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Overview. What are the “5201” Additives?. Problems Tackled. General Benefits. Cleaner Fuel Lines Cleaner Injectors Water Removal Less Smoke Lower Emissions Better Combustion Safe and Reliable Less Consumption. Economical Benefits . This can be THREE folds :

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General benefits l.jpg
General Benefits

  • Cleaner Fuel Lines

  • Cleaner Injectors

  • Water Removal

  • Less Smoke

  • Lower Emissions

  • Better Combustion

  • Safe and Reliable

  • Less Consumption

Economical benefits l.jpg
Economical Benefits

This can be THREE folds:

  • Less Consumption: hundreds of tests have revealed the following results:

    • 10-15% for local green diesel

    • 15-25% for local red diesel

    • >25% for other dirtier diesel found in the local market

    • Up to 40% for gasoline

    • Up to 20% for HFO (not enough data)

  • Less Maintenance: in the following areas (but not limited to):

    • Filters last longer

    • Fuel lines last longer

    • No need for cleaning injectors

    • Optimum efficiency in combustion

  • Usage of lower quality fuel can give the same performance as using high quality one

Environmental benefits l.jpg
Environmental Benefits

  • Less Consumption: means less emissions means less pollution

  • Minimizing Smoke: the particles in the soot are one of the main reasons in many cancerous diseases

  • Better Combustion: leads to lower emissions by up to 45%

Usage l.jpg

  • For diesel and HFO, the mixing ratio of the additive is 0.2% or 2 per thousand.

  • For gasoline, the mixing ratio is 0.3% or 3 per thousand

    Mixing takes place within 10 minutes automatically

    without any mechanism or tool

    For best results, the additive should be mixed in the proper ratios with a margin of error of ± 5%. Continuous usage on regular basis ensures all the benefits at all times

How does it work l.jpg
How Does it Work?

  • 5201 modifies the combustion process to make it more efficient. It makes the fuel particles more homogeneous so that the fuel-air ratio will be optimized leading to a more efficient combustion. The figure below shows the process of ignition and fuel explosion in the cylinder. The figure to the left is taken without the additive while the one to the right is with the additive. Notice the faster propagation of the explosion.

How does it work cont d l.jpg
How Does it Work? (Cont’d)

  • 5201 decreases surface tension among fuel molecules

  • 5201 decreases the size of the fuel molecules

  • 5201 works like a detergent to clean the fuel lines

  • 5201 lubricates the fuel lines to extend its operational lives

  • 5201 emulsifieswater present in the fuel

Composition l.jpg


5201 Additive Formula


Special Mineral Oils



All these ingredients are completely compatible with the fuel systems and fuel found in the market

Physical data storage l.jpg
Physical Data / Storage

5201 D and 5201 F come in 20 liters special plastic containers. Store in proper shady space at ambient temperature (less than 40°C)

There is no shelf-life for these products

Tests photos below are the property of some clients l.jpg
Tests(photos below are the property of some clients)

Combustion chambers, Pistons, Valves, etc… are always clean if 5201 is used

The injectors maybe dirty with gum deposits. Using 5201 will make them clean again

With 5201, you may notice heavy smoke in the beginning of usage due to the cleaning process that is taking place. Afterwards, smoke decreases dramatically

Conclusion l.jpg

In brief, the 5201 additives can solve ALL your fuel problems.

  • Consumption will be decreased,

  • Maintenance will be minimal and,

  • Your engine life will be maximized.

    Our GUARANTEE to all our clients:

    If you try our product and you are not satisfied with this additive, we will pay back all the additive costs + 20% compensation.

Contacts l.jpg

OFFICE: 3rd Floor – Kaline Center – Sin El Fil – Lebanon

PLANT: Nahr El Mot

PHONE: +961 1 482435/6

+961 3 227426 (Elias Aoun – General Manager)

+961 3 883454 (SalahMaalouf– Sales Representative)

MAIL: 50440 – Furn El Chebbak – Baabda 10112040 – Lebanon

EMAIL: elias@cdpinfo.org