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InfiniiVision 7000 Series Oscilloscopes

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InfiniiVision 7000 Series Oscilloscopes. Public Intro: February 25, 2008. Agilent’s Scope Portfolio Including February 2008 Intros . Infiniium. InfiniiVision. DCA-J Series. Handheld & Economy. Engineered for best signal visibility. 90000 Series . 8000 Series. 7000 Series .

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infiniivision 7000 series oscilloscopes

InfiniiVision 7000 Series Oscilloscopes

Public Intro: February 25, 2008

agilent s scope portfolio including february 2008 intros
Agilent’s Scope PortfolioIncluding February 2008 Intros



DCA-J Series

Handheld & Economy

Engineered for best signal visibility

90000 Series

8000 Series

7000 Series

6000 Series

5000 Series





Performance & analysis

fastest growing scope vendor agilent
Fastest Growing Scope Vendor: Agilent
  • "From 2002 to 2006, Agilent grew their share of the oscilloscope market nearly twice the rate of Tektronix.”
    • -Prime Data: Sept 2007 T&M Report
infiniium dsa dso 90000a february 1 intro
Infiniium DSA/DSO 90000AFebruary 1 intro

The world’s deepest acquisition memory (1Gpts) and

the world’s first hardware/software integrated triggering system (InfiniiScan Plus)

Superior Signal Integrity.

Deep Application Analysis.

Better Insight.

THE Industry's…

… Lowest Noise Floor

… Deepest Memory (1Gpts)

… Fastest Hardware Trigger System

… Fastest Off-Load Speed (remote)

… Largest Front-Panel Display

… Fastest measurement speed

agilent infiniivision oscilloscopes 5000 6000 and 7000 series 100mhz 1 ghz

Fast & Responsive (Fast)

Insightful Applications (Smart)

RS232/UART: GP Serial

Segmented: For bursted data

Off-Line Analysis: PC analysis

Power: measurements & analysis

I2C/SPI: it’s everywhere!

CAN/LIN: automotive and more

FlexRay: emerging auto standard

FPGA: Core assisted debug

Special Use: battery, web, secure

ATE: L Series form factor & drivers

VSA: Wide band spectrum analysis

  • Industry’s fastest update rate, 100,000 waveforms/sec
  • Responsive to user inputs
  • See subtle signal details
    • Better view of jitter
    • Superior for modulated signals
  • Capture infrequent events
  • Engineered to be fast even with memory, serial decode or MSO enabled.
Agilent InfiniiVision Oscilloscopes 5000, 6000, and 7000 Series 100MHz – 1 GHz,

Variety of Form Factors (Attractive)

7000 Series: industry’s largest display (12.1” XGA) and small footprint (6.5”).

6000 Series: Traditional rugged form factor. Battery operation for mobile use.

5000 Series: Small and compact for use anywhere

6000L Series: 1U high version for rack-mount applications.

InfiniiVision 7000 SeriesWorld’s best-in-class representation of signals under testFebruary 25 introduction
  • Attractive: 12.1” display, 6.5” depth
  • Fast: up to 100K update rate, with hardware accelerated serial decode
  • Smart: Broad insightful apps including new:
    • RS232/UART
    • Segmented memory
    • Offline Viewing/analysis
    • Power analysis
infiniivision 7000 series
InfiniiVision 7000 Series

Standard 3-year warranty


SW applications (8)

Soft Carrying case


industry comparison 350 mhz 500 mhz 1 ghz
Industry Comparison350 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz
  • 10.4” display with 16 levels of intensity
  • 35K max update rate
    • 125 update rate with digital channels
    • 18 with digital channels & 10Mpts
  • Applications limited to:
    • I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, RS-32/UART, FPGA,
  • WaveInspector

Attractive12.1” display with 256 levels of intensity

Fast- 100K update rate max (with analog, digital, & serial)

Smart-Apps: I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, RS-232/UART, FPGA- Not on Tek 4K: Offline, power, segmented memory, DSO MSO upgrade

measurement comparison 1 analog only
Measurement Comparison #1 – Analog Only

Tek MSO4000

Agilent InfiniiVision MSO7000

Both scopes capture infrequent occurrence, but …

next slide shows what happens when digital channels are turned on.

measurement comparison 1 digital enabled
Measurement Comparison #1 – Digital Enabled

Tek MSO4000

Agilent InfiniiVision MSO7000

Tek MSO longer captures glitch even though we know it is there.

