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Human Resources

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Human Resources. An Administrators Most Valuable Asset. Types of Employees. Classified – non-certificated support staff Certificated – credentialed teaching staff Tenure – a permanent credentialed teacher Hourly – wages accrued by the number of hours worked

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Human Resources

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human resources

Human Resources

An Administrators Most Valuable Asset

types of employees
Types of Employees
  • Classified – non-certificated support staff
  • Certificated – credentialed teaching staff
  • Tenure – a permanent credentialed teacher
  • Hourly – wages accrued by the number of hours worked
  • Salary – wages paid by the month or year regardless of number of hours worked
  • Exempt – salaried employees no eligible for overtime
  • Probation – period of time, usually 90 days, during which an employee can be let go without cause
teaching continuum
Teaching Continuum

Intern or preliminary credential


Beginning teacher & support and assessment

Clear Credential

  • A DS credentialed teacher hired for an ROP program is not eligible for tenure with the exception of regular education teachers transferred to teach ROP
  • The idea that all salaried employees are ineligible for overtime is false. Only exempt employees are ineligible. Eligible salaries employees’ overtime are based on the salary prorated on a hourly basis
  • Probationary and salaried employees are contract employees, but tenure requires documentation to let go
  • Hourly employees are non-contract employees and can be let go any time without cause
recruiting techniques
Recruiting Techniques
  • Place simple ads in newspapers and on-line job banks
  • Networking and personal knowledge of qualified individuals
  • Professional organizations
  • Referrals and district sub lists
  • Local AARP for retired professionals who wish to be productive
  • Personnel office and employment departments – least effective
the interview question design
The Interview: Question Design
  • Develop questions that reveal teaching potential
  • Dimensional Interviewing: Ask questions that relate to personal experience
  • Tell about a time you worked with high school age youth and how.
  • Explain how your handled a problem with your supervisor.
  • Tell us about a time you reported to more than one supervisor and how you handled it.
  • Tell us about a time you had difficulty getting your point across and how you handled it.
the interview cont
The Interview cont’
  • Develop questions the reveal a balanced personality and well-being
  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • What do you do to relax?
  • How do you stay current in your field?
  • How do you handle conflicting priorities? Give an example and how you handled it.
the interview cont8
The Interview cont’
  • Develop scenario-based tasks
  • Present a situation and ask applicant to respond without preparation
  • Ask applicant to perform an industry task without preparation
  • Ask applicant to prepare and deliver a short lesson and 30 minutes prep time
the interview cont9
The Interview cont’
  • Give applicant the opportunity to ask questions & be prepared to answer
  • Assess the applicant’s questions for work ethics
  • Were their first questions about money, benefits, and time off (breaks & lunches)?
  • Did they ask about duties and responsibilities?
  • Did they ask about training and instructional support?
  • Did they ask about advancement and continuing education?
hiring timeline
Hiring Timeline
  • Request for position (HR Dept) 2 wks
  • Advertise position 2 wks
  • Screen applications 1-2 wks
  • Schedule interviews
  • Schedule call-back interviews
  • Schedule orientation
  • Obtain paperwork
  • Implement 1-year plan
memorandum of understanding
Memorandum of Understanding
  • Usually provided by district
  • Component includes
    • District, teacher, academic year
    • Percentage of contract time required
    • Teaching duties and reporting
    • Non-platform duties and responsibilities
    • Student orientation
    • Staff and regional meetings
    • Advisory board and student counseling
    • Relevant signatures
memorandum of understanding12
Memorandum of Understanding
  • I, ________, agree to do the things listed below in order to maintain good standing in my ROP __________ program. I understand that this is MY responsibility to comply with each item in this contract.
  • I will not be absent without a valid excuse (illness or doctor appointment). I understand that my parent must call my ROP instructor to verify my absence.
  • I will be in the classroom and ready to work at the beginning of each class period with all necessary materials. I will not be tardy to my work site.
  • I will report back promptly to class after any break during class.
  • I will never leave class without permission.
  • ______________________________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________________________
  • I understand that my failure to comply with any of the above may result in being dropped from my ROP class. I also understand that if I am dropped, I will loose credit for the class
  • _______________________________ ___________________________
  • Student Signature Date Parent Signature Date
memorandum of understanding13
Memorandum of Understanding
  • The Regional Occupational Program with the Riverside County Superintendent of Schools will contract with _________________________ for instructional services with the following instructor during the ____________ school year.
  • ______________________ ___________%
  • The above instructor will be required to participate in the following ROP activities:
  • Attendance at Fall Orientation
  • Attendance at Regional Meetings, times may vary, but are normally scheduled from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. Three times per year.
  • Participate in the Advisory Council Process as required by State law.
  • Completion and submission of reports and attendance based on prescribed timelines.
  • ________________________ _________________________
  • District Representative High School Principal
  • ________________________ _________________________
  • ROP Director ROP Coordinator/Principal

