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The Worst Weekend Ever

The Worst Weekend Ever

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The Worst Weekend Ever

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  1. The Worst Weekend Ever • Jon Martin • Cassie Bonamie • Paige Johnson • Noah Dannenberg Click here to begin your adventure

  2. You need help for your friend that broke her leg on a fishing trip, but your stranded 8 miles from your cabin and your pickup truck is out of gas, and the nearest gas station is 20 miles away, so you figured you would leave your friend behind and go find help. You decide that it is getting late and you will head out on your long journey in the morning. You leave most of your food behind. You estimate it wouldn’t take you that long. Maybe till noon. You wake up and you look at your watch it is 8:30 am. You head out on your journey and soon you come to a path that splits. Click here to continue

  3. You know that you need to stay to the east, but there is a mountain that you would have to climb and it would take a lot of time. The other way is to your west, it’s a path that doesn’t seem like it would take a long time, but its leading you away from were you need to go and it is most likely swampy. If you choose to go to the east to the mountains click here. If you choose to go west to the swamp click here.

  4. You decide to go to the east were the mountains are. You are happy with your choice because you know you are a good climber. You know that you can’t waste time so you start climbing right away. From past events when climbing with your dad you know to climb up the left side… or was it the right you can’t seem to remember much so you go to the left and climb faster. Suddenly you look up and you see a huge boulder coming straight down the right side. You are so happy that you didn’t go up the right side of the mountain. You continue climbing and soon enough you are almost to the very top you are getting very excited until your foot slips and you’re hanging on with only your hands. You regain your balance with your feet and continue climbing. You think of how lucky your are to avoid two scary situations. Click here to continue

  5. Soon you’re at the top of the mountain and you look down and think of how much you’ve came in only about an hour, but then you look at the other side and oh-no is the only thing that scans your mind. You may have come a long way but you have to scale down the other side of the mountain. You wonder how much time has been wasted from all of the climbing, but you start as quick as you can. Soon you’re already half way down the hill and you hear a rock fall from the top. You look up as scared as can be and to your relief it was only a pebble! You’re still afraid of a big rock coming down so you try to hurry the rest of the way down. Soon you look at your progress and through the trees you see a big red figure. Your heart starts pounding harder then it has ever before in your life. Click here to continue

  6. You think it may be a cabin so you start climbing down the hill even faster than before you strain almost all of the energy you have and soon enough you make it to the bottom of the mountain. You are excited and start to run to where you saw the big red figure. Within 10 seconds you come to two paths, you have no idea what path you should take, because today you can’t seem to remember anything like earlier, for no reason.. So you come to two choices you can guess and follow a random path, but remember you don’t even know if it was a cabin. It could be something bad, or you could scale back up the mountain to see if you can get a better look, but it may take up too much time and you may have to set camp for the night. If you go to the random path click here If you go to the mountain click here

  7. You start walking into the swamp trying to avoid the mud. As you jump over the mud you stop to take a rest, and you hear something rustling in the bushes. So you start running and you glance back to see that a bobcat is chasing you. You stop and pick up a stick and a couple of rocks. You start to throw the rocks missing two out of three times. When you finally hit the bobcat, it charges. You think fast and you hit the bobcat right on the head. It yelps and runs away. You continue to run making sure it doesn’t come back with reinforcements. Suddenly you hear something in the trees you grab your stick ready to fight another animal, but it was just a stupid bird. You were still very jumpy from the bobcat attack. Click here to continue

  8. You continue walking, glancing back once in a while. You look at your watch and its 10:15. You realize your not going to make it by twelve. You start to think of your friend and wonder if she has recovered. You hear something growl and turn around. To your surprise you don’t see the bobcat. You hear it again and you figure out it is your stomach. You sit down on a log, and you start feasting on your tuna fish sandwich. As you finish your lunch you hear the growl again, knowing it’s not your stomach. You turn around and you see it’s the bobcat, and it’s next to your stick. You throw the remaining pieces of sandwich you have left, it quickly eats the sandwich, And continues staring at you. If you stay and fight click here. If you run for your life click here