Agilent architecture enables analog, digital and serial with no measurement tradeoffs.

why does this happen
Why Does This Happen?

Acquire time fixed (with constant memory depth and sample rate)

Dead time increases with slower update rates

Acquire time

Processing time (dead time)

Repetitively Repeat

Agilent Architecture

Tek Architecture

Display Memory, Waveform Plotter, Memory Controller, and Acquisition Memory IC

4 Separate ICs

Display Memory

Waveform Plotter

Memory Controller

Acquisition Memory

Single IC optimizes updating of analog, digital and serial info.

Increased inter-chip communication time plus software serial decode means slower update rates

infiniivision waveform update rate
InfiniiVision Waveform Update Rate

1. BEST scope responsiveness and usability

3. BEST scope probability of capturing infrequent events

2. BEST scope display quality and signal representation

oscilloscope measurement comparison
Oscilloscope Measurement Comparison


Display glitch that occurs 25 times per second .





same measurement change timebase 40ns 20ns
Same Measurement: Change Timebase 40ns20ns


Display glitch that occurs 25 times per second .

No Glitch




back to 10kpts add digital mso channels
Back to 10Kpts: Add digital (MSO) Channels

No Glitch



Display glitch that occurs 25 times per second .



same measurement change memory depth
Same Measurement: Change Memory Depth


Display glitch that occurs 25 times per second .

No Glitch




serial decode measurement comparison
Serial Decode Measurement Comparison


Display CAN error frame that occurs once every 50 cycles (2% error rate)


Error Frame

Error Frame

tek mso dpo4000 vs agilent 7000
Tek MSO/DPO4000 vs Agilent 7000
  • Engineered for the BEST signal visibility
  • When zooming in to see the signal closer
  • When deep memory detail is needed
  • When MSO capability is enabled
  • When Serial Decode is desired
  • At first glance, a comparable scope.
  • Compromised update rate impacts signal visibility
infiniivision mso dso7000a
InfiniiVision MSO/DSO7000A

Pricing & Availability:

Intro: February 25, 2008

Starting at $6,950 USD

More info is available at

World’s best in class representation of signals under test.

  • Biggest screen, joins other form factors
  • Fastest update rate in class
    • Responds instantly
    • Captures critical signal detail
    • Catches infrequent events
  • Hardware accelerated serial decode + more apps
infiniivision 7000 series1
InfiniiVision 7000 Series

Smart: Insightful applications.

      • Applications include:
  • Serial Decode/trigger (Industry’s only hardware accelerated serial decode)
    • RS-232/UART
    • I2C & SPI
    • CAN/LIN
    • FlexRay
  • Rapid core-assisted FPGA debug
    • MSO dynamic probe for Xilinx devices
    • MSO dynamic probe for Altera devices
  • InfiniiVision offline analysis
  • Segmented memory
  • Power analysis
  • Vector signal analysis

Page 23


RS-232/UART Support (option 232 or N5457A)

Compatible with all 4-channel InfiniiVision DSOs & MSOs


For: Oscilloscope users who need to trigger on and/or decode RS-232 or other UART serial buses in their designs

  • Support: all InfiniiVision 4-ch models (5000, 6000, & 7000 Series)
  • Product Description: Protocol trigger and hardware-accelerated protocol decode
  • Supports 5000, 6000, & 7000 series
    • Decode in binary, HEX or ASCII
    • Trigger capability on one byte
      • Tx Start Bit, Tx EOP, Tx Data,
      • Rx Start Bit, Rx EOP, Rx Data
      • Parity error
      • Qualified triggering (<, >, =, /=)
    • Real time counters
      • Errors, Rx Packets, Tx Packets

Page 24


I2C and SPI Decode (option LSS or N5423A)

Compatible with all 4-channel InfiniiVision DSOs and MSOs


For: Oscilloscope users who need to decode I2C or SPI serial buses in their designs

[I2C and SPI triggering come standard with all InfiniiVision products.]

