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Journalists. Rights, Roles & Responsibilities. Journalist’s Rights. Where does a journalist get the right to report the news?. Ask Yourself. What are a journalist’s duties? What’s his/her job? What are a journalist’s obligations? What does he/she owe his/her audience?

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Rights, Roles & Responsibilities

Journalist s rights
Journalist’s Rights

Where does a journalist get the right to report the news?

Ask yourself
Ask Yourself

  • What are a journalist’s duties? What’s his/her job?

  • What are a journalist’s obligations? What does he/she owe his/her audience?

  • What are a journalist’s rights? What “special treatment” does he/she get?

First amendment
First Amendment

  • “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Freedom of the press
Freedom of the Press

  • Why are First Amendment freedoms important to our society?

  • Should press freedom be unrestricted?

    • Plusses?

    • Minuses?

1 st amendment in the internet age
1st Amendment in the Internet Age

  • Freedom of speech applies to all U.S. citizens.

  • “Public journalism”

  • YouTube, blogs, Web postings

Roles of the journalist
Roles of the Journalist

What do journalists provide to a community?

3 roles
3 Roles

  • Spotlight

  • Database

  • Open Forum

Role 1 shine a spotlight
Role #1: Shine a Spotlight

  • Examine people & events

    • Who’s important / influential?

    • What’s happening?

  • Set an agenda for publicissues by the stories theychoose to cover & thosethey choose to ignore

  • Give priority or prominence to some stories over others

What to spotlight
What to Spotlight?

Decisions are based on journalist’s efforts to be citizen’s advocate in examining activities of public officials.

Journalists do so by:

  • providing information

  • acting as a lookout

Providing information
Providing Information

  • Daily events

  • Things happen that attract media spotlight

    • EX: girl disappears; leads to stories on chat room threats

Acting as a lookout
Acting as a Lookout

  • Report on activities of business/government/elsewhere that might have an impact on our lives

    • Good impact—this great thing is coming (new technology)

    • Bad impact—Howard Aim reports (watchdog)

  • “Sentries”—looking for future trends

Role 2 database
Role #2: Database

Database = large amount of information that can be accessed in a variety of ways

  • Interpreting & Explaining

  • Entertaining & Amusing

  • Keeping a Record

Interpreting explaining
Interpreting & Explaining

  • Help readers & listeners understand & interpret the news of the day

    • What an election means

  • Offer opinions, commentaries

    • Different from “editorials,” which are paper’s opinion on an issue

Entertaining amusing
Entertaining & Amusing

  • comics, crossword puzzles, advice columns, etc.

  • entertainment reviews

  • “light” features (Chad on “Dancing with the Stars”)

Keeping a record
Keeping a Record

  • Recorder of public data

    • Sports statistics

    • Weather forecast

    • Stock market details

    • Interest rates

    • Maps

    • Charts & graphs

Role 3 open forum
Role #3: Open Forum

  • Media works to create a sense of community

  • “Public journalism”—a style of journalism that seeks to revitalize public life and to promote a sense among members of the community that their institutions actually belong to them.

    • seeks out “ordinary” people—their opinions & their involvement

    • public service projects that go beyond reporting to provide hands-on community leadership