you can avoid the rain weather tips for biking l.
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You Can Avoid the Rain! Weather Tips for Biking PowerPoint Presentation
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You Can Avoid the Rain! Weather Tips for Biking

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You Can Avoid the Rain! Weather Tips for Biking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You Can Avoid the Rain! Weather Tips for Biking. There are a number of approaches to dealing with this problem. Or the traditional approach…. Rain Jacket, Rain Pants, Booties, etc. Or in the worst case…. But there is another approach. Weather Radar!. NWS Doppler Radar.

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Weather Radar!

NWS Doppler Radar

weather radar can change your biking life
Weather Radar Can Change Your Biking Life!
  • Since the National Weather Service put the weather radar in during the early 90s, I rarely get seriously soaked!
  • With a little knowledge of NW precipitation and weather radar, you can protect yourself too.
weather radar 101
Weather Radar 101
  • Modern weather radars can see precipitation is falling
  • Can also tell the intensity of the rainfall
  • Doppler radars can also determine the air velocity
  • Radars can track storms, fronts, and other major features
  • An essential tool for the National Weather Service and other meteorologists.