  • Support: all InfiniiVision 4-ch models (5000, 6000, & 7000 Series)
  • Product Description: Hardware-accelerated protocol decode for I2C and SPI
  • Supports 5000, 6000, & 7000 series
    • Color-code Decode
    • I2C Triggering
      • Start, Stop, Missing Ack, Restart, EEPROM data read, Frame Read w/ data, Frame write w/data, 2 data bytes
    • SPI Triggering
      • 4- to 32- data pattern
      • Framing on CS or timeout

Page 25


CAN & LIN Trigger & Decode (option AMS or N5424A)

Compatible with all 4-channel InfiniiVision DSOs and MSOs


  • Support: all InfiniiVision 4-ch models (5000, 6000, & 7000 Series)

Decode CAN or LIN serial buses. CAN triggering comes standard with all InfiniiVision products.

  • Product Description: Protocol trigger and hardware-accelerated protocol decode for CAN and LIN
  • Supports 5000, 6000, & 7000 series
    • Trigger capability
      • SOF
      • Remote Frame ID
      • Data Frame ID
      • Data (11 bits or 29 bits)
      • Error Frame
  • Real time counters
      • Errors, Rx Frames, Bus Utilization

Page 26


FlexRay Trigger & Decode (option FRS or N5432A)

Compatible with all InfiniiVision 4+16 MSOs

$3,000 (requires VPT1000 Vehicle Protocol Tester for FlexRay)

Trigger on and decode FlexRay serial buses.

  • Product Description: Protocol trigger and hardware-accelerated protocol decode for FlexRay
  • Supports 6000 & 7000 series
    • Time slot/segment boundaries
    • Triggering:
      • Base/Rep Cycle Filtering
      • Frame ID, Frame Type
      • Time slot/segment
      • Extensive Error Triggering
    • Real time counters
      • Rx Frames, Sync Frames, Null Frames

Page 27

fpga dynamic probe compatible with all infiniivision msos 1 535
FPGA Dynamic ProbeCompatible with all InfiniiVision MSOs$1,535

Rapid debug of systems with Xilinx or Altera FPGAs.

  • Product Description: Rapid FPGA debug using on-chip MUX core.
  • Quickly access internal FPGA signals
  • Access new sets of internal signals in seconds using minimal pins without stopping design or changing device timing.
  • Automated setup MSO
    • Signal & busing naming
    • Threshold level
  • Also supports download of .bit & .sof files.

Connect via USB, LAN or GPIB

Page 28

infiniivision offline analysis b4610a compatible with all infiniivision dsos and msos 500
InfiniiVision Offline Analysis (B4610A)Compatible with all InfiniiVision DSOs and MSOs$500
  • PC-based viewing and analysis of previously acquired scope data
  • Sharing of scope data with remote team members
  • Product Description:
  • PC-based offline viewing and analysis of previously acquired scope data (analog and digital, no serial)
  • Supports 5000, 6000, and 7000 Series
    • Pan/Zoom to view and mark data
    • Advanced searching and filtering
    • Unlimited number of time markers
    • Unlimited number of voltage markers
    • Listing display
    • Rich symbol support

Page 29

segmented memory option sgm or n5454a compatible with all infiniivision dsos and msos 1 250
Segmented Memory (option SGM or N5454A)Compatible with all InfiniiVision DSOs and MSOs$1,250

