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Career Orientation

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Career Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Orientation
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  1. Career Orientation Unit 3Making Decisions

  2. Decisions • The choice between two or more possibilities • May resolve conflict • A clash of ideas or values • All decisions have consequences (results) • What decisions have you made today?

  3. Decisions • Factors that affect decisions • Values • Self-esteem • Peer pressure • Decisions of others • Available resources • Friends/family

  4. Decision-Making Process • The steps one takes to make the best decision • Road map to save you time and help you reach your dreams

  5. Career Decisions • It may seem early to make career decisions now…but your career decision may be tentative. • Tentative • A decision or plan that can be changed • IS NOT DEFINITE! • You will be able to have a sense of what you would like to do and the goals you want to work toward. • Changing a decision is much better than never making a decision at all!

  6. Remember others will put pressure on you to do what they want you to do Don’t be afraid of failure Pay attention to daily decisions Might have to compromise To give up something to resolve a conflict Remember that decisions have both good and bad outcomes Accept the outcome Remember, you can change decisions Don’t depend on luck Tips on Making Better Career Decisions

  7. Step 1: Define What You Need vs. What You Want • Needs • Things you must have to survive • Wants • Things you would like to have, but do not have to have; luxuries • Be specific • Consider your values, goals, interests, abilities, etc.

  8. Step 2: Look Carefully at Your Resources • Resource • Anything a person has or uses to reach a goal • Strengths, skills, or talents • Human resources • People • Nonhuman resources • Time, money, etc.

  9. Write down every possible choice that comes to mind. Most of the time you will have more than 1 option. Do not eliminate any choices, think of as many as you can. Step 3: List Your Options

  10. Step 4:Weigh the Possible Outcomes • Consider advantages/disadvantages of each option • What are the consequences? • Some will have desirable effects, others undesirable

  11. Step 5: Make Your Decision • Choose the best option • One choice may not come out way ahead of others • Two or three may tie

  12. Make a plan to get started The course of action one decides to take at the end of the decision-making process Be willing to accept consequences See decision all the way through Maintain positive attitude Step 6:Act on Your Decision

  13. Step 7: Evaluate • Evaluate • To look at closely and judge • Did you make the right decision? • Would you do anything differently?