ocg chicago kaizen event small turning mazak n.
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OCG Chicago : Kaizen Event Small Turning (Mazak) PowerPoint Presentation
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OCG Chicago : Kaizen Event Small Turning (Mazak)

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OCG Chicago : Kaizen Event Small Turning (Mazak) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OCG Chicago : Kaizen Event Small Turning (Mazak). Overton Chicago Gear PROCESS-DRIVEN PRECISION. July , 2013. Kaizen Event Goals. 5S audit score improvement (100%) S/U reduction (List opportunities only) Productivity improvement (30%) Floor space reduction (10%)

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ocg chicago kaizen event small turning mazak
OCG Chicago: Kaizen EventSmall Turning (Mazak)

Overton Chicago Gear


July , 2013

kaizen event goals
Kaizen Event Goals
  • 5S audit score improvement (100%)
  • S/U reduction (List opportunities only)
  • Productivity improvement (30%)
  • Floor space reduction (10%)
  • Safety / Ergo improvements (4+)
  • Standard work (5S checklist)
  • Quality improvement (1)
kaizen event team1
Kaizen Event Team
  • Chris Boudreau – Event Sponsor
  • Nick Charbonnier – Team Leader
  • Terry Miller – Team Sub-Leader
  • Cesar Lopez – Team member
  • Rico Walton – Team member

Pre-project 5S Score: 1.25 S

Total Possible = 60 Points

mazak current state
Mazak Current State

Unused rack, plastic hanging, improper outlet use, wires & hoses

Storage on top of machines, tables have unneeded items, no labels, etc.

Bars & rods improperly stored and not labeled.

mazak current state1
Mazak Current State

Drill press not needed & parts missing label ID

Unsafe table & unneeded items.

Various unnecessary items including skid of old jaws…

red tagging remove unnecessary items
RED Tagging: Remove unnecessary items

Out of service machine & jaws

Drill press & unsafe table

lean team hard at work
Lean Team Hard at Work

Moving, Cleaning, Painting, Organizing


Lean Team Hard at Work

Moving out obsolete equipment.

Cleaning, Painting, racks & tables

Standardized BLUE color


Added Eye Wash station.

Changed 2-socket outlet to 4-socket to eliminate improper adapters

Cleaned machine, drilled hole in cover and replaced onto machine.

Replaced air hoses running on floor to hard piped air supply and coil hose.

Fixed loose machine gages and hanging cover.


More improvements

Cleaned, painted and labeled bar storage rack.

Chip barrel on wheeled cart unblocks back of machine access and easier to move. Added material boxes on floor and replaced anti-fatigue mats

Moved machine created raw material staging area and cleared walking aisles.


More improvements

Painted walls & posts according to OCG standard, labeled shelving and repaired water hose reel.

Non-Conforming part box

More Labels

Added Fire Extinguisher

Safety stripping

Cleared walking aisles.


NVA Time Study (unload / load part)

& Improvements:

Chip rake above door

Air gun/hose hanging at “Point of Use”.

Raw part ready at machine.

Was 45 Seconds Avg.

Now 17 Seconds Avg.

NVA Time: 36, 48, 44, 53 --> Avg. = 45 Seconds

kaizen achievements
Kaizen Achievements
  • Productivity improvement (NVA time reduction) by 62%
    • Raw parts ready at machine, air hose hanger location & chip raking.
  • Set up improvement. Setup time delay list was developed by the team and will be addressed separately.
    • Replaced missing micrometers and allocated storage space within the work area. (setup time delay)
    • Adding bore gages to the work cell area. (setup time delay)
  • 16 %Floor space reduction: Removed old machine and moved storage cabinet to create new space for raw material. (freed up 81 of 500 Sq. Ft.)
  • Improved 1 quality issue: I.D. oversize problem has many potential root causes, but the primaries were addressed. Bore gages available in work area, Adding a “G” identifier on the part drawing to clarify when grinding stock is required, etc.
  • 8 safety items, 100% complete. Opening up a walking aisle in work area makes for a safer environment.
  • Created Daily 5S check-sheet for Small Turn – Mazak area
  • Improved 5S score from 1.25 to 3.42 (137 %).
30 day follow up tasks
30 Day Follow-up Tasks
  • Purchase missing micrometers. (Terry)
  • Organize & issue dial bore gages. (Terry)
  • Receive & issue RED non-conforming containers. DONE
  • Complete new electrical outlet install. DONE
  • Install Fire Extinguisher, apply red tape on floor and paint “Line of Sight” DONE
  • Determine other actions relating to Set up time and ID bore problem issues. (Chris B.)
special thanks to
Special Thanks to:
  • Danny Lyons
  • Dennis Koukounaras
  • Stanley Konopka
  • Pete Rygula
  • Miguel (Papo) Cortes
  • Jose Dominguez
  • And anybody else we forgot. 
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Time to clean and paint walls was too long.
  • Most improvements were completed quickly.
  • OCG team has enough talent to tackle most any project.
  • Team works well to complete agreed upon & assigned actions.
  • White walls and clean windows are good.
  • Improved 5S level shows other improvement needs more clearly.
  • Improvement breeds excitement and participation.
  • First Kaizen event sets standard for additional projects.