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Night of the Howling Dogs

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Night of the Howling Dogs
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Night of the Howling Dogs

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  1. Night of the Howling Dogs By:Aliya Rockind

  2. Author • Graham Salisbury

  3. Main Characters • Dylan: Dylan is the star of this book. He has glasses and He is 11 years old. He is a Eagle scout! He doesn’t like Louie in the beginning. • Louie: Louie is 14 years old and doesn’t have one badge yet! He was found in a warehouse by Mr.Bellows. • Casey: Casey is 11 too (not sure) and he is the same level scout Dylan is! He is very strong! His dad is Mr.Bellows

  4. Settings • Mr.Bellows truck • Halape • The pit • The campfire • The shelter • The airport • The chopper

  5. What is this book based on? • The story, based on a real-life earthquake and tsunami that Graham Salisbury's cousin's scout troop survived in 1975!

  6. Who’s in the Scout troop? • Dylan • Casey • Reverend Paia (he is Mike’s dad) • Mr. Bellows • Mike • Louie • Sam • Bill • Zach • Tad

  7. Partners • Dylan and Casey • Louie and Mike • Zach and Tad • Sam and Bill • Mr.Bellows and Reverend Paia

  8. Beginning In the beginning Dylan and his Scout Troop are going camping in Halape. He finds out the Louie is this guy who wants to beat Dylan up. In the car Dylan tries to hang low and check if Louie is looking at him. In Halape Dylan sees these dogs.Later him and his scout troop have a bond fire and tell scary stories. Dylan and Casey are partners! That means they have to stick together. They go to the shelter (it’s like an abandoned hotel room)and weird thing is Zach wants to sleep in the same room which mean tad has to sleep alone!

  9. Middle Dylan and Casey want to go swimming when Mr.Bellows and Reverend Paia take the lower scouts on a hike. There in the pit when they meet Masa and his gang. They tell them about the dogs. Masa says that the small white one is a Hawaiian legend, Pele (not the soccer player).

  10. End At the end of this book 2 natural disasters happen, a tsunami and a earth quake which causes the cliffs to fall. The cliffs break almost everything. The tsunami almost drowns every one. Most people are badly hurt even Masa’s gang. Dylan happens to gang up with Louie and try to find help. They were lucky because when they went in these holes filled with warm water to try to cool off when his dad’s chopper (a kind of helicopter) comes to same them. The earth quake’s level was 2.5.

  11. The end • Thank you for listening to my book report. I loved it and I hope you’ll read it and love it just like me! I hope you sound interested because if you don’t read it then you’re missing out.