  9. You have to think for a while but you finally choose too go on the random path and in you’re mind you are hoping you don’t get into a bad situation where you get stuck or your walking on forever. After about eight more miles of walking you finally find what looks like a cabin but you can’t be sure. You see something shaking in the bushes and you start to panic and you don’t know where to run. By the time you think you have a great idea of where you are going to hide the rustling stops. You stay alert and still for a little while longer because you don’t know if whatever is in the bushes will charge at you. After a while it is dead silent and you slowly tip-toe in the other direction and all is starting to get better. You start on your miraculous adventure to try and find a cabin for shelter because your legs are in throbbing pain and you need some rest. You start to actually see a black shadow so huge you think this may be the end. Click here to continue

  10. You have to try and find confidence in yourself to make it all the way through this bad mess. You forget about what think was a bear you and you start to hear something again but this time it sounds like a death-curdling cry from a female human who seams to be in a great deal of pain. Then you think about how you left your friend there to suffer with their broken ankle and you yell in the direction you heard the death-curdling cry coming from. You walk forward, following the echo of the high-pitched scream. Finally you find your friend, and she is bleeding badly from falling off the rock and breaking their leg. Click here to continue

  11. You wrap some ace-bandaging around her leg to stop the excessive bleeding. There is a huge wagon nearby, you run toward it and grab hold of the handle, then, and you go running toward your friend. Soon she is sitting in the wagon all touched up and you remember you are still trying to look for shelter in a cabin or something. You turn around because you hear a deafening noise and a cabin is built all nice and sturdy and perfectly trimmed on the edges. You slowly open the door and look inside. It is stocked with lots and lots of food! Finally there are supplies for you and your friend. You are saved!!!!!!!!!

  12. You decide to scale up the mountain to get a better look at the big red figure; you walk back to the mountain and glumly start climbing again. You realize that climbing up the hill is much harder then climbing down. You’re practically heaving for air by the time your about 2 feet off the ground. You are super tired from climbing both up and down the mountain. You make it about 4 more feet and you realize that this wasn’t the right choice, but now it would be too hard to climb back down, so you force yourself to climb higher soon you realize that your about 8 feet off the ground you turn around and you have the same look at the big red figure that you did earlier. You push yourself to get higher, and then a thought pops into your head you will have to set up camp at the top of the mountain… Click here to continue

  13. that is if you make it to the top. No, you can’t think like that. You force yourself another foot higher and take a break you look behind you and you see the top of… a cabin! And smoke is coming out of the top that must mean people! You look towards the top only about 10 more feet to go, and then energy strikes through you’re veins and you climb faster then you ever have before then you do the other 5 feet that you have to go, even faster then before your hanging on to the top trying to pull yourself up, but the ground is loose! You fall almost 20 feet and smash into the ground so hard that everyone for 20 miles could hear it! The last thought that you ever had, been that you’ve let your friend down and that you’ve let yourself down. You can’t seem to think of how disappointed you are in yourself. Then after all of that sad thinking everything goes black, and never comes light again.

  14. You break a stick off the tree next to you and slowly stand up. You get thoughts of what might happen in this battle. The bobcat slowly walks toward you, and you walk away. Then the cat leaps at you and your first reflex is to swing your stick at it. You hit in the head and it falls to the ground. The cat quickly bounces back on his paws. You start to run and the bobcat tackles you. You push it off your chest and scramble to your feet. You take another swing at the cat but miss, and your stick flies out of your hand. You watch it hit a beehive and it fell. You are allergic to bee stings so you hope it is empty, it isn’t. The bees are swarming toward you, you try to run but it is too late. They are already stinging you and the stings are starting to puff up. When the bees left you are having trouble breathing. Then all of a sudden you collapse and can not see. Your last thought is that you failed to save your friend. You were done for, dead and gone.

  15. You decide you want to keep your life so you run. As soon as you run, the bobcat starts following you. You quickly run to the nearest tree and you start climbing. You make it to the top just in time. The bobcat starts climbing the tree. Your heart starts pounding even harder then before. The bobcat is just about to get you when “Bam” the bobcat loses its grip and falls. You decide to stay up in the tree until the bobcat leaves. Two hours pass and the bobcat was still there circling, watching your every move. Then the bobcat suddenly leaves, and you wonder why it left. You’re too scared to go down, but you’re too hungry to stay up in that tree any longer. You quietly jump down from the tree and you look for the bobcat. Click here to continue

  16. You start running. You see the end of the swamp and your heart starts pounding again. You start to run as fast as your legs will carry you until you hit something thick and cold. You look down at your feet you know you just hit quicksand. You try to squirm out of the quicksand but you can’t move. Your last thought popped into your head you say I am sorry friend as you take your final breath.