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Using technology to improve learning and teaching PowerPoint Presentation
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Using technology to improve learning and teaching

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Using technology to improve learning and teaching
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Using technology to improve learning and teaching

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  1. Using technology to improve learning and teaching Kirsty Tonks Assistant Principal

  2. Shireland Context • Inner city academy in West Midlands • 1,100 students; 11-18. • Built over 100 years ago and serves an area of substantial deprivation • 38.2% of students have eligibility for free school meals (63% Pupil Premium) • 22% have Special Educational Needs • 15% live safeguarding issues • 64.7% have English as a second language • Judged as Outstanding in 2006 / 2010 / 2013

  3. Mundanely Clever Making technology work for us; not being dictated to by technology. Finding solutions to existing issues.

  4. Our key maxims “Every teacher should be an outstanding teacher.” “Behaviour and welfare are the bedrock of school improvement.” “Maximum intervention with students furthest away.” “If we don’t do something truly radical we will never break the cycle.”

  5. Improving the Quality of delivery; Our raising attainment plan

  6. Learning Gateway 2.5 million hits last year

  7. Planning bank The Planning Bank – 17,000 lesson uploaded and shared by staff. 40% of our staff are classed as consistently Outstanding in lesson observations with another 25% close to this.

  8. Tutor time Tutor Sites have improved punctuality by 40% in two years. The informal chat in the morning has been replaced with “social learning” of key themes – Science, Citizenship, PSHE and Religious Education.

  9. Subject and Services sites HMI described these as the best sharing, monitoring and shaping structure that they had ever seen.

  10. Class Sites; flipped learning Every Outstanding lesson in our March Inspection used technology well Increases the effectiveness of lesson delivery and also changes the role that students play – no more passive recipients – we send; they do; we adapt!

  11. Flipped learning; bloom’s taxonomy Linking it to something that is already familiar to staff has meant that it provides a context and a form of discipline to help them understand it’s role and benefit.

  12. Flipped (Pre) Learning Lesson Plan It’s about quality and timing of interventions and targeted application.

  13. Progression

  14. Monitoring and assessing impact of technology Not a bolt on or something that can be ignored

  15. “E” Learning support team Explicit Monitoring of the use of technology across Leadership teams and within departments

  16. Online monitoring The Learning Gateway gives us a transparency of the quality of experiences at a much clearer and deeper level. Quantitative & Qualitative

  17. Tracking the Continuum of Learning

  18. i-families / Family literacy project “Excellent progress is being achieved by all iFamilies students”. L4l Teacher - Michael Banks “iFamilies has inspired me to learn and achieve more”. Student - Mohamed “The iFamilies programme has allowed me to be more involved with my daughters education ”. Parent “This is a prime example of how technology can make what we do in school more accessible and engaging for our families” Sir Mark Grundy

  19. Beyond Outstanding; helping others “Outstanding schools, which will take a leading responsibility for providing and quality assuring initial teacher training (ITT) in their area”. DfE 2012

  20. Midlands e-learning Hub Microsoft Partner School GCSEPOD Expert School Apps for Good Ninja School Make Waves Digital Badges Reference Site Lead School International Gifted & Talented Centre RMBooks Reference Site Centre of Excellence UK Advanced School

  21. Technology is our way in ….. To Supporting continuous improvement

  22. in summary

  23. Thank you

  24. Contact me on:- 07872 375 894 @kirstytonkssca

  25. Embedding Flipped learning; flipped Staff CPd Process of training for adoption

  26. Whole Staff CPd– March 2013

  27. 5th March “Flipped” CPD Task

  28. Market Place Activity ENG 1 ICT 1 ENG 2 Brainpop ENG 3 ENG 4 ENG 5 ICT 2 Team 1 (IT1) ENG 6 Alex Tipper ICT 3 GCSEPod Team 2 (IT2) Maths 1 Kirsty Tonks

  29. Department Plan of Action

  30. Feedback

  31. Whole Staff CPd - Oct

  32. Progression