Bettermemory utilization to capture periods of activity separated by periods of inactivity (laser pulses, radar, serial packet bursts):

  • Product Description: Optimizes memory for data stream that have long dead times between acitivity.
  • Supports 5000, 6000, and 7000 Series
    • Up to 2000 memory segments
    • Trigger condition starts segment acquisiton
    • Displays overlayed segments with current segment highlighted.
    • Works on analog, digital, and serial

Page 30

power measurement application u1881a compatible with all 6000 7000 dsos and msos 1 500
Power Measurement Application (U1881A)Compatible with all 6000 & 7000 DSOs and MSOs$1,500

For: Switching power supply designers, test engineers, application engineers and embedded designers who need to make power analysis measurements.

  • Product Description: Application software that measures, analyzes and reports power supply characteristics.
  • Supports 6000, and 7000 Series
  • Test Suites:
    • Input Line, Switching Device, Output, Modulation Analysis, Deskew
  • Test Modes:
    • Online (scope connected) Offline (scope not connected)

Connect via USB, LAN or GPIB

Page 31

89601a vector signal analysis compatible with all infiniivision 6000 7000 dsos and msos
89601A Vector Signal AnalysisCompatible with all InfiniiVision 6000 & 7000 DSOs and MSOs

Capture and evaluate ultra-wideband signals (i.e. comms, radar, MB-OFDM). Provides flexible extension of scopes ability to digitize wide bandwidth signals with industry-standard RF analysis tool.

  • Product Description: 89601A DSP-based software takes the digitized signal data provided by the scope and
  • Wide bandwidth digital modulation analysis
    • WCDMA, CDMA2000, etc
  • Wireless networking signals like
    • 802.11 WiFi and 802.16 WiMax, etc.
  • Wireless personal area networks like
    • certified wireless USB, Bluetooth, RFID.

Uses continual direct connection via USB or LAN

Page 32

  • 10073C passive probes ship with all InfiniiVision 7000 models
  • Optional probes
        • High bandwidth active probes (also support differential signals)
        • High-voltage probes
        • Current probes

Page 33

1 ghz system bandwidth scope probe compatible with all dso mso 710x models
1 GHz System Bandwidth (Scope + Probe)Compatible with all DSO/MSO 710x Models
  • 1130A InfiniiMax 1.5 GHz differential active probe
  • 1156A 1.5 GHz single-ended active probe


  • Faithful reproduction of signal
  • Flat frequency response
  • Wide dynamic range
  • 1130A modular probe architecture
  • Automatic probe sense and probe power enabled by AutoProbe interface
  • Extreme temperature measurement @-55 to 150 degC with 113xA and N5450A extension cable

Page 34

n2780a series ac dc current probes
N2780A Series AC/DC Current Probes
  • Various bandwidths: DC to 2MHz, 10MHz, 50MHz, 100MHz
  • DC and AC measurements
  • Superior 1% accuracy, high S/N ratio and flat frequency response for accurate and reliable current measurements
  • Direct connection to high impedance BNC input of oscilloscope
  • External power supply N2779A lets you connect up to three N278xAs to a single power supply
  • Applications: SMPS, motor drive, electronic ballast, line power etc

Page 35

rolling dice and the laws of probability

= 100 x (1 – P1N), where...

P1 = Probability/100 of NOT obtaining a specific

die side after 1 roll

PN = 100 x (1 – [(S-1)/S]N)

Rolling Dice and the Laws of Probability

PN = Probability of obtaining a specific

die side after N rolls

= (S-1)/S,where S = number of sides on the die


What is the probability of obtaining at least one “6” if you roll a 6-sided die 6 times?

