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Human Resources PowerPoint Presentation
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Human Resources

Human Resources

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Human Resources

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  4. HRM FUCTIONS Motivation & maintenance HR Performance & compensatio n HR acquisition development .Empowerment 1 Industrial relations 1. HR planning . Career planning 1 .Health & Safety 2 2. Recruitment . HR mobility 3 2.Training & development 1. Discipline & grievance mg 3. Selection 1.Performance Mg 4. Creating motivating environment 4.Placement 2. Industrial dispute Mg 3.Organizational Development . Incentives& 2 benefits HR Information system HR research HR accounting HR audit

  5. Nature ofHRM 1.Attract & retaintalent 2.Train people for challengingroles 3.Develop skills &competencies 4.Promote teamspirit 5.Develop loyalty &commitment 6.Increase productivity &profits 7.Improve jobsatisfaction 8.Enhance standard ofliving 9.Generateemployment opportunity 10.Greater trust &respect GOOD HR PRACTICES HELPS

  6. Inherent part of management-selecting people, training, motivating, appraising their performance for improving theirquality. Pervasive function-present in all levels of mg in anorganization Action oriented-solve problem through rational(balanced) policies rather than recordkeeping People oriented-HRM is all about people at work. Assign jobs, produceresults, reward, motivate them towards improvements inproductivity Future oriented-Effective HRM helps organization meet itsgoals Development oriented-HRM develops full potential of employees throughreward, training, jobrotation. Integrating mechanism:HRM maintains cordial relationship between people working at various levels in organization. Comprehensive function:Workforce signifies people working at all levels, HRM differswith form & shapebut the basicobjectiveof effectiveutilization of human resource remains the same. Continuous function:HRM is not a one shot deal it requires constantawareness and alertness of human relations in every dayoperation. 10. Based on human relation: Every person has different need, perception and expectations. The manger should give due attention to thesefactors. Importance ofHRM 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

  7. Qualities of HRManager Henry fayol categorizedas a) Physical-health, vigor (energy, strength),address b) Mental-ability to understand,learn,judge& adaptable c) Moral –firmness, responsible, initiative, loyal, dignity(self respect) d) Educational-subject knowledge about functionperformed e) Technical-peculiar knowledge onfunction f) Experience –arising from workproper. OTHERS : Alert mentally, competent to take quickdecision, honesty & integrity, patience, good leader, socially responsible, good communicator, courteous (wellmannered)

  8. Environmental factors that affectsthe HRM Socio-cultural environment Technological environment Legal environment (a )Nodiscrimination onsex b ( At ) least prescribed % oftotal employees must belong to SC & physically handicapped (c )Safety,working condition (d) Industrialrelation Economic environment ) a (Population& workforce ) (bWorkforcemarket condition (c) Nationalincome- Salarystructure ) (dInflationary pressure (a)Expectationof society b) (Social statusof job c ()Achievementof work d ()Authority structure () eWorkforce mobility (f)Role oflabour union (a)Electronic communication b) (Open doorpolicy (can communicate with any1in organization) (c )Global monitoring d) (Virtual office no central place) (

  9. of talent-retain skilledpeople A. Reservoir B.Prepare people forfuture motivated& developed tomeet futureneeds C.Expand orcontract continuous supply of people tohandle challengingjobs D.Cut cost-Hrbudget E.Succession planning-stars are picked for challengingprojects Importanceof HRPlanning EFFECTIVE set efficient objective, top mg support, Employeeskill inventory,HR Information system,Coordination HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING:

  10. HUMANRESOURC EPLANNING Organizationalobjectives Humanresource planning Forecastinghuman needs Forecasting supplyof humanresource Identification of human resourcegap Shortage ofhuman resource Surplus human resource Action plansfor bridginggap

  11. Recruitment • Acc to Edwin B.Flippo defined recruitme“ the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization”

  12. Factors affectingRecruitment

  13. INTERNALFACTORS EXTERNALFACTORS •Company’s pay •QWL •OrganizationalCulture •Employment rate •Careerplanning •Company’ssize• Labourmarket •Company’sproducts condition •Company’s Growthrate• Reservation forSC/ST • Socio-economic package factors • Supply & demand factors

  14. •Cost of recruitment • Informationsystem PLACEMENT •Placement is an important humanresource activity •Placement is the actual posting of anemployee to a specificjob •It involves assigning a specific taskand responsibility to anemployee. •Placement decision are taken aftermatching requirement of job with qualification of candidates.

  15. •Organization put new recruits onprobation period & closelymonitored.

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