Tools

  • 53 automated measurements

    • Period, frequency, phase

    • Rise time, fall time, duty cycle, pulse width

    • Amplitude, overshoot, peak-to-peak

    • RMS

    • And many more

  • Measurement statistics

    • Mean, min, max, std. deviation

  • Advanced waveform math

    • Arithmetic

    • Integrate, differentiate

    • Magnitude and phase FFT

    • Arbitrary equation math

    • User-defined filters

  • Cursors

  • Gating

Simplify analysis of your device

Analyze comprehensive optional analysis capabilities
AnalyzeComprehensive Optional Analysis Capabilities

  • Serial Bus Debug and Characterization/Compliance Test

  • High speed signal integrity measurements

    • Jitter/eye diagram

    • Limit/Mask test

  • Power Analysis

  • Visual Trigger

  • Memory system (DDR) verification and debug

  • SignalVu wideband RF signal analysis

Analyze serial bus triggering and analysis
Analyze Serial Bus Triggering and Analysis

  • Support for common industry standard embedded serial buses

    • I2C, SPI, RS-232/422/485/UART, USB2.0, CAN/LIN/FlexRay, and MIL-STD-1553B

    • Custom1, MIPI D-PHY CSI-2 and DSI-11, 8b/10b1,PCI Express1, Ethernet1

  • Decoded values display in bus waveforms time-aligned with bus signals

    • Decode up to 16 buses simultaneously

  • Event Table display of decoded values

  • Trigger and search on packet level information for industry standard buses

    • Start and End of packet

    • Packet ID

    • Address

    • Data

Speed the debug of serial buses and embedded systems

Note1: Decode only

Analyze jitter eye diagram analysis and power analysis
Analyze Jitter/Eye Diagram Analysis and Power Analysis

  • Jitter/Eye Diagram Analysis

    • Standard DPOJET Essentials

      • Serial data measurement wizard

      • Jitter and timing measurements

      • Measurement trends and histograms

    • Optional DPOJET Advanced (Option DJA)

      • One-touch wizard simplifies setup even more

      • Eye diagram mask testing

      • Pass/fail testing

      • Random/deterministic jitter separation

      • Support for standard-specific compliance test packages such as DDRA and USB

  • Power Analysis (Option PWR)

    • Power device Analysis

    • Magnetics Analysis

    • Input/Output Analysis

    • Report Generation

Analyze serial data compliance test and limit mask test
AnalyzeSerial Data Compliance Test and Limit/Mask Test

  • Serial Compliance Test

    • Option D-PHY: MIPI D-PHY single lane

    • Option ET3: 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T buses

    • Option MOST: MOST50 and MOST150 electrical buses

    • Option USB: Low-speed, Full-speed, High-speed USB2.0 buses

  • Limit Test (Option LT)

    • Compare live signals against known good or “golden” signal with horizontal and vertical tolerances

  • Mask Test (Option MTM)

    • Mask testing on common telecomm and serial standards

    • Statistical results enable characterization of signals

USB 2.0 Compliance Test

Ethernet Compliance Test

Mask Test

Limit Test

Analyze ddr memory bus and rf analysis
AnalyzeDDR Memory Bus and RF Analysis

  • DDR Memory Analysis (Option DDRA)

    • Supports testing of DDR1, DDR2, LPDDR, LPDDR2, GDDR3, DDR3

    • Automatic highlighting of Reads and Writes on the waveform

    • Enhances DPOJET to provide DDR analysis

  • SignalVu Wideband RF Signal Analysis(Options SVE, SVA, SVM, SVO, SVP, and SVT)

    • Integrated RF signal analysis package takes full advantage of oscilloscope capabilities, including full analog bandwidth and Pinpoint™ triggering

    • Supports RF, I and Q, and differential I and Q signals using the oscilloscope's 4 analog inputs

    • Extensive time-correlated, multi-domain displays of wideband RF signals in time, frequency, phase, and amplitude for quicker understanding of cause and effect when troubleshooting

