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Welcome to. Cambridge Nationals The Next Generation of Vocational ICT Qualifications BETT 2012. Mark Dawe OCR Chief Executive . Cambridge Nationals. Introducing: The Next Generation of Vocational Qualifications. Cambridge Nationals.

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Welcome to

Cambridge Nationals

The Next Generation of Vocational ICT Qualifications

BETT 2012

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Mark Dawe

OCR Chief Executive

Cambridge nationals l.jpg
Cambridge Nationals


The Next Generation of

Vocational Qualifications

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Cambridge Nationals

  • Vocational revolution: embracing a new challenge Post Wolf

  • Importance of a balanced curriculum in schools

  • Traditional GCSEs and subject-based learning do not suit all learners equally

  • Many learners motivated by practical, experiential approach to learning

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Cambridge Nationals

The new name for OCR Nationals

  • We have redeveloped the Nationals in response to Wolf, and in close collaboration with leading practitioners

  • Designed for 14 – 16 years olds, and to meet new DfE requirements

  • Cambridge Nationals available in five subjects:

    ICT, Business, Health & Social Care, Science and Sport

  • The Cambridge Nationals suit a wide range of learning styles and abilities and offer experiential learning

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A new suite of vocational qualifications for post 16

  • Cambridge TECs available at Levels 2 & 3

  • Subjects:

    • IT, Business, Health & Social Care have been accredited

    • Art & Design, Media and Sport in development

  • Designed using units from the QCF

  • Features visiting moderation

  • Full launch March / April, first teaching September 2012

Cambridge nationals briefing session agenda l.jpg
Cambridge Nationals Briefing Session: Agenda

Overview of the changes

Simon Banks, OCR

Content Highlights

Creative Unit: Tony Stephens

Technical Unit: Chris Swan

Project Unit: Jane Strugnell

Short break

Case Study

Success with the Nationals at Brooke Weston Mark Willimott

Panel Discussion

Questions to our speaking panel

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Simon Banks

OCR Qualifications Group Manager, ICT

How has our review post wolf affected the nationals in ict l.jpg
How has our review post Wolf affected the Nationals in ICT?

We have:

  • Introduced external assessment

  • Established qualifications at 60, 120 & 240 glh

  • Retained visiting moderator visits

  • Streamlined the number of units

  • Combined Levels 1 & 2

How has our review post wolf affected the nationals in ict10 l.jpg
How has our review post Wolf affected the Nationals in ICT?

We have:

  • Added a Distinction* to reward highest achievers

  • Reduced subjectivity of marking by providing clear markband descriptors and guidance on allocation of marks

  • Retained ‘best fit’ assessment principles

    As a result, we have

  • Introduced compensation – you could fail an individual unit but still pass the overall qualification

Within schools qualifications what makes the cambridge nationals distinctive l.jpg
Within schools qualifications, what makes the Cambridge Nationals distinctive?

  • Strong vocational and career focus

  • Learning by doing – focus on practical, experiential learning – candidates feel direct relationship between what they study and a career to which they aspire

  • Full unit coverage - Units written with awareness of NOS and job role competencies, prescribing range of what must be demonstrated in the assessment

Within schools qualifications what makes the cambridge nationals distinctive12 l.jpg
Within schools qualifications, what makes the Cambridge Nationals distinctive?

  • Range of specialisms – allows candidates to explore areas of interest in detail

  • Enable learning and assessment to be customised easily

  • No restriction on resits

  • No linearisation, and no terminal rule.

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Content Highlights Nationals distinctive?

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Creative Strand Nationals distinctive?

Tony Stephens

Assistant Head Teacher, The Westwood Academy

The westwood academy coventry l.jpg
The Westwood Academy Nationals distinctive?Coventry

Tony stephens l.jpg
Tony Stephens Nationals distinctive?

About me –

  • Teaching ICT for a number of years

  • Head of ICT in three schools

  • Presently Assistant Head teacher responsible for e-learning and ICT

Three creative units l.jpg
Three Creative Units Nationals distinctive?

  • Creating an interactive product using multimedia components

  • Creating dynamic products using sound and vision

  • Creating digital images

Benefits transferable skills l.jpg
Benefits Nationals distinctive?Transferable Skills

  • The Design Process

  • Planning Methodologies

  • The Law and Legal Implications

  • File Saving, Exporting and Naming Conventions

  • Testing & reviewing

  • Gaining feedback and critical self evaluation

Creating an interactive product using multimedia components l.jpg
Creating an interactive product Nationals distinctive?using multimedia components

  • Sourcing and storing Assets

  • Web Authoring

  • Game Making

  • App Development

  • Presentation software

  • Combining assets

  • Creating Navigation

  • Creating Interaction

  • Using Effects

Creating dynamic products using sound and vision l.jpg
Creating dynamic products Nationals distinctive?using sound and vision

  • Asset Editing

    • Sound

    • Animation

    • Movie

  • Asset Enhancement

  • Combining Assets

Creating digital images l.jpg
Creating digital images Nationals distinctive?

