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Old Weather Arctic PowerPoint Presentation
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Old Weather Arctic

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Old Weather Arctic

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Old Weather Arctic

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  1. Old Weather Arctic LARGE-SCALE ENVIRONMENTAL DATA RESCUE THROUGH CROWDSOURCING K. Wood, P. Brohan, N. Soreide, J. Overland, M. Mollan, E. Hope, L. Mishonova, A. Smith, and more than 16,400 contributors including Joan Arthur

  2. Old Weather …the award is based around innovation in meteorology, with a particular focus on business and/or public impact…

  3. Scientists want to compare past weather with the weather now

  4. What about the 71% of wet bits?

  5. What about the 71% of wet bits? Not a problem ship mates…

  6. Old Weather Phases 1 & 2 Royal Navy ships WW1

  7. What is the data like? The Good

  8. What is the data like? The Bad

  9. What is the data like? and the Ugly

  10. We do like to enjoy ourselves so here’s another version of ugly – glasses on!

  11. If I wanted to have a go – how does it work?

  12. Draw a box over the data, select the data type

  13. Draw a box over the data, select the data type Type what you see…including blanks

  14. So what do the scientists see? XX marks a problem User interface built by Arfon & Co at ZOONIVERSE

  15. This shows the BBC running the results into a view of how the weather was looking around the world on the 19th October 1952. Starboard The historians have video runs showing ship activities. This is the day after the Battle of Jutland Port

  16. Starboard - Climate Joan

  17. Port side Moment of Discovery! Jeannette Island (OstrovZhannetty)

  18. A terrible price Jeannette crushed Melville’s party (In the Lena Delta) Today (Jane Lubchenco, NOAA) De Long’s men carry the logbooks ashore through a mile of broken ice

  19. Jeannette surgeon’s weather log Supplied by the US Navy Bureau of Medicine Archive after public release of Old Weather – Arctic & photographed at the National Archives by project staff James M.M. Ambler, USN (1848-1881)

  20. What about the Arctic sea ice then? Thetis’ ice observations (black text) compared with along-track coverages from HadISST 1979-2004 (max-mean-min)

  21. Is it all so serious? – oh no! History also records….

  22. Extraordinary value-added Old Weather citizen-scientists produce their own research and project reference material (handwriting, technical terms, place names, etc) Could not be done with a top-down approach Currently recorded: natural phenomenon, crew lists, burials at sea, discipline & desertion, ships met, notable events of all kinds… The bonus: word- date- position-searchable manuscript data

  23. …and some jokers!

  24. HMS Tarantula

  25. …not (HMS) Wonganella

  26. Thank you – hope to see you on the OW crew lists