the eco certification scheme
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The Eco certification Scheme

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The Eco certification Scheme - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Eco certification Scheme. Product Planning & Development Directorate Malta Tourism Authority 2 nd May 2003. 1. Eco Labels in the EU. 2. From Alcudia to Malta . 3. Methodology. 4. The Maltese Scheme. 5. The process . 6. The set up. 7. Continous Improvement Process.

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the eco certification scheme

The Eco certification Scheme

Product Planning & Development Directorate

Malta Tourism Authority

2nd May 2003

1. Eco Labels in the EU

2. From Alcudia to Malta

3. Methodology

4. The Maltese Scheme

5. The process

6. The set up

7. Continous Improvement Process

From Alcudia to Malta

Criteria of Alcudia

First review

First test in 12 Maltese hotels

403 guests survey in Malta


Final version

  • A questionnaire with 134 standards was used to evaluate the hotel environmental performance.
  • A semi structured questionnaire was used to discuss issues related to the eco-certification implementation..
  • The GM, the F&B manager and the engineer were present at differents stage of the interview.
First test in 12 hotels: positive findings
  • The eco-certification initiative has been seen as a realistic and profitable tool to implement.
  • The questionnaire has been seen as a valuable tool to reduce operating costs in energy, water and waste.
  • The eco-certification process has been seen as a very good opportunity to raise environmental awareness among employees.
  • Benchmarking with others hotels, especially with hotels from abroad, appreciated options.
  • Information on legal and government environmental initiatives has been identified as an urgent need.
  • There is no relevant difference between hotel categories.
First test in 12 hotels: negative findings
  • The Environmental Management System has performed very low, which confirms the early stage in the awareness phase.
  • There are issues in waste management that improve environmental management
  • Information to guests has performed very low which confirm the low level of management awareness.
  • The guest environmental awareness is not a management priority.
“A guest questionnaire was conducted with a view to evaluate perceptions on tourism and the environment”
In the near future, more and more tourists would prefer hotels which take measures to protect the environment
“Eco certified accommodation could determine the choice of hotels and possibly even the choice of the destination”
“The Eco certification scheme is one of a number of initiatives undertaken by MTA in conjunction with Eco tourism year”
the scheme
The Scheme
  • Voluntary Scheme targeting the tourism accommodation sector
  • 130 compulsory and voluntary criteria based on an established model adopted in the Balearic Islands
  • Accreditation awarded to hotelsfulfilling 65% of the criteria
Obtaining the eco-certification in year 1
  • Hotels must fulfill the 44 compulsory criteria and a minimum of 50% of the 130 criteria.
  • One employee has to attend a one day training session and pass the exam.
  • The management has to abide to the Green Policy as established by the Green Commission.

44 Compulsory

86 Recommended


Step 1:- Designation of coordinator for the project

Step 2:-Self-assessment to ensure hotel meets criteria

Step 3:- Application once required criteria are fulfilled

Step 4:- Independent audit carried out and improvement plan developed

Step 5:- Eco-Certification awarded for 1 year and Continuous Improvement Process begins

Step 6:- On-going improvement, as well as audit and re- application on a yearly basis


From Good Practices to ... ISO 14000

Time and resources


Worlwide recognition

Worlwide marketing

Accreditaded third party to audit

International Standard Orgnaization

Document managemnt

Green suppliers

Internal Audits

Legal compliance


Third Party audits

Third party criteria


Marketing support

Technical support

Continuous Improvement

Best practices

Good Will



The Set up

Knowledge base




EMS software



Green Commission

Life event







Quarterly meeting

We will help hotels to set-up realistic targets and support them to achieve them at the lowest cost through the Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement Process
  • Hotel coordinators will receive training on CIP tools
  • Certified hotels will receive a software to assist them
  • Each certified hotels will organize a monthly internal meeting
  • All ceritifed hotels will meet quaterly to share knowledge
  • Certified hotels will set up a environmental scorecard
  • Hotels will be able to benchnmark on a national and international level
Thank you

Patrick Grixti


Tourism Service Providers

Malta Tourism Authority

[email protected]