The camera never lies or does it…….

1917 we had the Cottingley Fairies

Today we have photo manipulation of models and scenes

What can today’s students do……where would they like to go that they have never been before!

Benefits l.jpg
Benefits Nationals distinctive?

  • Gives a wide scope of creation in terms of software and criteria

  • Can use freeware as well as commercial industrial standard software thus not restricting schools choice of units based on budget

  • Allows both students and teacher to be challenged (if they want to be!)

Excited l.jpg
Excited!! Nationals distinctive?

  • That’s Me!!!!

  • Why? Because I can expand the areas that interest my pupils

    • App creation

    • Digital manipulation

    • Animation

    • Game creation

  • But I also become the pupil!

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Technical Strand Nationals distinctive?

Christine Swan

Director of ICT and Enterprise

The Stourport High School and Sixth Form Centre

The stourport high school and sixth form centre l.jpg
The Stourport High School and Nationals distinctive?Sixth Form Centre

About shs l.jpg
About SHS Nationals distinctive?

  • 11-18 Academy and National Teaching School with over 1300 students

  • OCR Nationals in ICT delivered in Year 9 (First Award)

  • Year 10 and 11 students can opt to build up their qualification to National Certificate

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Introducing the new Nationals Nationals distinctive?

  • Consultation revealed what teachers liked and did not like about the current qualification

  • Content has been updated to provide pathways made up of complementary modules

  • Emphasis is placed on current and future technologies

The new technical strand l.jpg
The new technical strand Nationals distinctive?

  • This strand gives learners an opportunity to get to grips with technical aspects of IT

  • The units provide “tasters” of programming, hardware and networks and control systems

  • Each unit provides opportunity for progression to further study but also may spark an interest as a possible career path

  • Links to Computing curriculum

The technical strand l.jpg

The new technical strand Nationals distinctive?

The Technical Strand

  • Consists of three modules:

    • Introduction to Computer Programming

    • Exploring Computer Hardware and Networks

    • Developing Control Systems

Introduction to computer programming l.jpg
Introduction to Nationals distinctive?Computer Programming

  • Proprietary or Open Source products can be used e.g. Microsoft’s Small Basic, Visual Basic and Kodu Game Lab or Scratch, Alice

  • Straightforward programming constructs can be taught through problem-solving challenges

  • Extension ideas could be app and game programming (although some app development kits are expensive)

Exploring computer hardware and networks l.jpg
Exploring Computer Hardware Nationals distinctive?and Networks

  • Bits and pieces can be collected to build “dead” computers (working with live systems can be costly and has safety implications)

  • Old, live computers can be used for operating system installation and configuration

  • Simple networks can be built using hubs, switches, cables or wireless access points

  • There will be problems which provide opportunities for troubleshooting

Developing control systems l.jpg
Developing Control Systems Nationals distinctive?

  • Systems used at KS3 e.g. Flowol and Logo can be used to simulate control systems

  • Hardware systems e.g. Lego Mindstorms, Robosapien with XNA Development Studio or development boards with sensors and output devices

  • There is no requirement to build working hardware systems but this could provide a curricular link to a GCSE D&T programme

Why i will be choosing the cambridge nationals in ict l.jpg
Why I will be choosing the Nationals distinctive?Cambridge Nationals in ICT

  • Wolf compliant qualification

  • Content is current, exciting and varied

  • A L1/2 qualification is suitable for a broad range of learners

  • Allows learners to develop in-demand, technical skills

  • Provides a great launch-pad for level 3 study

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Unit 11 Nationals distinctive?

Understanding Technology

A Project Approach

Jane Strugnell

Consultant Trainer & Assessor

Jane strugnell l.jpg
Jane Strugnell Nationals distinctive?

  • Recently retired teacher and Curriculum Leader (Computing & IT) from Solihull Sixth Form College

  • Has taught GCE ICT, GNVQ ICT, AVCE ICT, Key skills ICT, Functional skills ICT, BTEC ICT, Advanced ICT Diploma & Extended Project Qualification

  • Unit writer for two units for the Cambridge Nationals qualification

  • Currently a Senior Examiner and Moderator for two awarding bodies

  • Currently delivers CPD courses on A level IT specifications at schools & colleges

Student initiated individual project l.jpg
Student initiated individual project Nationals distinctive?

  • Opportunity

  • Choice

  • Breadth

  • Depth

  • Transferable skills

  • Inspire

  • Motivate

Project ideas l.jpg
Project Ideas Nationals distinctive?


  • Web site design for a specific user

  • Complex animation for school intranet

Project ideas38 l.jpg
Project Ideas Nationals distinctive?

Technical (Hardware)

  • What is the best way to network 3 PC’s and a printer for a typical family?

  • How does the School IT Network work?

