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The Worst PowerPoint Ever PowerPoint Presentation
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The Worst PowerPoint Ever

The Worst PowerPoint Ever

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The Worst PowerPoint Ever

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  1. The Worst PowerPoint Ever

  2. Too Many Words on a Slide This is the worst PowerPoint ever, an example of all the things that a PowerPoint author should not do in a PowerPoint. On each slide the viewer will see a glaring error, sometimes mockingly exaggerated to make sure that the viewer gets it. A PowerPoint is designed to address a complex subject and make it simple. It is designed to assist a speaker and his or her audience. The focus should be on the speaker, with just a few points on each slide to assist the viewers. The viewer should be able to take it in at a glance. When a slide like this comes up, the viewers simply turn it off – they won’t even bother to read a slide like this. On this slide, there are simply too many words. It would have been better for the PowerPoint author to try to sum it up in twenty five words or less.

  3. Background picture interferes with text.

  4. Too Much Animation Here is some text that can’t seem to settle down. Nobody really wants to watch all this, but someone sure loved doing it. The audience has to wait and wait while this stupid animation goes on and on.

  5. Annoying Sound Effects Here Are Some Words That Needed No Sound effects

  6. The squished picture!

  7. The stretched out thumbnail resulting in grainy image

  8. Clip Art (too lazy to find something on the Internet)

  9. Poor Font Choice Algerian Blackadder Darling Vladimir Script