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  1. Overview 1. How is mystery shopping valuable to me? 2. How to use the data. 3. Levels of service: -Online -Email -Traditional -Tailor Made 4. Reporting. 5. E-Comment cards. 6. On-line surveys/Focus groups.

  2. How Is Mystery Shopping Valuable To My Company With mystery shopping, the benefits will continue to accrue long after the program has begun. • It is less expensive to keep existing customers than to get new ones. • With mystery shopping, you will receive an unbiased appraisal of your companies strengths and weaknesses as seen through the eyes of a typical customer. • By using NSSN, you incur no payroll, FICA or liability insurance costs as well as no on-site audit expenses.

  3. How To Use The Data • Support Documentation for Employee Integrity Issues (Awards, Hiring, Training, Promotions, Discipline) • Resource Allocation • Incentive Programs • Improving Customer Service • Quality Control

  4. Levels of Service Online • Ideal for geographically disbursed companies • Reports are filed online • Clients can access information 24/7 • Integrated analysis available for high volume comparisons • Scored reports available

  5. Levels of Service Email • Ideal for companies with moderate requirements • Reports attached to email • Scored reports available • Forms can be formatted using MS Word, Text or PDF

  6. Levels of Service Traditional • Ideal for companies located near the Denver Metropolitan area • Shoppers contacted for assignments via mail or fax • Reports are hand-written by shoppers • Clients receive reports via fax or mail • All clients will have their own personal coordinator

  7. Levels of Service Tailor Made • NSSN will design a program specifically targeted to produce benefits in the areas you need most • You may use your own form online • Your information is available in a variety of forms • Your program may evolve and change as your company’s mystery shopping needs change

  8. Reporting NSSN offers a variety of standard reports and can also use your existing reports to track and analyze data • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually • Receive your reports online, in email attachments, fax or postal mail • Your reports may evolve and change as your data requirements change

  9. E-Comment Program • Customers see the logo and web address displayed prominently in your store • After the visit the customer logs on to the web address and files a short report • You are able to view the data securely online, or may have the data mailed to you • Simple and very inexpensive

  10. Online Surveys/Focus Groups NSSN has 150,000 + Internet savvy shoppers registered in our private online database • NSSN is able to filter our shopper database to create a survey based on your target audience. (age, gender, location, income level, children, etc…) • Focus groups are facilitated using inter-active web and teleconference technology

  11. Contact Information Because each company has their own individual needs, we encourage potential clients to contact us so we can provide a proposal and discuss a program that fits your needs. Click now to contact us