How Do WE Assist Our New Teachers?

How Do WE Help Make Them A Success?

new teacher 1 year plan
New Teacher 1-year Plan

Winning Year One

A Survival Manual For First Year Teachers

Carol L. Fury

Sanibel Sanddollar Publications, Inc

Captiva Island Florida 33924

(800) 330-3459

new teacher 1 year plan cont
New Teacher 1-year Plan cont’

Leadership and the One-minute Manager Minute Manager

Ken Blanchard

William Morrow and Company Inc.

1350 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10019

personnel files
Personnel Files
  • District files
  • Local site files
  • Document good and unsatisfactory behavior
  • Growth and development plan
  • Meet objectives
  • Merit Raises
general supervision challenges
General Supervision Challenges
  • Team teaching difficult to evaluation – look for structure
  • Supervising multi-site programs difficult to observe – schedule several at same site on same day
  • Staff meetings
    • If you don’t need one, don’t have one
    • Develop agenda relevant to staff
    • Provide opportunity for feedback
  • Parental complaints – document and diffuse if possible
  • Train assistant when to call you and when not to call you
evaluation procedures
Evaluation Procedures
  • Pre-evaluation conference with teacher
    • Set date
    • Plan lesson and objectives
    • Identify purpose of observation
    • Discuss classroom management issues
    • Agree on what you will be looking for
  • Do evaluation
  • Post observation conference
  • Document observation
  • Know policy and procedures for evaluation
frisk model
  • Documenting unsatisfactory performance is unpleasant
  • Usually avoided by implementing proactive strategies
  • Must follow strict procedures when required
  • The FRISK model provides guidelines to meet legal, ethical, and union compliance
frisk model cont
FRISK Model cont’
  • F – Facts
    • Pinpoint specific conduct
    • Include factual foundation
    • Record accurate facts
  • R - Rule
    • Describe the rule
    • Include prior “same rule” violations
frisk model cont22
FRISK Model cont’
  • I – Impact
    • Include impact to demonstrate seriousness
    • Connect impact to remote conduct
  • S – Suggestions/Directions
    • Draft suggestions and directions for compliance
  • K – Knowledge
    • Ed code Section 44031
    • Personnel file procedures
  • CAROCP Operational Handbook
  • Guide to Disabilities Rights Law
  • CAROCP Resource Links
  • Winning Year One excerpts, Carol L. Fuery
  • Learning How to Teach:  A Quick Start Guide for Vocational-Technical Education Teachers Neil A. Edmuns, Clifton L. Smith
references cont
References cont'
  • The Vocational Instructor's  Survival Guide, Neil A. Edmuns, Clifton L. Smith
  • Effective Phrases for Performance Appraisals, Neal Publishing Inc.
  • Supervisor's Guide to Documentation and File Building for Employee Discipline, Ronald L. Ruud, Joseph J. Woodford
  • The Vocational Instructor's Survival Guide, Neil A. Edmuns, Clifton L. Smith
references cont25
References cont'
  • Effective Phrases for Performance Appraisals, Neal Publishing Inc.
  • Leadership and the One Minute Manager, Ken Blanchard
  • Management of Organizational Behavior: Utilizing Human Resources, Paul Hersey, Ken Blanchard (Situational Leadership model)