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Internet Bank Product Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Internet Bank Product Presentation

Internet Bank Product Presentation

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Internet Bank Product Presentation

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  1. Processes drive businesses, We drive processes Internet Bank Product Presentation

  2. Brief Information • Established in 1997 by software development and banking professionals • Microsoft Certified Partner since August, 2007 • The largest banking software developer company on Georgian market • Providing complete solutions including GAP analysis, data migration, full customization and addition consultancy + development services

  3. Partner Banks:

  4. Partner Microfinance Organizations: Other Partners and Clients: • Alta Computers – one of the largest computer companies in Georgia • AGMO (Association of Georgian Microfinance Organizations) • Geodesy and Cartography Division of the Ministry of Protection of Environment and Natural Resources • Delegation of the European Commission to Georgia

  5. Our Solutions:

  6. Internet Bank • Alta Software internet banking product is based upon .NET technology and uses AJAX framework. • The internet bank is a light-weight scalable solution open for further development and reflection of more and more complicated business processes. The solution won the Best B2B (Business to Business) Solution award at GITI (Georgian IT Innovations) Award in 2008. • The internet bank uses up-to-date security mechanisms to facilitate secure connection and prevent loss of information. • Additional security mechanisms like DigiPass or other similar technology can be easily integrated into the internet bank.

  7. Why Our Internet Bank? • The internet bank has low hardware requirements both on bank and end user sides. • User friendly interface can be easily redesigned according to the bank needs (bank logo, etc). • Internet bank is a complete, easy-to-deploy and maintain solution offering flexible prices based upon the organization needs and scope of activities. • New functionality and developments can be easily reflected in the system.

  8. Internet Bank Structure • Internet Bank has two parts: User Side and Administration. • Use side is a web application with user-friendly interface and menu, which is arranged according to unified and easy-to-understand logic. Many functions have similar menus. • Administration is a web application as well. As a result, internet bank maintenance and configuration does not require complex programming actions – every function and setting is arranged in panels, menus and dialogue boxes.

  9. Internet Bank, User Side

  10. Internet Bank, Administration

  11. Internet Bank, User Side, Home Page • After the entry into internet bank, brief information on accounts and balance is displayed in the middle upper part of the home page, while last ten transactions are shown in the middle lower part of the window. • The left side drop-down menu consists of the four major panels: information, cards, operations, credits, deposits, administration. Each panel contains specific options related to the precise panel. The detailed functionality is displayed after clicking the appropriate panel. • The right side menu is arranged according to the last actions performed by the user. These actions could be: Accounts, Transfers, Transfer to Own Account, Transactions History.

  12. Internet Bank, User Side, Menus • The user sees and performs actions according to the permission policy of the bank configured from the Administration part. • If the bank needs to reflect additional functions and processes in the internet bank, new functionality can be easily added and integrated into the system. • The bank user has full control over all accounts and transactions.

  13. Internet Bank, Administration, Home Page Administration home page displays four main drop down panels in the right hand part of the page. These panels are: Information, Bank Admin, Logs and Change password. The navigation through panels and menus is identical to those in the User Side.

  14. Internet Bank, Summary • We offer safe, secure and effective internet banking service. • Our solution facilitates bank users with permanents access to their accounts 24 hours a day – from anywhere in the world. • Administration part enables the bank to easily manage the internet bank solution. The web application layout and standardized interface makes the maintenance of the solution a child’s game.

  15. Thank You for Your Interest in Our Product