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The 7 habits of quality private providers PowerPoint Presentation
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The 7 habits of quality private providers

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The 7 habits of quality private providers

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  1. The 7 habits of quality private providers Catherine Kearney Manager VET Policy

  2. Your task Think about the habits I’m going to describe and see how your RTO or a partner RTO stacks up How many habits do you practise?

  3. 1: Quality providers value their registration Evidence includes: a commitment to good governance continuing registration as a key aspect of business planning a risk-based approach to compliance shared understanding of compliance and legislative requirements at all levels of organisation student/people focus over audit focus accountable and responsible

  4. ‘Pass the audit’ approach Trigger Trigger Trigger Trigger

  5. Quality focused approach Compliance benchmark

  6. 2: Quality providers are entwined with industry Evidence includes: understanding that industry engagement is key to VET working closely with industry partners to ensure training meets employee/employer needs, including through systematic validation formal mechanisms to ensure that delivery and assessment reflects current industry practice

  7. 3: Quality providers invest in people Evidence includes: right people in the right jobs with clear commitment to quality high performance culture supported by good governance and engaged management team confidence in the high quality and worth of their training and assessment programs an employer and RTO of choice

  8. 4: Quality providers support their students Evidence includes: commitment to ensuring the right course for the right student trainers who know and understand their students’ needs and circumstances, regardless of delivery mode support for current students in securing work experience and job placements

  9. 5: Quality providers do the right thing Evidence includes: students have accurate information about their course and open communication channels students know who to talk to about a problem feedback and complaints are treated seriously and efficiently staff have discretion to make decisions when it is the right thing to do

  10. 6: Quality providers do as they say Evidence includes: policies and procedures that are fit for purpose and reflect practice staff, students and other stakeholders who understand their responsibilities mechanisms for regular checks that they do as they say consistent expectations of/for partner RTOs confidence in their continuing compliance and evidence

  11. 7: Quality providers share their successes Evidence includes: publishes transparent and current data regarding audit outcomes, student completions and job placements offers prospective students and partners access to current students, staff and graduates for their perspectives knows what people say about them – and asks, analyses, asks again – invests in reputation

  12. Your rating?

  13. Resources & support • ACPET RTO health check services • ACPET Professional Development Framework • ACPET VET Benchmarking services • • ASQA - – student checklist and details of providers cancelled/suspended or with conditions.

  14. Resources & support ACPET Professional Development Framework National and state-based workshops Face to face, video conferences and webinars Range of topics and opportunities for engagement

  15. Resources & support Monitor: ASQA directions, FAQs and updates - be across the regulator’s approach/views as well as NSSC communiques on standards and training packages and Subscribe to ACPET’s National Monday Update. Approach RTOs within/outside your networks, for advisory group and validation ‘exchanges’

  16. The quality stamp