Writing blogging and seo for journalists
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Writing, blogging and SEO for journalists. Ian Reeves. Why should journalists blog?. Visibility – reaching your audience and letting your audience reach you Vulnerability – showing that you’re open and transparent Veracity – allowing, even encouraging your audience to correct your errors

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Writing blogging and seo for journalists

Writing, blogging and SEO for journalists

Ian Reeves

Why should journalists blog
Why should journalists blog?

  • Visibility – reaching your audience and letting your audience reach you

  • Vulnerability – showing that you’re open and transparent

  • Veracity – allowing, even encouraging your audience to correct your errors

  • Variety – giving yourself an option to express yourself in a different voice

When should journalist blog
When should journalist blog?

  • Often

  • When researching certain stories to understand what the audience thinks

  • When you see something interesting elsewhere that is relevant to your audience – link blogging

  • To keep following a running story

  • When you need to explain your approach to a story

How should journalists blog
How should journalists blog?

  • Using a blog tool on their publication’s main site, or

  • Using any one of various free blogging tools – Wordpress, Blogger, Movable Type etc

  • Then publicise your blog – register with Feedburner, Technorati etc

Entrepreneurial blogging
Entrepreneurial blogging

  • There is money to be made…


    … if you can get the traffic

So how do i get the traffic
So how do I get the traffic?

  • Who are you writing for? Readers? Or Google’s computers?

  • The answer is both

  • The readers might not see you if the computers don’t notice you

  • So balance is required

  • Some of the print-based rules, particularly headline writing, need to be rethought

Search engine optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation

  • A way of ensuring that internet search engines (Google, Bing) etc, will list your content as prominently as possible if a user types in certain key words

  • Key words used in headline and intro are particularly important

  • Think about the terms a reader would use for their search

Seo headlines
SEO headlines

  • Headline accounts for 30% of decision to click through

  • Headline has big impact on search ranking

  • Headline also important for RSS feeds

  • BBC headlines max 33 characters

Classic headlines
Classic headlines...

  • Gotcha!

  • Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster

  • Headless Body in Topless Bar

  • Super Caley Go Ballistic, Celtic Are Atrocious

  • Zip Me Up Before You Go-Go

  • Churchill Flies Back To Front

  • Dr Fuchs off to Antarctic

Given the seo treatment
...given the SEO treatment

  • Argentine warship Belgrano sunk by British forces in Falklands War

  • Comedian Freddie Starr ate my pet hamster, claims blonde model

  • New York police search for killer of headless victim in topless bar

  • Inverness Caledonian Thistle beat Glasgow Celtic in Scottish Cup

  • George Michael arrested for lewd conduct in public toilet by Los Angeles police

  • Winston Churchill returns to rally British troops in France

  • Polar adventurer Doctor Vivian Fuchs explores Antarctic

Seo intros
SEO intros

  • Intro par accounts for 43% of decision to click through

  • Include the key words you imagine people will search for, and tell the story concisely and compellingly.

  • Include geographical locations if appropriate, and full names of key players/institutions in the story

  • Think: who do I want to read this, and what Google alerts will they have set?

Seo sources
SEO sources

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