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Academic Year 2010/11 Blanket Postings PowerPoint Presentation
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Academic Year 2010/11 Blanket Postings

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Academic Year 2010/11 Blanket Postings

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  1. Academic Year 2010/11 Blanket Postings

  2. AY 10/11 Blanket Requisitions:P&A Instructional and Term Faculty On JUNE 30, 2010 all 09/10 blankets will be automatically “Removed From the Web”: no further applicants may apply Statuses for all applicants who applied to a blanket posting must be changed accordingly. All applicant statuses must be “inactive” in order to close or cancel the posting. CLOSE: Hire(s) made CANCEL: No Hire(s) Made Summer 2010 hires must be made on the 09/10 blanket before closing or cancelling the posting.

  3. Transitions

  4. Applicants may be moved from 09/10 posting to 10/11 posting Applicants may be moved between postings (from z-term to b-term postings and vice versa) Applicants must be notified, approve, and be given opportunity to update application materials prior to moving application materials See draft language at end of presentation “Create From Previous”: 09/10 posting must be closed or cancelled in order to use this function “Create From Template”: 10/11 posting does not need to be closed or cancelled, cut/paste from 09/10 09/10 to 10/11 Transitions

  5. Job Postings

  6. AY 10/11 Blanket Requisitions:P&A Instructional 10/11 Blankets Postings Must Be Term Specific: • Z-Term Blankets are required for every department • B-Term Blankets are required for every department • Targeted/Position Specific Positions (As Needed) **Applicants applying for B-Term appointments cannot be hired using Z-Term postings and vice versa. **Emergency situations do arise, if you have a Z-term blanket already posted, it will provide more timely hiring if such a need occurs.

  7. AY 10/11 Blanket Requisitions:P&A Instructional When must applicants apply to a blanket posting? • Former employees whose appointments have been terminated • If hired on a Z-term blanket and position is B-term or vice versa • Can be moved from 09/10 to 10/11 with applicant permission • Not applicable for past hires (if hired on a z-term previously, must apply for a b-term) • New employees, have never applied to a posting (no record found, one-time exceptions)

  8. Collegiate Approvals

  9. Collegiate Approvals Collegiate approval process and hiring pause still in effect Collegiate Approval NEEDED: • Offers made to newor terminated former employees hired on above listed blanket postings • Requests to post for targeted positions (Post) • Subsequent offers made to new or terminated employees for targeted positions (Offer)

  10. Position Management

  11. Position ManagementP&A Instructional Separate & Distinct Positions Are Needed: • B-Term • Z-Term • S-Term For each of the Job Codes: • Lecturer • Teaching Specialist • Senior Lecturer • Senior Teaching Specialist • Will continue to pool as appropriate • The NOTES Section of each Job Posting will list position numbers

  12. Required Hiring Documentation

  13. AHA’s & Draft Offer Letters • AHA’s may be required (See following charts) • Draft offer letters are required by CLA HR for ALL academic offers (P&A and Faculty); regardless of any previous appointments held. • Signed offer letters are required by CLA Payroll. Use P&A offer letter available on CLA HR website • AHA’s are reviewed by the Instructional Appointments Group • CLA Human Resources Folder available on Projects Drive (P:)

  14. P&A Instructional AppointmentsCLA Required Hiring Documentation

  15. Term FacultyRequired Hiring Documentation


  17. Contacts: Gayle Gabrielski, Millie Reid, or TiharaChadwick • Employment System Training available by CLA HR by request • PowerPoint Presentation on the CLA HR website • Questions


  19. Applicants who applied to 09/10 Blankets Must Apply for 10/11 Blankets to be considered(Draft Language) TO: 2009/2010 Applicants for Instructional and Term Faculty positions in (Department) (Department) is in the process of closing out the 2009/2010 U of M Employment posting for Instructional and Term Faculty positions. Thank you for your application during the past academic year. New instructional appointment searches are conducted each year and these are now available on the UM Employment website at If you meet the required qualifications and are interested in being considered for a position during the 2010/11 academic year, please apply through the UM Employment system at 2010/11 requisition (job posting) numbers for (Department) are as follows: (9903) Instructional (Non-Faculty) Teaching Series 2010/11 Teaching Specialists or Lecturers: (Department) Requisition Number: xxxxxx (9902) Term Faculty Series 2010/11 Term Faculty Series: (Department) Requisition Number: xxxxxx Applications will not be acknowledged upon receipt but will be reviewed if such openings occur within these position categories during the academic year. Thank you for your interest in the academic mission of (Department).