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Google Tips for Searching the World Wide Web. Search Shortcuts. 14 January 2014 Slides at: Syllabus. Tips for Searching the Internet Instructor: Currie Colket Phone : Google Search for: colket 941

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Search shortcuts

Google Tips for Searching the World Wide Web


14 January 2014

Slides at:


Tips for Searching the Internet

Instructor: Currie Colket Phone: Google Search for: colket 941

Classes 1:00 PM to 2:20 PM Lifelong Learning Academy: University of South Florida

7 January– Overview of Internet, Static & Dynamic Searches

14 January – Search Shortcuts; Advanced Static Searches

21 January – Google Magic; Google Books; Google Scholar;

28 January – Searching Images (Photos); Videos; Maps; Google Earth

4 February – Virtual Travel; Downloading; Safety & Security;

11 February – No Class

18 February – Dynamic Databases; Archive Grid;

25 February – Searching Translations; Researching in other languages

Slides at:

Google shortcuts
Google Shortcuts

  • Search shortcuts to facilitate common searches

  • Such things as:

  • Weather

  • Area Codes/Phone Numbers

  • Dictionary Definitions

  • Stock Quotes

  • Sports Scores

  • Sunrise/Sunset

  • Places/Maps

  • Restaurants

  • Questions (Fill in the Blank)

  • World Time

  • Conversions

  • Calculator

  • Synonym Searches

  • Movie Show Times

  • Health Conditions

  • Medications

  • Poison Control

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Airport Status

  • Flight Status

  • Tracking Numbers

  • Patent Numbers

  • Earthquakes

  • Public Data

  • Many, many more

Google shortcuts places
Google ShortcutsPlaces


Simply enter Zip Code or Town Name

Google shortcuts weather
Google ShortcutsWeather

34205 Weather

Simply enter Zip Code or Town Name

And the word “Weather”

Google shortcuts restaurants
Google ShortcutsRestaurants

34205 Pizza

Simply enter Zip Code or

Town Name and the

type of food

Google shortcuts time anywhere in the world
Google ShortcutsTime Anywhere in the World

Time London

Simply enter “Time” and Town Name

Google shortcuts stock quotes
Google ShortcutsStock Quotes


Simply enter Ticker Name

Go to “Google Finance” for more info

Google shortcuts sport scores 1
Google ShortcutsSport Scores - 1

Tampa Bay Rays

Simply enter Team Name

Enabled for:

National Football League,

National Basketball Association

National Hockey League, and

Major League Baseball

Google shortcuts sport scores 2
Google ShortcutsSport Scores - 2

Google shortcuts sunrise sunset
Google ShortcutsSunrise/Sunset

Simply enter Sunrise or Sunset

Google shortcuts calculator
Google ShortcutsCalculator

5*9+(sqrt 10)^3=

  • Simply enter Formula

  • Notes:

  • Help on Calculator

  • Option to search on formula

Google shortcuts unit conversion
Google ShortcutsUnit Conversion

10.5 cm in inches

Simply identify

From units “in” to units

Google shortcuts cooking conversions
Google ShortcutsCooking Conversions

2 cups in ounces

Simply identify

From units and to units

Google shortcuts currency conversion
Google ShortcutsCurrency Conversion

20.00 USD in EURO

Simply identify

From currency “in” to currency

Google shortcuts synonym search
Google ShortcutsSynonym Search

~ fast food

Use ~ in front of terms

~ fast food = 219,000,000 hits

fast food = 164,000,000 hits

“fast food” = 71,100,000

Google shortcuts dictionary definitions
Google ShortcutsDictionary Definitions

Define: dictionary

Use “Define:”

Google shortcuts movie show times
Google ShortcutsMovie Show times

Movies 34205

Enter “Movies” + Zip Code

Google shortcuts health conditions
Google ShortcutsHealth Conditions

Enter “major disease”

Beginning of Expert Summary

Google shortcuts medications
Google ShortcutsMedications

Enter “medicine”

First Return Provides Summary of Medicine

Google shortcuts poison control
Google ShortcutsPoison Control

Enter “Poison Control”

Poison Control Hotline

Is provided

Google shortcuts suicide prevention
Google ShortcutsSuicide Prevention

Enter “Suicide”

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Is provided

Enter “Suicide Prevention”

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Is provided

Google shortcuts flu vaccine finder 1
Google ShortcutsFlu Vaccine Finder - 1

Enter “Flu Vaccine Finder”

Link to Flu Vaccine Finder

Requests Zip Code

Google shortcuts flu vaccine finder
Google ShortcutsFlu Vaccine Finder

Google shortcuts real estate
Google ShortcutsReal Estate

Homes 34205

Enter “Homes” + Zip Code

Google shortcuts flight status
Google ShortcutsFlight Status

Delta 1019

Enter Airline + Flight Number

Google shortcuts flight schedules
Google ShortcutsFlight Schedules

Flights from SRQ to Boise, ID

Provides Official Airline Guide (OAG) Data via


Google shortcuts google flight search
Google ShortcutsGoogle Flight Search

New 2011

Provides Official Airline Guide (OAG) Data via


  • Result of Google’s acquisition of ITA Software

  • Concern that the acquisition would harm competition, but the Justice Department eventually greenlighted the purchase, with conditions in 2011

  • Features:

  • Very Fast

  • Screen displaying the least expensive days to fly

  • Variety of ways to search for flights, such as by price and destination.

  • No international flights

  • Currently unbookable: Virgin America and JetBlue

  • No multi-city or multi-airline itineraries

  • Can’t purchase tickets through travel agency e.g., Orbitz, Travelocity

Google shortcuts airport status
Google ShortcutsAirport Status


Enter Airport Code

Google shortcuts maps basic
Google ShortcutsMaps - Basic

Map Bradenton

“Map” + Zip Code

More on Maps later

Google shortcuts mortgage rates
Google ShortcutsMortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates

Google shortcuts making visible the invisible
Google ShortcutsMaking Visible the Invisible

peanut butter +and jelly

“and” is normally invisible

“+” makes it visible

4,540,000 hits with “+”

4,580,000 hits without “+”

12,900,000 hits without “+and”

Google shortcuts finding related sites
Google ShortcutsFinding Related Sites

“related:” URL

Sites likely to have

Similar information

Google shortcuts fill in the blank
Google ShortcutsFill in the Blank

halley's comet was discovered *

Form a statement with “*” for

Information desired

Google shortcuts ups fedex tracking numbers
Google ShortcutsUPS/Fedex Tracking Numbers


Simply enter tracking number

Google shortcuts patent numbers
Google ShortcutsPatent Numbers

Patent 5123111

Simply enter “Patent”

+ tracking number

Google shortcuts earthquakes
Google ShortcutsEarthquakes


Simply enter “Earthquakes”

Google shortcuts public data
Google ShortcutsPublic Data

Public Data

Simply enter the desired Statistic

+ Location

Works on a host of statistics

Google shortcuts telephone area codes
Google ShortcutsTelephone Area Codes


Simply enter Area Code

Google shortcuts phone numbers
Google ShortcutsPhone Numbers

Simply enter Phone Number

385 Times ??????

Google shortcuts alerts 1
Google ShortcutsAlerts - 1

  • Se

Google shortcuts alerts 2
Google ShortcutsAlerts - 2

  • Se

Google shortcuts alerts 3
Google ShortcutsAlerts - 3

  • Se

Google shortcuts alerts 4
Google ShortcutsAlerts - 4

  • Se

Google shortcuts summary
Google ShortcutsSummary

  • Search shortcuts can be extremely useful to find stuff fast

  • Google is constantly adding new shortcuts

  • to make the Google search engine more powerful

  • Periodically check Google help,

  • or simply experiment with Searches useful to you


Please Ask Questions if you do not Understand Anything

Exercises 2
Exercises - 2

  • How many films is Alan (Allen) Smithee credited for directing?

  • How many films did Alan (Allen) Smithee actually direct?

  • Who discovered America in 1421?

  • How many vertices are there in a Dodecahedron?

  • If you converted $20 US into the currency of South Africa, how much would you have?

  • What is the result of (34.5^2)**.7

  • How many hits do you get for your name and your area code?