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PRODUCT OVERVIEW. This presentation has been prepared to provide users and potential purchasers of the Construction Site Safety Audit System software with a brief overview of the product and the benefits it offers. Overview.

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product overview


This presentation has been prepared to provide users and potential purchasers of the Construction Site Safety Audit Systemsoftware with a brief overview of the product and the benefits it offers

  • TheConstruction Site Safety Audit Systemhas been specifically designed to assist site managers, safety professionals, builders, contractors, tradesmen, architects, engineers, clients and others to monitor site safety and comply with their duties under UK Health & Safety Law 
  • The software has been written by practising engineers and safety professionals who have a detailed understanding and knowledge of both the construction industry and Health & Safety legislation

application and use
Application and Use
  • The Construction Site Safety Audit Systemprovides a comprehensive, yet easy to use site safety auditing system which can aid and assist those with responsibilities for the management and coordination of site safety matters
  • The package enables site safety audits to be carried out quickly and efficiently in a professional, cost effective and consistent manner. This enables hazards to be identified, control measures to be specified and the safety performance of single or multiple sites to be reviewed

what does it do
What does it do?

The software provides:

  • Interactive database software for use on laptop, desktop and handheld Pocket PC’s
  • Electronic checklists with over 80 key safety issues
  • Automatic calculation of page totals and audit scores for each section and for the audit as a whole
  • Additional guidance and information is provided on each audit item by simply tapping the screen
  • Additional notes and action points can be recorded as the audit is undertaken

what topics are covered
The audit includes 80 individual audit points which are grouped under the following sections:

Welfare Facilities

Safety Management Procedures

Site Safety Controls

Traffic Management (Pedestrian & Vehicular)

Storage Areas

Working at Height

Site Management

Plant & Equipment

General Site Works

Personal Protective Equipment

What topics are covered?

hse construction blitz
HSE Construction Blitz
  • As most in the construction industry are aware, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have recently undertaken a number of high profile audits and inspections of construction sites
  • The June 2003 blitz stopped work on 332 sites due to unsafe working practices (improvement notices were also served on another 75!)
  • Working at height and manual handling are 2 of the key areas being targeted by the HSE

ensuring compliance
Ensuring Compliance
  • The Construction Site Safety Audit Systemcan help to control and manage construction safety through the regular auditing and inspection of building and construction sites
  • Areas of non compliance and longer term trends can easily be identified allowing key resources and training to be directed to where it will provide the most benefit

features benefits
Features & Benefits
  • The following slides provide more information on the key features and modules of the Construction Site Safety Audit System
  • Whilst we have not included all of the features contained within the pack, we feel that the following slides provide a comprehensive overview of the product and its features
  • The only computer skills you need to operate the software is to know how to point a mouse, click the mouse button’s and use the keyboard to type in text


As shown on the right, each audit contains not only the results of the audit, but also key project information

The powerful in-built database means that an unlimited number of audits may be carried out before the Pocket PC is synchronised with its desktop PC, each audit is uniquely identified and automatically time stamped.


Navigating your way through the Audit system is simple!

You can either click the Previous or Next buttons, or click on the return to contents hyperlink which is displayed at the bottom of every page. From the contents page you can then jump to the required audit page/section.


As the screen shots to the left show, each section of the audit is contained within a single page. The user then has to simply point at the screen and select the appropriate symbol depending on whether or not the item is Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory or Not Applicable.

The software then calculates the page total, the total number of marks available and the % Score for this section. The users also has the opportunity to record notes and any required action points.


If the user is unsure as to what he needs to check or assess, he simply needs to click on the title of the audit item and the screen will change to provide guidance notes and information relevant to the specific subtopic, ie: for the use of ladders, the following screen is displayed:


At the end of the audit, all of the section scores are transferred to a summary sheet. This gives the % Score for each section, together with the overall score for each Audit.

The software also incorporates the facility for each audit to be digitally signed upon the completion of the audit.


The Construction Site Safety Audit System is supplied complete with a copy of the Pocket PC Creations Software. Safety Services Direct Ltd is a registered Partner of Pocket PC Creations.

When a Pocket PC version of the Construction Site Safety Audit Systemis synchronised with a desktop PC, all completed audits are uploaded to the desktop/laptop computer. From here the data can be exported to HTML or MS Excel for further analysis. A selection of Excel spreadsheets are provided to help users in the presentation of the data.

comprehensive guidance
Comprehensive Guidance
  • The Construction Site Safety Audit Systemalso includes comprehensive guidance on each of the audit items and is supplied with Quick Start Guidance Notes
  • Further email and telephone support is also provided as a part of our after sales service


System Requirements:

  • Processor - Pentium II or newer
  • Recommended 128MB RAM or higher
  • CD ROM drive
  • Operating system Windows 98/2000/XP
  • Microsoft Excel 97 or newer
  • Windows for Pocket PC/2002/2003
  • Handheld Pocket PC for mobile use
  • Microsoft Activesync (Pocket PC communications software)

  • The price of our software is all inclusive and includes for not only the software itself, but also for:
      • Ongoing technical support
  • We do not charge an annual maintenance fee for the use of our software
  • There are no hidden costs to pay!!

how to purchase
How to Purchase
  • The Construction Site Safety Audit Systemmay be purchased from our online shop by logging onto:

  • As you proceed through the checkout you will be asked if you want to make an online credit/debit card purchase or you may alternatively print off you order and send it to us with a cheque/postal order for the required sum.
  • If you require any further information, please email us on:


Thank You For

Your Interest