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Amy Nelson, Hillary Raque Dodge, Kat Gilbert, and Janina Goodwin PowerPoint Presentation
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Amy Nelson, Hillary Raque Dodge, Kat Gilbert, and Janina Goodwin

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Amy Nelson, Hillary Raque Dodge, Kat Gilbert, and Janina Goodwin - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Amy Nelson, Hillary Raque Dodge, Kat Gilbert, and Janina Goodwin. Strategic Plan 2010-2013. Presentation Outline. Community Profile (Amy ) Vision ~ Mission ~ Values ~ Motto (Janina) Planning Team (Kat) Timeline (Kat) SWOT (Janina?) Goals and Objectives (Hillary) Budget (Hillary)

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Amy Nelson, Hillary Raque Dodge, Kat Gilbert, and Janina Goodwin

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Presentation Transcript
presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • Community Profile (Amy)
  • Vision ~ Mission ~ Values ~ Motto (Janina)
  • Planning Team (Kat)
  • Timeline (Kat)
  • SWOT (Janina?)
  • Goals and Objectives (Hillary)
  • Budget (Hillary)
  • Group Process (Amy)
community profile
Community Profile
  • Located in Huerfano County
  • Rich history & culture
  • Changing community dynamics due to new industry
  • Population increased from 16,899 in 2000 to 26,711 in 2008
  • 51% self-identify as Hispanic
  • 23.1 speak a language other than English at home
  • Median annual household income is $26,212
  • 71% have high school diploma,  9% has BA or higher
vision mission values motto
Vision ~ Mission ~ Values ~ Motto


Vista Public Library will partner with its community to innovate and expand horizons.  By integrating forward-thinking technology, diverse programming, and dedicated staff, the library will become the pulse point of the community.


Vista Public Library provides diverse cultural and educational enrichment for dreamers and learners of all ages.


Community - Access - Information Literacy - Innovation - Enrichment – Diversity


Your world under one roof.

planning team
Planning Team
  • Library Director- Amy Nelson
  • Technical Head - Joseph Hernandez
  • Reference Head - Jerry Rosa
  • Advertising Executive - JaninaGoodwin
  • Certified Public Accountant - Hillary Raque Dodge
  • Business Consultant - Kat Gilbert
  • High School Principal - Will Knightly
  • Board Member - John Berg
  • Week 1: Preplanning Meeting

Vista Planning Team

  • Week 2: First Meeting

Vista Planning Team

The Planning Team meets for the first time.

  • Week 4: Second Meeting

VistaPlanning Team and Marketing Firm

Survey and Focus Groups

  • Week 8: Third Meeting

Vista Planning Team

Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Values, and Motto

  • Week 9 – 10: Fourth Meeting

Vista Planning Team

Strategic Planning #1:  SWOT Analysis

  • Week 11 – 12: Fifth Meeting

Vista Planning Team

Strategic Planning #2: Goals and Objectives

  • Week 13 – 18: Sixth Meeting

Director, High School Principal and Volunteer Coordinator

Creation of High School Volunteer Program  

Vista Planning Team

Director shares approved budget

  • Week 19 - 21: Final Revisions

Vista Planning Team

Director shares approved budget

  • Week 22-25: Unveiling

Vista Planning Team and Community Members

swot analysis strengths
SWOT Analysis: Strengths
  • Well-developed general collection
  • Active and invested volunteers
  • Enthusiastic, friendly and flexible staff
  • Centrally located with high visibility
swot analysis weaknesses
SWOT Analysis: Weaknesses
  • Minimal staff
  • Low technology
  • Minimal programming
  • Poor collection of non-traditional items (Spanish & AV)
  • Few formal relationships between staff and community groups
swot analysis opportunities
SWOT Analysis: Opportunities
  • New building & staff positions
  • Programming & community partnerships
  • Community growth
  • Availability of grants for institutions building programs for underserved populations.
  • Greening of the library & xeriscape projects
swot analysis threats
SWOT Analysis: Threats
  • Mindset
  • Previous reputation
  • Making a larger space feel full & welcoming
  • Overcoming cultural biases
goals and objectives goal 1 accommodate the needs of our growing population
Goals and ObjectivesGoal 1 - Accommodate the needs of our growing population

Objective 1.1

Recruit, develop, and retain high quality personnel.

Measurements - (How we'll measure our progress and know when we've met this objective)

  • 4 FTE staff hired (quantitative)
  • 4 in-service training days for staff (quantitative)
  • Increase in volunteer hours by 266.67% (before: 84 hours, goal: 224 hours) (quantitative)
  • Creation of a orientation manual and formal on-boarding process. (qualitative)

Action Items

  • Hire 4 FTE staff members (Milestone: 1st quarter 2010)
  • Offer four in-service training opportunities for library staff each year. (Milestone: 4th quarter 2012)
  • Plan and implement a new volunteer recruitment and training program. (Milestone: 2rd quarter 2010)
  • Review and revise staff and volunteer orientation information.  (Milestone: 1st quarter 2010)

Objective 1.2

Increase the visibility of the library and serve an increasing percentage of our district population.


  • Increase the library's operation hours by 140% per week.  (before: 40 hours, goal: 56 hours). (quantitative)
  • Create a new brand, including logo, motto, and "feel." (qualitative)
  • Receive a patron satisfaction rating of 75% or better, to be based on annual surveys. (quantitative)

Action Items

  • Increase the library’s hours of operations. (Milestone: 2nd quarter 2010)
  • Undergo re-branding process. (Milestone: 2nd quarter 2011)
  • Develop and implement public relations and marketing plan. (Milestones: 4th quarter 2011)
  • Seek feedback and input from patrons, businesses, and community organizations by developing and conducting annual surveys. (Milestone: 4th quarter 2012)
goals and objectives goal 2 improve and retain a high level of community satisfaction
Goals and ObjectivesGoal 2 - Improve and retain a high level of community satisfaction

Objective 2.1

Increase program offerings.


  • Increase weekly storytimes by 300%. (before: 1, goal: 3). (quantitative)
  • Increase monthly programming by 400%. (before:0, goal:4) (quantitative)

Action Items

  • Offer three story times a week for babies, preschoolers, and families. (Milestone: 3rd quarter 2010)
  • Develop monthly programs to reflect community interests and values. (Milestone: 1st quarter 2011)
  • Develop and promote cultural and artistic programs and endeavors. (Milestone: 1st quarter 2011)
  • Partner with other organizations for programs or educational opportunities. (Milestone: 1st quarter 2011)

Objective 2.2

Employ the use of appropriate state-of-the-art library technology.


  • Increase computer instruction offerings by 200% per month.  (before: 0, goal: 2) (quantitative)
  • Increase database offerings by 600%. (before:2, after: 12) (quantitative)
  • Redesign the library website. (qualitative)

Action Items

  • Offer computer education classes in our new twelve-station computer lab. (Milestone: 2nd quarter 2011)
  • Evaluate and increase our online database offerings. (Milestone: 2nd quarter 2011)
  • Ensure appropriate and timely patron and staff training for newly implemented technologies. (Milestone: 4th quarter 2012)
  • Expand and refine website experience. (Milestone: 2nd quarter 2012)
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