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Welcome to 3rd Grade Curriculum Night PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to 3rd Grade Curriculum Night

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Welcome to 3rd Grade Curriculum Night

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  1. Welcome to 3rd Grade Curriculum Night

  2. 3rd Grade Team: Mrs. Dameron Mrs. Giesler Mrs. Huling Mrs. May Ms. Miller Mrs. Smith

  3. Transitional year • Switch classes • Letter grades/report cards • Parent Assistant • Skills, Comprehension, MSL, Formative, Summative tests

  4. Field Trips: • NC Zoo- October • Rural Hill • Children’s Theater- Jan.16

  5. Opportunities for 3rd Graders: • Odyssey of the Mind • Running Club, Book Club, Chess Club • Science Fair • Research Projects • Students will have opportunities to enhance public speaking through class activities and projects • Accelerated Reader will be widely used – so READ! READ! READ!

  6. First Quarter Math Focus: • Place Value • Geometry • Computation • Problem Solving

  7. First Quarter Reading Focus: • Imagine It! Unit: Friendship • Asking Questions • Summarizing • Cause and Effect • Visualizing • Drawing Conclusions • Predicting • Sequencing • Author’s Purpose & Point of View • Writing Focus: • Paragraphs, Friendly letters, Fantasies

  8. First Quarter Science Focus: • Scientific Method, Matter, Energy First Quarter Social Studies Focus: • Citizenship

  9. Parent Assistant: • View your child’s attendance, • grades, and other • important information- see Mrs.Davis for assistance • Attend a Parent University workshop for useful tips or visit the CMS website under the Parent Assistant link

  10. CMS Grading ScaleA 100-93B 92-85C 84- 77D 76-70F 69 and below

  11. Classroom Rules: • Raise your hand to speak. • Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Respect people’s space and property. • Keep your work area neat and clean. • Be prepared: books, pencils, paper, homework, agenda, nametag. • Be quiet in the halls. • Use table manners and low voices in the cafeteria.

  12. Classroom Consequences: Verbal warning. Loss of privilege. Teacher writes in planner. Parent contact. Meeting with principal, teacher, child, and parent.

  13. Homework Homework is listed on the board daily. It is the student’s responsibility to copy these assignments in their planners daily. Students should not be spending hours on homework. As a parent you need to take an honest look at what your child is doing. Is your child REALLY working or are they daydreaming, doodling or playing? Explain to your child that their only job at that time is doing their homework. Parents should check planners DAILY for notes and homework assignments. Students should have literacy (30 minutes reading), weekly spelling, and math homework (Excel and/or math sheet) nightly.

  14. Cafeteria Notes: • Birthdays/Class Parties- Must be store- bought so label can be read! • PAYPAMS- • Make payments using credit or debit card • Monitor your child’s purchases • Schedule automatic payments based on • meal balance • Receive email notification of balance • Available through HES’s homepage

  15. Missing Work Policy If a student is out due to illness, it is their responsibility to get their missing assignments. If a student is absent from school, they have one day for every absence to make up work. Any work later than this will not be accepted. Projects When projects or long-term assignments are assigned, parents and children need to set up a project completion schedule that will work for you both. Consider how many days are given to complete the task. What other obligations outside of school are you involved in? (sports, church, scouts, etc.) Create a timeline to complete the task. This way your child will not wait until the last minute to complete a two week assignment or project.

  16. Grade Level Notes: • Thursday Folders- Please check each week for important information! • We encourage you to set an early, consistent bedtime. • Students are expected to put their names on their work. • Science Fair- Grade counts 3 times, several pages of information including key dates are in the planner • Absences- Email marsha.davis@cms.k12.nc.us an absence excuse or send a note in to the teacher that will then be sent to the office (info in the planner)

  17. TardiesThe School Leadership Team at HES has developed the following Tardy/Early Dismissal Policy… THREE tardies/early dismissals Student is ineligible for perfect attendance award.FIVE tardies/early dismissals A letter requiring parent signature will be sent home.TEN tardies/early dismissals Parents will receive notification and students will forfeit attendance at a Buddy Program.FIFTEEN tardies/early dismissals Parents are required to attend a conference.BEYOND FIFTEEN tardies/early dismissals Students will receive DETENTION in the form of silent lunch and loss of recess for EACH additional tardy/dismissal. This combined time will be spent with a grade level teacher completing missed work.

  18. Tardies Cont…Each month, students who have ZERO tardies or early dismissals may celebrate their accomplishment with HAT DAY! The students will be permitted to wear their favorite hat to school on the last day of each month. Parents can ensure their student will not be tardy by sending them on the bus. Bus riders are never counted tardy!

  19. Thank you for coming! If you have further questions, please contact your child’s teacher via email or by calling the school. Huntersville Elementary Phone: 980- 343-3835 Give us time to walk from learning cottage to main building Wiki Mrs. Dameron – email malindad.dameron@cms.k12.nc.us Mrs. Giesler-email bethanya.giesler@cms.k12.nc.us Mrs. Huling email doreen.huling@cms.k12.nc.us Mrs. May email jocelyn.may@cms.k12.nc.us Ms. Miller email kristy.miller@cms.k12.nc.us Mrs. Smith email terry.smith@cms.k12.nc.us 1 CONFERENCE per child will be held at the end of the first quarter or upon teacher/ parent request.