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Career Insider Network Mentoring Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Career Insider Network Mentoring Orientation

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Career Insider Network Mentoring Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Insider Network Mentoring Orientation
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  1. Career Insider NetworkMentoring Orientation

  2. Vision To provide an online mentorship program that will help students development both academic and career related goals.

  3. Agenda • What is mentoring • Benefits of mentoring • General guidelines • Expectations of mentors and mentees • Procedures: Where do I go from here? • Providing constructive feedback to students • Millennial Generations information • Etiquette • FAQ’s

  4. What is a Mentor A trusted and caring friend who provides support, encouragement and information about specific careers, the world of work, and/or related information

  5. Benefits of Being a Mentor • Helping others • Sharing knowledge • Support students’ career exploration • Share professional networks

  6. Benefits To Students • Gain knowledge of prospective field • Get career advice and support • Explore job options and opportunities • Help with goal setting • Enhance networking and communication skills • Increase confidence and motivation

  7. Program Guidelines • Have access to email • Establish set communication methods • Honor meeting times • Maintain respect & professionalism • Discuss appropriate topics

  8. Expectations for Mentors • Encourage mentee to establish goals and work towards them • Establish a respectful, friendly and communicative relationship with mentee • Submit final evaluations

  9. Expectations for Students • Communicate professionally as scheduled • Honor previously scheduled meetings • Be flexible and have a variety of available times • Be somewhat familiar with mentor’s industry • Establish goals to work towards • Submit final evaluation

  10. Initial steps Mentors • Establish a time for contact • Provide feedback and support Mentees • Contact your mentor & introduce yourself • Establish regular monthly contact • Have a list of suggested topics to discuss

  11. Introducing the Millennials

  12. Characteristics: Confident & Goal Oriented Hopeful Civic minded Inclusive The Millennial Generation born between 1980 and 2000

  13. Learning Style: • With technology • With each other • On their time & in their space

  14. Communication Tips • Millennials expect and need praise • Will mistake silence for disapproval • Desire feedback • Appreciate clear expectation • Expect detailed instructions and guidelines for completing assignments

  15. Millennials In the Work Place • Desire personally meaningful work • Want ideas to be treated respectfully • Seek honest leaders with integrity • Need challenging learning opportunities

  16. Millennials In the Work Place (continued) • Look for positive & friendly work environments • Want to incorporate fun into workday • Need orientation to organizational culture • Want flexibility in their schedule

  17. Tips for Providing Effective Feedback • Discuss expectations early • Know the mentee’s career related goals and how you can help • Balance positive and negative feedback • Practice active listening • Be honest, but tactful • Share the importance of workplace skills and teamwork

  18. Providing Feedback Providing positive feedback is the key: • to helping your mentee become knowledgeable about career options • the world of work • achieving their goals

  19. Remember about feedback: • The key is assessing the readiness of the mentee to receive feedback and maintaining the balance between supporter and role model

  20. Additional Tips • Make sure your message is clear and clarify any misunderstandings • Be specific • Be open and willing to share feedback • Contact Career Services if you encounter a problem • Remember that this is a learning experience for your mentee • Most importantly: Have fun!

  21. FAQ’s • Who would I contact if there is a problem? For non-emergencies, contact Career Services (704.330.6551). Ask for Carrie or Vann. In the event of an emergency, please call 911 or the appropriate emergency response number.

  22. Is there ongoing training? • At this point, a formal ongoing training program for mentors is not available. • However, additional training resources will be available. • If you have questions about how to handle a situation please contact Career Services and we will assist you.

  23. Will mentors be provided with a list of suggested activities? Yes. The most common activities that mentors will be asked to engage in are informational interviews, career panels, job shadowing or workshops. However, you will be provided a listed of suggested activities to help the mentoring process. If you would like to interact with your mentee more frequently feel free to do so.

  24. Will I need to track my interactions with my mentee. Yes, you will summarize your activities in the final evaluation. Keep track of the following information: • number of interactions (not including communications to schedule meetings) • the types of activities you engage in, • the method by which you interact with your mentee.

  25. FAQ’s What kind of advice should I give the mentee? career exploration and career related information What is the process for removing myself from the list of mentors? Simply contact Career Services

  26. How will I be contacted by mentees? By the Career Services staff? The initial contact from a mentee is by email. However, from that point on you will be contacted by your preferred method of contact that you listed on your registration form. If needed, Career Services will contact you through this preferred method.

  27. Acknowledgements Some of these materials were adopted from the following: • Mentoring Partnership of Long Island • University of Arizona, Sarah Thompson, ementoring coordinator • State University of New York at Buffalo • Hostos Community College, Bronx New York • Brookdale Community College, Lincroft New Jersey • University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School Association De Accounting Technicians’ Benefits of Mentoring

  28. The End • Thank you for completing the online mentor training. • Career Services appreciates your time and willingness to assist current CPCC students. • If you have any other questions, please contact Career Services at (704) 330-6551 or