finding financial solutions models for microgrids n.
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Finding Financial Solutions & Models for Microgrids PowerPoint Presentation
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Finding Financial Solutions & Models for Microgrids

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Finding Financial Solutions & Models for Microgrids - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Finding Financial Solutions & Models for Microgrids. Maryland Clean Energy Summit Panel. Wednesday, October 16, 2013. What is a Microgrid? Real-Time Optimization of Energy Assets.

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finding financial solutions models for microgrids

Finding Financial Solutions & Models for Microgrids

Maryland Clean Energy Summit Panel

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

what is a microgrid real time optimization of energy assets
What is a Microgrid?Real-Time Optimization of Energy Assets

The MicroGrid concept builds on technical & commercial concepts evolved from advances in automated Demand Response (DR) integrated with Distributed Generation (DG) and Electric Storage (ES). The “MicroGrid” is an integrated energy system of distributed energy resources & multiple controllable electrical loads operating in a single, autonomous grid—allowing ‘islanding” from the utility power grid to provide the following key capabilities:-

Conceptual Image of a Microgrid

Improved energy security and higher reliability through direct “command & control” of owned distributed energy resources

Enable redundancy and backup scenarios that ensure operations and mission specific events are risk managed to avoid energy curtailments

Optimize energy assets to gain site efficiencies by managing the load profile and peak demand utilizing own “inside the fence” resources

Maximize the return on assets and income through energy arbitrage and interfacing with energy markets with demand response and ancillary services

Source: DNV KEMA


microgrids tools needed to finance applications
Microgrids Tools Needed to Finance Applications
  • Today, there is a great deal of focus on understanding what a microgrid can do and how it can help
  • The challenges come in trying to finance the projects when there is uncertainty on applications, technologies, payback, and performance
  • Tools that can assist financing entities to assess the potential of the application and payback of the microgrid are essential to public – private partnerships
  • Are tools available today?
    • DNV KEMA has developed a microgrid optimization tool designed to measure the cost effectiveness of the application
dnv kema microgrid optimizer overview
DNV KEMA Microgrid Optimizer Overview
  • The MGO model simulates a Microgrid Management System (MMS) by optimizing revenue or emission reductions.
  • Includes physical models of generation, storage and load resources
  • Embeds control algorithms of Building Management Systems and islanded operation
  • Models net-metering as well as wholesale market participation in ancillaries and demand response.
  • The model runs hourly simulations over 365 days and produces total lifecycle costs and benefits.
  • Includes statistical methods for forward forecasts of customer loads and gas prices
  • Analyses the ability to service loads under islanded operation
  • Detailed characterization of building loads and energy efficiency measures
  • The key to financing microgrids is having the tools to accurately and confidently predict the operation and benefits
  • The DNV KEMA Tool is one means to provide clarity in how the microgrid will operate, the benefits it will produce, and the payback it will provide

Jessica Harrison

Principal Consultant

DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability