Environmental Bookkeeping for the New Aiken Building
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Environmental Bookkeeping for the New Aiken Building - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Environmental Bookkeeping for the New Aiken Building. (A Greening of Aiken Internship Project). By: Tyler Lewis, Sven Dejean, and Aaron Rice. Precision of Energy Payback Calculation.

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Environmental Bookkeeping for the New Aiken Building

(A Greening of Aiken Internship Project)

By: Tyler Lewis, Sven Dejean, and Aaron Rice

Precision of Energy Payback Calculation

Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Institute. (2010) Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment (EIO-LCA) US 2002 (428) model [Internet], Available from: <http://www.eiolca.net/> [Accessed 18 Apr, 2010

The only number we have so far is the cost of the project. So all of our calculations fall in to tier 1. Using a model, created by Carnegie Mellon University, we can roughly estimate the amount of greenhouse gas emitted, the amount of energy used, and the amount of water used by the project. Keep in mind that these numbers are very rough estimates based on country averages.

Sample Bookkeeping Spreadsheet – Tier 3

Bookkeeping - Category Breakdown – Tier 2 and 3

This is one possible way of dividing the categories to create the bookkeeping spread sheet. As you can tell the flow chart was a constant work in progress. It ended up being most useful as a way for us to think about the project rather than an actual way of accounting the energy and materials used.

We presented the UVM architect, Ken Bean and UVM Admin Facilities Professional, Todd Merchant, with these requests and they agreed to everything highlighted!! We were pleasantly surprised that the agreed to the “Operational Rules” section. We saw this as icing on the cake, so when we got all that we asked for we were very pleased.