Localization in 9 languages
Localization in 9 Languages

  • Windows 7 Ultimate enables localization of the Windows experience

    • Load local language packs for Windows user interface

  • Translated user manuals

    • English

    • French

    • German

    • Japanese

    • Simplified Chinese

    • Standard Chinese

    • Korean

    • Russian

Standard accessories
Standard Accessories

  • All DPO7000C Oscilloscopes come Standard with:

    • One passive voltage probe per channel

    • User manual (in local language)

    • USB mouse

    • Connectivity and Analysis Software CD (NI LabVIEWTM Signal Express Tektronix Edition)

    • Power cord

    • Protective front cover

    • Accessory bag

    • Certificate of Calibration

    • One year warranty

See the Product Ordering Information at the end of the presentation for more information

Measurement accuracy begins at the probe tip
Measurement Accuracy Begins at the Probe Tip

  • Tektronix offers the industry’s widest range of oscilloscope probes

  • TekVPI® probes feature:

    • Status indicators and controls for degaussing current probes

    • Controls for easy removal of probe offset

    • Remote control through USB, GPIB or Ethernet

TAP Series Active Probes

TDP Series Differential Probes

TCP Series

Current Probes

THDP SeriesHigh Voltage Differential Probes

For a complete listing of probes, visit us at www.tektronix.com/probes

Maintain your oscilloscope at peak performance
Maintain Your Oscilloscope at Peak Performance

  • Silver Care Plan

    • Repair of the product problem

    • Free shipping both ways*

    • Installation of all safety modifications and mandatory reliability modifications

    • Installation of firmware updates

    • Free Factory Certified calibration after each repair

Factory Certified Calibration

  • Full calibration with adjustments

  • Calibration certificate or Certificate of Compliance

  • Free shipping both ways*

  • Installation of all safety modifications and mandatory reliability modifications

  • Installation of firmware updates

  • Available with complete calibration data

  • Standard warranty on all parts and labor, excluding probes

  • Repair and calibration plans are available to extend your coverage

Gold Care Plan

  • Loaner of equal or higher performance during product repair

  • Typical downtime of two days or less

  • Coverage for customer caused ESD/EOS damage

  • Priority access to customer support

  • Free Factory Certified Calibration after repair

  • All the benefits of Silver Care Plan

  • Platinum Care Plan

    • Customized program

    • Provision for uniquely customized products

    • On-site calibration, expedited repairs, dedicated spare parts, priority access to customer support

*Within end-user country

Dpo7000c series ordering information

DPO7000C SeriesOrdering Information

Dpo7000c series options
DPO7000C Series Options

1Available on DPO7254C and DPO7354C only

2 Power bundles available only at time of oscilloscope purchase

Dpo7000c series options1
DPO7000C Series Options

1Available on ≥1 GHz models only

2 Requires opt. SVE

3Requires opt. DJA

Dpo7000c recommended accessories cont
DPO7000C Recommended Accessories (Cont.)

1Requires TPA-BNC TekProbe2 to TekVPI adapter

Floating licenses for dpo7000c series
Floating Licenses for DPO7000C Series

Floating licenses offer an alternative method to manage Tektronix assets. Floating licenses allow license-key-enabled options to be easily moved among MSO/DPO5000, DPO7000, and MSO/DSA/DPO70000 series oscilloscopes.

Floating licenses are available for many license-key-enabled options. To order a floating version of an option license add the “DPOFL-“ prefix to the option name (e.g. DPOFL-ET3).

1 Available on DPO7254C and DPO7354C only

2 Available on ≥1 GHz models only

3 Requires opt. SVE

Tekexpress application framework support for dpo7000c series
TekExpress Application Framework Supportfor DPO7000C Series

The TekExpress Application Framework can be used with the DPO7000C Series products to add several automated compliance solutions. To add these solutions, order the TEKEXP product with the appropriate options.

Dpo up upgrade options for dpo7000c series
DPO-UP Upgrade Options for DPO7000C Series

1Available on DPO7254C and DPO7354C only