serena release management bridging dev and ops n.
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Serena Release Management Bridging Dev and Ops PowerPoint Presentation
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Serena Release Management Bridging Dev and Ops

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Serena Release Management Bridging Dev and Ops - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Serena Release Management Bridging Dev and Ops
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  1. Serena Release ManagementBridging Dev and Ops Presenter Name 05 Oct 2011 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.

  2. Orchestrated IT Business Users & Customers Serena Request Center Development Operations Serena Lifecycle Dashboard Serena Requirements Manager Serena Development Manager Serena Release Manager Serena Service Manager Serena Business Manager

  3. Serena Orchestrated ALM Serena RequirementsManager LifecycleDashboard Mainframe SerenaReleaseManager Serena Request Center Distributed Cloud Serena DevelopmentManager

  4. Definition Confusion Biweekly According to Webster’s: • Occurring twice per week • Occurring every two weeks

  5. Release Management – What Does it Mean to You? Build to Test Dev to Ops Test to Pre-Prod Chaos Management Pre-Prod to Production

  6. Release Management Process How Would You Describe Your Release Management Process?

  7. Release Management Satisfaction Is Low

  8. App Delivery in a Typical Enterprise Demand Develop Deploy CAB Customer Build Auditor Scrum Master Developers Development Teams QA Customer On-Prem Production Test Release Manager DevOps Virtual Datacenter Operations Cloud

  9. Application Release Challenges Demand Develop Deploy CAB Customer • Audits, Audits, Audits • Time consuming • People-intensive • Release Volume Increasing • Increasing demand from business • Agile dev producing more releases • Release Bottleneck • Long release times • Limited operational agility • High Failure Rate • Manual processes and scripts • Production downtime • Increased costs • Coordination Issues • Poor visibility into status • Untimely information to stakeholders • Ad-hoc and inefficient meetings • Unauthorized changes Build Auditor Scrum Master Developers Development Teams QA Customer On-Prem Production Test Release Manager DevOps Virtual Datacenter Operations Cloud

  10. What if You could Manage All Your Releases from a Common Process? Demand Develop Deploy CAB Customer • Automate for one click deployments • Deploy releases daily or weekly • Be audit ready in minutes • Meet less and collaborate more Build Scrum Master Developers Development Teams QA Datacenter Operations Customer Production Release Manager DevOps Datacenter Operations Datacenter Operations SERENA SOFTWARE INC.

  11. Customer SuccessSerena Release Management Reduced Time from Dev to Deploy “Serena has improved management of code releases from development through to production, reducing delivery time by 25%.” Release Management Satisfaction “We now have a standardized, managed and efficient software release tool which has made our customers very happy.” Automating Releases to Avoid Errors “We have standardized and automated our end-to-end coding and release management process to reduce human errors.” Serena Release Management “Everything is 100% under control.” System Administrator Fortune 500 Computer Services Company IT Specialist Fortune 500 Telecommunication Services Company IT Director Global 500 Pharmaceuticals Company System Administrator Global 500 Banking Company SERENA SOFTWARE INC.

  12. Customer SuccessSerena Release Management “Releasing applications into production environments is a critical part of application development. Working with Serena makes coordinating release processes very straightforward and helps us ensure all stakeholders are notified on upcoming changes. Instead of relying on manual processes, we have implemented a repeatable, reliable procedure that is not only saving everyone headaches, it also reduces cost.” David Bell,Change and Release Manager Mitsubishi UFJ SERENA SOFTWARE INC.

  13. Breaking the Bottleneck IT Ops App Dev Automation Secure Path to Production

  14. Serena Release Manager Release Control Release Vault Release Automation Schedule, Plan & Manage Releases Common, Controlled Path to Production Automate ApplicationConfiguration Tasks • Confidently Release Applications • Deliver More Releases With Fewer Resources • Improve Production Uptime • Audit Ready with Start-to-Finish Traceability

  15. Multiple On-Ramps to Release Management Improvement Start with Release Control to address: • Release Planning • Release Visibility • Release Approvals • Release Coordination • Start with Release Vault to address: • Multiple sources of code • Unsecured paths to production • Incomplete code audit trail • Serena ReleaseVault • Serena ReleaseControl • Serena ReleaseAutomation • Start with Release Automation to address: • Error-prone scripts and handoffs • Limited sysadmin resources • Multiple release destinations • Multi-tier application deployment

  16. Serena Release ManagerBridging Dev and Ops Complete Visibility Less Downtime Simplified Compliance • Single Source of Truth • Real Time Updates • No Surprises Faster Release Flow • Be Audit Ready with Start-to-Finish Traceability • Confidently Deliver Software withEnd-to-End Visibility Deploy Whenever and Wherever with Multi-Platform and Multi-Tier Application Release Management SERENA SOFTWARE INC.

  17. Answersfor Your Questions SERENA SOFTWARE INC.