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Health and Fitness A Career as a Personal Trainer PowerPoint Presentation
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Health and Fitness A Career as a Personal Trainer

Health and Fitness A Career as a Personal Trainer

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Health and Fitness A Career as a Personal Trainer

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  1. Health and FitnessA Career as a Personal Trainer MEGAN BOWE BSc Dip PT Personal TrainerSports Massage TherapistPilates InstructorNutritional Advisor

  2. WHERE IT ALL BEGAN… I’ve graduated – now what ? • June 2006 Graduated with Sports Science BSc Degree • July – October 2006 Travelled and Worked in California, USA • October – December 2006 Panicked ! Investigated Careers and Possible Job Opportunities Back to Uni Masters or PhD Sports Coaching Or Development Health and Fitness Personal Training Outdoor Pursuits Activity Instructor Teacher Training PE/Sports Teacher

  3. QUALIFICATIONS & TRAINING… becoming the real deal • Professionalising the industry The Register of Exercise Professional (REPs) Mission Statement is: "To ensure that all exercise professionals are suitably knowledgeable and qualified to help safeguard and to promote the health and interests of the people who use their services." • Becoming qualified (from 8 weeks intensive - 2 years part time) Number of providers that require studying and assessment of both practical and theory based skills (knowledge and instruction)

  4. QUALIFICATIONS & TRAINING… becoming the real deal • Advanced • Cardiovascular Training Advanced Exercise and Fitness Knowledge • Advanced • Resistance Training • Nutrition Modules Gym Instruction Concepts and Components of Fitness Behaviour Change Energy Systems • Anatomy and Physiology • Functional Kinesiology

  5. QUALIFICATIONS & TRAINING… becoming the real deal • Training Providersnumber of different companies TTR PT The Training Room Personal Training • Based in Hatfield or Bournemouth • 8 week intensive course • Provide employment opportunities once graduated • Assessment process to be accepted

  6. TTR PT : Course Content • Format • 6 – 7 days a week 5 days studying 1-2 days work experience • Modules • Applied Anatomy and Physiology (level 2 and 3) • Foundation and Advanced Training Methods and Techniques • Functional Kinesiology and Core Training • Client Lifestyle and Fitness Assessment and Analysis • Training Principles and Programme Design • Certificate in Spinning / Aqua Aerobics / Circuit Training / Exercise to Music • Sports Nutrition • Nutrition & Weight Management • Interpersonal skills, psychology, motivation and behavioral change • Business, Marketing and Sales Skills

  7. TTR PT : Intense but Brilliant

  8. PERSONAL TRAINING… so what’s it all about ? Role of a Personal Trainer • Perform in depth evaluations of clients fitness levels • Prescribe exercises appropriate for client and their goals • Demonstrate and educate proper technique of exercises • Monitor and record clients progress making adjustments when needed to continually challenge and aid progression

  9. PERSONAL TRAINING… so what’s it all about ? Its not ALL practical • Hard work includes promoting yourself to attract clients, assessing new clients needs and developing and planning the exercises ready for the session ! But A LOT of it is ! Hooray ! • As long as you are knowledgeable, professional, organised and safe … training clients is the easiest and most fun part of the job ! • Working with clients hands on • Show them exercises and the correct way to do them • Spotting and Encouraging them • Providing Motivation and Positive Feedback

  10. PERSONAL TRAINING… so what’s it all about ? Essential Qualities … successful traits to have and hone • Enthusiastic and Motivated • Passionate and Knowledgeable • Hard Working, Positive and Patient • Good Listener and Clear Communicator • Organised, Professional but Adaptable • Always keen to always learn MORE !

  11. PERSONAL TRAINING… why is it so popular ? Using knowledge and expertise to help others lead a healthier lifestyle by creating solutions to their problems ! Many Benefits to clients … • Health and Fitness • Weight management, Fitness, Posture, Reduce Injury and Illness • Mental and Wellbeing • Improve confidence, Boost energy and mood, Sleep and Work Better • Convenient and Successful • Located in own home, local gym or park • Motivation and education provided with mentor and teacher • Affordable

  12. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF … me ! • Wake up early … drive to clients homes Training Sessions 8am 9.30am 11am • Continuing the day … onto the gym Gym Shift starts 1 – 6pm • Make my way home … an evening pilates class to take Pilates Class 7pm • Home by 8pm to relax and prepare for the next day !

