ethics and morals n.
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Ethics and Morals PowerPoint Presentation
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Ethics and Morals

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Ethics and Morals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ethics and Morals
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  1. Ethics and Morals

  2. Honor Code

  3. The Honor Code • I resolve to uphold the Honor Code of the Magnet Program at Strawberry Crest High School. I will refrain from all forms of academic dishonesty

  4. The Honor Code • I will not lie, cheat, or steal in my academic endeavors

  5. The Honor Code • I understand that I should forthrightly oppose each and every instance of academic dishonesty

  6. The Honor Code • I should communicate directly with any person or persons I believe to have been dishonest. Such communication may be oral or written. Written communication may be signed or anonymous

  7. The Honor Code • I should give prompt written notification to the appropriate faculty member and to the Honor Council Coordinator

  8. The Honor Code • I will let my conscience guide my decision about whether my written report will name the person or persons I believe to have committed a violation of the code.

  9. The Honor Code • Honor and integrity and responsibility are not innate; they are taught and they are nurtured. The Honor Code views the cultivation of such characteristics to be the joint responsibility of all members of the Strawberry Crest Magnet community. It is thus our collective duty to create an environment where those characteristics may be acquired.

  10. The Honor Code • Academic honesty and integrity are essential to the existence and growth of any academic community. Without a high standard of honesty and conduct, the reputations of both the school and the student suffer. I will not bring dishonor upon myself or my school.

  11. The Honor Code • I understand that breaches of the Honor Code may result in my not receiving the IB Diploma. IB will not award a grade to any student work which violates the code of academic honesty

  12. Rationale All IB Students at SCHS are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity

  13. Cheating is wrong…. Student mature enough to participate and benefit from a rigorous academic program should also possess the maturity to accept a low grade when they have earned it

  14. Cheating is wrong… Cheating allows a student to receive the same or better grade than students who have put in the time and effort to master the material. Dishonest inflated grades unfairly raise the GPA and class rank of unethical students over those deserving ones

  15. Cheating is wrong… Cheating distorts the teacher’s perception of the effectiveness of his/her curriculum and teaching strategies

  16. Cheating is wrong… Cheating misrepresents the student’s achievement to teachers, parents, and colleges

  17. Cheating is wrong… The threat of cheating forces teachers to constantly be alert to infractions of academic honesty; this reduces the amount of time that can be used productively in other ways

  18. Cheating is wrong.. Nearly all religious and ethical systems condemn cheating as morally wrong

  19. What is cheating? Looking on someone else’s paper during a test or quiz

  20. What is cheating? Plagiarizing another person’s words or ideas in an essay, lab, or research paper

  21. What is cheating? Telling someone who has not taken a quiz or a test what the questions or problems are

  22. What is cheating? Conferring with or copying from other students or adults on a take – home assignment when the teacher has asked that all work be your own

  23. What is cheating? Hiding notes in a convenient place and referring to them during a test or quiz

  24. What is cheating? Sliding your paper into the viewing range of another student during a test or a quiz

  25. What is cheating? Working out signals and using them to help someone on a test or quiz

  26. What is cheating? Misrepresenting the submission of information (events, hours, or other data) regarding CAS hours

  27. The honor council There will be an academic and non-academic punishment for cheating Academic punishment given by the teacher Non-academic punishment given by the honor council

  28. Who is the Honor Council? Three sophomores Four juniors Five seniors

  29. Role of students IB students are encouraged to report violations Students are encouraged to personally challenge the behavior of other students