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APUSH SKILLS. Multiple Choice Tips. TIPS TO REMEMBER. Read each question carefully, looking out for negative words such as Except , Not , and False.

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apush skills


Multiple Choice Tips

tips to remember
  • Read each question carefully, looking out for negative words such as Except, Not, and False.
  • Read all possible answers and cross out those you feel are incorrect; narrowing down your choices gives you the chance to make an educated guess.
  • Be cautious of words indicating absolutes, like most, least, all, and none.
tips to remember ii
  • Connect the specific information of the question to broader trends and themes.
  • In questions that provide you with evidence, assess the information carefully and eliminate answers that go beyond the bounds of the evidence given.
  • Make a habit of checking your answer sheet frequently throughout the testing time to ensure that you are filling in the correct ovals — especially if you skip questions or leave some to come back to later.

Jackson’s veto of the Second Bank of the United States’ re-charter bill represented:

  • A ringing assertion of presidential power on behalf of land speculators and other debtors.
  • An attempt top assure bankers and creditors that the federal government had their interests at heart.
  • A concession to Henry Clay and his National Republican followers.
  • A gain for solid banking and a financially stable currency system.
  • The effective use of governmental action for sound economic policy.

The nullification crisis in South Carolina ultimately ended when:

  • Andrew Jackson used the military to crush the nullifiers.
  • Henry Clay pushed through a compromise tariff that enabled South Carolina to save face.
  • Jackson was forced to back down and accept the basic principles of nullification.
  • South Carolina Unionists seized power and repealed the nullification ordinances.
  • A new election established a changed House of Representatives by bringing new politicians to power.

All of the following are characteristics of the Whig Party EXCEPT:

  • A willingness to see government in a positive way and use it for community values.
  • Its support for public education and scientific advances.
  • It stood for some of the old Federalist positions and values.
  • Its appeal to the fundamental Protestant belief in social and moral reform.
  • A belief that the cure for the ills of democracy would be more democracy.