  13. PERSONAL TRAINING… the process of new clients • Initial Consultation • Get to know the person, their goals and commitment/availability • Initial Assessments and Testing • Health and Fitness(VO2 max, Body Fat %, Circumferences, Strength, Flexibility) • Nutrition and Lifestyle • (Take away and complete food diary/lifestyle questionnaire and choice of pt type training programme)

  14. EXERCISE : THE BASICS… Cardiovascular Training • To be completed 3 + times each week • Build up to 20 – 40 minutes at a time to improve health and fitness and to reduce body fat • Optimum Heart Rate Zone : Karvonen Method • Can be complete in the gym on cardiovascular machines or by other activities such as swimming, walking, and sports • Anything that increase your heart rate • Interval training is great for fat burning AND cardiovascular benefits

  15. EXERCISE : THE BASICS… Resistance Training • To be completed 2 - 3 times each week • Good form or technique MUST be performed to get the most out of these exercises as this can raise metabolic rate with the increase of lean muscle • Work all major muscle groups of the body with compound exercises such as squats and bench press • Rest the muscles and avoid working the same muscle groups on consecutive days to get the best results from your programme. • Include core exercises to improve posture and definition and to avoid injury

  16. EXERCISE : THE BASICS… Stretch and Flexibility Training • Aids muscle growth, repair and shape • Increases flexibility and ROM and promotes faster recovery • Ease into a stretch and hold for 20 – 30 seconds • Perform stretches between sets or after a workout Can lead onto other areas such as sport massage therapy Training can be completed with another number of training providers

  17. MY FIRST JOB… an adult with responsibilities ! • Next Generation Health Club • Gym Instructor20 hours within the gym, running the floor, providing assistance to members and taking inductions and fitness classes. • Personal Trainerworking with clients on a one to one basis to individually motivate and help them achieve their goals. Working for a large gym or health club is valuable experience on you way to being a successful personal trainer

  18. 18 MONTHS AND COUNTING … a career in the making • Mix and Match : Enjoying what I am good at ! • Gym Instructor • Personal Trainer (for two separate gyms) • Own Boss (home personal training business) • Freelance Class Instructor (pilates, spinning etc) Organisation is vital … my diary is my bible !

  19. MY OWN BUSINESS… my developing aspirations • A work in progress … a dream in the making • • Home and Gym Based Personal Training Sessions • Part time at present to be my full time job in the next few years ! • Be your own boss • Organised, Motivated and Driven • Hard work but enjoyable and rewarding • Working hours are determined by your success and efficiency

  20. MY CV : Places I’ve Worked • 2008 Exercise Solutions Personal Training CEO Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Swedish and Sports Massage Therapist Class Instructor - Pilates, Spinning, LBT, Circuits and Core Ball • 2007/8 Cliffords Health Clubs, Long Eaton, Nottingham • 2007/8 Next Generation Health Clubs, Leicester (Narborough) • 2007 Fitspace Gym, Bournemouth • 2006Major League Soccer Camps (California, USA) • 2005 Abacus Care Nursing and Caring Services • 2005 Nottingham Forest Football ClubPhysiotherapy Work Experience • 2005 NHS Nottingham Queens Medical Centre Physiotherapy Work Shadowing

  21. GETTING INVOLVED… tips for career development • Research training providers • Investigate work experience or book in with a gym instructor or personal trainer • When qualified work in a gym, health or sports club to gain valuable experience • Personal training takes time and dedication to develop a client base and network • Practice what you preach ! You’ll be better at your job !

  22. Final Tips : Being the Best ! • Don’t be a know it all … if you don’t know don’t blag ! • Admit when you’re wrong … don’t let your clients struggle ! • Give your full attention … you are responsible for their safety • Practice what you preach … AND NEVER STOP LEARNING ! DO WHAT YOU LOVE LOVE WHAT YOU DO

  23. Welcome To The PT Academy

  24. How to find out further information • Leave contact details today and we will email further information • Visit • Call our team on 01202 313670