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Academic Improvement Plans 2010-11 PowerPoint Presentation
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Academic Improvement Plans 2010-11

Academic Improvement Plans 2010-11

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Academic Improvement Plans 2010-11

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  1. Academic Improvement Plans 2010-11 A Review Legal and district requirements How to complete the web based processes

  2. Review The Academic Improvement Plan Based on Retention and Promotion Law Also known as The New Mexico School Reform Act Outlined in Handout

  3. The AIP Process 2010-11 • Web based continues to include: • Data driven into the AIP form by RDA • All cells open for teacher based entry • Drop down menus for limited response entry • Open cells and drop down menus to meet RTI requirements • Help balloons

  4. The AIP Process 2010-11 • Web based continues to include: • Programmed checks to limit substandard or lost AIPs (date, interventions, closing form) • SAT EOY decision making • The system is class based for teachers; school based for administration • System talks to Lawson, SchoolMax, DRA websites

  5. Additional AIP Web Changes 2010-11 • AIP Flags • Not written • No progress on interventions • RTI elements • Progress monitoring • Institutional Level Interventions • By grade by content • By classroom by content • By selected student group by content

  6. The AIP Process 2010-11 • AIP eligibility criteria changed by state last year • Prior eligibility based on students “not proficient” • New eligibility based on students in beginning steps

  7. The AIP Process 2010-11 • 1st grade AIP eligibility • Concerns regarding KDPR alignment to state standards credible • 1st grade eligibility will be determined by the Fall 2009-10 DRA results • Beginning steps

  8. The AIP Process 2010-11 • Intervention/documentation elements added to the website to support interventions for not AIP eligible students • Classroom Intervention Plans (CIPs) • Can include reading and math for not AIP eligible students • Can include interventions for other content areas • Can include interventions for behaviors

  9. The AIP Process 2010-11 • EDL Established as Default Criteria • Spanish literate students over-identified for AIP eligibility • Website now places default priority to any testing identified as EDL through grade 5 • This allows literacy to be the determining factor – not English literacy.

  10. The AIP Process 2010-11 • You • Instructional Coaches are primary resource for educating • Teachers • Principals • Others involved in AIP/SAT/RtI process

  11. Academic Improvement Plans 2010-11 Website Changes & Updates

  12. Logon Screen Enter Employee # + Last 4 SSN

  13. New Features: AIP Dashboard New Legend Interventions: AIP CIP SAT 504 Assessments: DRA/EDL KDPR Alt.

  14. Interventions: Entering AIP’s Interventions: Indicates student is eligible, AIP not started for Reading and/or Math

  15. Interventions: Entering AIP’s AIP’s: Floating Navigation and Reference links AIP’s: Link to Student List AIP’s: Pre-populated Student Information AIP’s: Eligible, not started AIP’s: Indicate choices in pull-down menus AIP’s: Parent Contact information simplified; can include notes

  16. Interventions: Entering AIP’s Select blue circle to edit AIP or CIP

  17. Interventions: Entering AIP’s Indicates AIP in -progress

  18. Interventions: Entering AIP’s AIP’s: Qualifying Scores and Assessments AIP’s: Assessment data for all testing windows AIP’s: Floating Navigation and Reference links AIP’s: Save button.. important!!

  19. Interventions: Entering AIP’s AIP’s: Floating Navigation and Reference links AIP’s: 3 Intervention- Maximum for Math and/or Reading AIP’s: Pop-ups assist in navigation AIP’s: NM Standards & Benchmarks AIP’s: Link to examples of interventions

  20. Interventions: Progress Monitoring Progress Monitoring: Teacher enters information for each intervention Progress Monitoring: Select intervention decision from drop-down Progress Monitoring: Indicate close of intervention-green check will appear in student list Progress Monitoring: Chart indicates progress as data points are entered Progress Monitoring: Save AIP! Very important!

  21. Interventions: SAT & EOY SAT Designations & EOY

  22. Interventions: Classroom Improvement Plan CIP’s: Available to all students for Math, Reading, Behavior Select blue circle to edit AIP or CIP; or indicates 504 in-progress

  23. Assessments: DRA/EDL, KDPR, Alt. Indicates score to be entered. Indicates score entered successfully. Indicates not applicable to student.

  24. Interventions & Assessments Status Summary of counts of students by intervention & assessment status

  25. AIP Site Open Date to be announced Elementary School Principal Workshop:October 7th Accountability Coordinators Russ Romans Stephanie Homan