Answer: P6 = 100 x (1 – [5/6]6)= 67%

glitch capture probability examples
Glitch Capture Probability Examples
  • R = 100 anomalous events per second
  • W = 50 nanosecond display window (10 div x 5 ns/div)
  • t = 5 second observation time
  • then S = 1/RW = 200,000
  • Pt = 100 x (1 – [(S-1)/S]N = 100 x (1-[199,999/200,000]N)

200,000 sided die

Example #2:

Update rate = 100 waveforms/sec

N = U x t = 500

P5s = 100 x (1-[199,999/200,000]500)

P5sec = 0.25%

Example #1:

Update rate = 100,000 waveforms/sec

N = U x t = 500,000

P5s = 100 x (1-[199,999/200,000]500,000)

P5sec = 91.8%

Page 38

capturing random infrequent events on an oscilloscope is analogous to rolling dice
Capturing random/infrequent events on an oscilloscope is analogous to rolling dice!

Oscilloscope Capture Probabilities

S = Inverse of anomalous event rate (R)

relative to display window (W), where...

W = Timebase setting x 10, then...

S = 1/(RW)

N = Number of acquisitions in a given amount of time (t)

= U x t, where U = scope update rate and t = observation time

Pt = Probability of capturing anomaly in “t” seconds

= 100 x (1 – [(S-1)/S]N) = 100 x (1 –[1-RW](U x t))

Page 39

fast update rates are critical to finding elusive problems

Agilent MSO7054A, 8Mpts opt.





Waveforms per second


Tek MSO4054A, 10Mpts










Time base setting

Fast Update Rates Are Critical to Finding Elusive Problems

Page 40

industry leading advantages for rapid test debug
Industry-leading Advantages for Rapid Test/Debug
  • Biggest display
  • Fastest update rate
  • Broadest suite of applications

7000 Series


infiniivision 7000 series2
InfiniiVision 7000 Series

Attractive: Big display. Small footprint.

  • 6.5” depth
  • 12.1” display
  • 13 pounds
  • Industry’s largest screen - 40% greater than Tek or LeCroy
  • Displays up to 20 channels simultaneously with serial protocol
  • Shows analog, digital and serial signals better – in one instrument.

Page 43

infiniivision 7000 series3
InfiniiVision 7000 Series

Fast: Fast and Responsive

  • Fastest uncompromised update rate on the market –Up to 100K waveform acquisitions per second
  • Incorporates MegaZoom III technology blocks
  • Responsive front panel
  • Shows critical signal detail and infrequent events that other scopes miss

Page 44

more than a decade ago agilent introduced the industry s first mixed signal oscilloscope
More than a decade ago, Agilent introduced the industry’s first mixed signal oscilloscope.

Generation 3

Generation 2


Generation 1





Today we’re excited to introduce our 3rd+ generation MSO technology.

Page 45

infiniivision 7000 series4
InfiniiVision 7000 Series

Attractive: 6.5” depth with 12.1” display

  • Anti-tip mechanical design
  • Whisper quiet operation (10 dBa)
  • USB, LAN, XGA video out connectivity

Fast: Incorporates MegaZoom III technology blocks

  • Responsive front panel
  • Up to 100K acquisitions per second waveform update rate

Smart: Applications for rapid insight

  • New ones include: RS-232/UART, segmented memory, offline analysis, power analysis

Page 46

infiniivision 5000 series enhancements
InfiniiVision 5000 Series Enhancements

New applications

  • Ver 5.0 SW release Feb 25
    • serial triggering and decode
        • I2C
        • SPI
        • RS-232/UART
        • CAN
        • LIN
    • PC-hosted offline viewing and analysis
  • Ver 5.1 SW release ~April 1
      • Segmented memory

Page 49

infiniivision 6000 series enhancements
InfiniiVision 6000 Series Enhancements
  • 3 year standard warranty (new units as of March 1, 2008)
  • 8Mpts standard memory (new units as of March 1, 2008)
  • 4 new software application
      • Ver 5.0 SW release Feb 25
        • RS-232/UART serial triggering and decode
        • PC-hosted offline viewing and analysis
      • Ver 5.1 SW release ~April 1
        • Segmented memory
        • Power measurements and analysis

Page 50