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NEWSLETTER. Dear Seniors,

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Dear Seniors,

With this erratic monsoon passing by, and although dengue is reaching epic proportions in Kolkata, it is yet to hamper the ecstatic mood of JU E-Faculty , which is ,as always, filled with an air of upbeat enthusiasm, fun & laughter, little moments of despair and plenty of ‘lyad khawa’.

central orientation program
Central Orientation Program

Freshers began classes on 3rd of august. We warmly welcomed the freshers with a Central Orientation Program organized by FETSU which was held at Gandhi Bhavan on 6th August, a new initiative aimed at interacting with the freshers on a much bigger platform and to encourage them to look beyond their own department and reach out to others.

Dr. Saswati Majumder of Electrical Engineering Department enlightening the freshers with her generous words

The departmental freshers season began in mid August ; bright new faces in dhuti-punjabis or sarees taking up the stage with a mix of fear and exuberance, relishing the experience altogether.


It was an exciting day for the freshers at the JU SL campus with student performances, a rocking performance by “Paper Fly” and summed up by a DJ night…at CIPPUS 2012

our new vice chancellor
Our new Vice Chancellor

Dr. Souvik Bhattacharya, an ex-student of JU Mechanical Engineering Department, a former Dean of IIT-KGP, with very innovative ‘dabis’ like students should not smoke in campus, number of cultural activities should be reduced, a hostelite should go to a bar instead of drinking inside hostel and many more to come…

freshers football

It has been quite a dull fresher's football in terms of quality of the teams and level of performances, still the excitement was full on, helpless goalies digesting all sorts of ‘words of praise’ . However ,at the end, Electrical and Salt Lake-II turned up with impressive performances, as they got the better of Pharmacy and Civil respectively in the semis, and we are looking forward to a classic final between the two teams.

u turn 2012
U TURN 2012

2nd years biting nails, hopping around Sector-V, high pitched conveners' meeting, boring seminars on CAT , and some more “thap dewa”…and an eager wait for our very own “MUKTOMANCHA”.

All for

18th Sept : Triguna Sen Auditorium, Main Campus

20th Sept : SL Campus

22nd Sept : Muktomancha

You all are cordially invited.


Campusing began in the last week of July with Amazon. Till now 97 people has been placed in 18 different companies and many more to come soon…

AMAZON ( 3 placed)


YAHOO(3 placed)

BAJAJ AUTO (5 placed)

C-DOT( 4 placed)

SPCL (7 placed)

MICROSOFT (7 placed)

MN DASTUR (18 placed)

TATA MOTORS (8 placed)

PHILIPS (5 placed)

CESC (9 placed)


MU SIGMA (9 placed)

HSBC (3 placed)

BOC (2 placed)

THERMAX (3 placed)

TELCON ( 2 placed)


sanskriti 2012


For all of you who could not make it to the fest, this is a small effort from our side to make you live those moments.


OPENING NIGHT(SL CAMPUS): It was a much awaited start to the cultural fest with Somlata Acharya and Bolepur Blues rocking the night with their soulful performances


WESTERNNIGHT: The first of its kind at Sanskriti, a “Metal Fest” featuring “YONSMPLE” and “What Escapes Me”. Some extremely tight music and plenty of head banging


EASTERN NIGHT: FIDDLER’S GREENOn a silent Holi evening, the OAT stage felt like a drawing room to Arko Mukherjee and band as they filled the air with soothing music and took our musical experience to a different level.


REUNION NIGHT : RAGHU DIXIT PROJECT It was all heart and soul for the man wearing dhoti and ‘ghungroo’, as he belted out classic numbers one after the another


OAT NIGHT: A.R Rahman troupe featuring Sanjeev Thomas, Naresh Iyer,Keith Peters, Baijuand Asad Khan. A high voltage performance by them and a pumped up OAT with its 13000 plus crowd.


The freshers season has ended and the hectic schedule of class tests and mid sems has begun. With only a few days to go for U TURN 2012, it’s an exciting and testing time for the 2nd years. With OAT being renovated, which will take around an year to complete and Authority already given permission for having MUKTOMANCHA at U-TURN, so SANSKRITI 2013 will also be seeing MUKTOMANCHA after a gap of 6 years and we at JU E-Faculty are all looking forward to it.

Till the next newsletter,

All of us, here at JU