Project ideas39 l.jpg
Project Ideas Nationals distinctive?


  • Most of the features of the latest mobile phones are never used

  • Use of social networking sites such as Facebook is damaging young people’s ability to communicate effectively.

Project ideas40 l.jpg
Project Ideas Nationals distinctive?


  • What are the benefits of a Smartphone compared to a standard mobile phone?

  • How has Computer Technology changed the Art of Film Making?

Project ideas41 l.jpg
Project Ideas Nationals distinctive?


  • Artificial Intelligence – what progress has been made?

  • Careers in IT – what skills are needed to be a Network Manager?

Project ideas42 l.jpg
Project Ideas Nationals distinctive?

Software Development

  • Development of a computer program to calculate exam grades

  • Development of a database – a loan system for a school department

Process v outcome l.jpg
Process v Outcome Nationals distinctive?

  • Process of completing the project is important

  • Outcome of the project itself is not marked

  • The learning gained as a result of carrying out the project is important

  • There is freedom for the learner to choose the way they present their Project log & Project outcome

What teaching is required l.jpg
What teaching is required? Nationals distinctive?

  • How to choose a Project topic ,set objectives, identify success criteria & techniques to create project plans

  • How to conduct research for their Project

  • How to record and monitor the progress of their Project

  • How to review their Project

Why teach this qualification l.jpg
Why teach this qualification? Nationals distinctive?

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Short Break Nationals distinctive?

Please explore Project further

Find out about brand new support materials from Hodder

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Brooke Weston Academy Nationals distinctive?

Our experience of ICT Nationals

Mark Willimott

Brooke weston academy l.jpg
Brooke Weston Academy Nationals distinctive?

Ofsted january 2011 l.jpg
OfSTED January 2011 Nationals distinctive?

“Excellent workplace and other skills that contribute to the students’ future economic well-being are delivered through the academy’s outstanding curriculum which puts innovation and enterprise into the heart of the provision”

“The excellent, broad and balanced curriculum meets the wide range of students’ needs and aspirations”

Brooke weston s track record l.jpg
Brooke Weston’s Track Record Nationals distinctive?

  • Long tradition of delivering KS4 and Post-16 applied courses

  • 2004+ 100% 5 A* - C (including equivalencies)

  • 2011 84% EM +3 (including equivalencies)

    • 84% EM +3 (GCSE only)

  • Sharing expertise with 250+ schools across UK – curriculum materials, support, training, consultancy

  • Intake distribution l.jpg

    1 Nationals distinctive?









    Intake Distribution

    Our ks4 curriculum l.jpg
    Our KS4 Curriculum Nationals distinctive?

    • KS4 offering:

      • Traditional GCSE courses (27) with additional time in maths and English

      • Fast track opportunities and personalisation

      • Applied courses (ICT, science, art and design)

      • Construction option (off-site)

      • IMI Motor Vehicle (off-site)

    Ict nationals @ bw l.jpg
    ICT Nationals @ BW Nationals distinctive?

    • Transferable skills

    • Relevant skills

    • GCSE/A Level equivalence

    • Modular, staged courses

    • Challenge for all learners

    Ict nationals @ bw54 l.jpg
    ICT Nationals @ BW Nationals distinctive?

    • Creativity

    • Engaging and motivating

    • Playing to their strengths

    • Hands-on approach

    • Develops independence

    Forms of evidence l.jpg
    Forms of Evidence Nationals distinctive?

    • Outcomes of activities/tasks e.g. printouts

    • Video/Audio

    • Electronic file

    • Statements from witnesses

    • Observation

    • Personal statement by candidate

    • ePortfolio

    New qualification l.jpg
    New Qualification Nationals distinctive?

    • Unit R005: Creating an interactive product using multimedia components

    • Website or multimedia product (adapting our assignments from current Unit 2 and 4)

    • Currently most popular units with our students in current qualification

    Lo2 be able to create interactive products containing multimedia components l.jpg
    LO2 – be able to create interactive products Nationals distinctive?containing multimedia components

    Link to r006 creating digital images l.jpg
    Link to R006 – Creating digital images Nationals distinctive?

    • LO2 – be able to create digital images

    • Link to R007 – Creating dynamic products using sound and vision

    • LO2 – be able to create dynamic products

    Our plans for the new specification l.jpg
    Our plans for the new Specification Nationals distinctive?

    • Year 1 – deliver 120 GLH qualification

      • ROO1 and R002

      • ROO5 – Interactive Product

      • ROO6 – Digital Images

    • Year 2+ – deliver 240 GLH qualification

      • ROO1 and ROO2

      • R005 and R006

      • R003 (spreadsheets) and R004 (databases)

      • R007 (sound and vision)

      • R011 (project)

    Slide62 l.jpg

    Questions to our Panel Nationals distinctive?

    Slide63 l.jpg

    Thank you Nationals distinctive?

    To find out more please visit


    Draft ICT Specification now online